Chapitre Un: Welcome to my life and everyone else's personal Hell.

Quoi de neuf les salopes?!

Sorry, my mom's been trying to get more in touch with our French roots. She's taken like, two classes and now she's acting like she practically invented the French Bulldog. Which makes absolutely no sense. In reality, we're about as French as our neighbors, and they use the word, "Y'all'dve."

Anyway, my name is Briell Dupont, but most people here say, "Br-eye-lel Duh-punt." I don't even bother trying to correct it, by freshman year I just started going by Bree. My mom originally wanted to name me Anouk, after Anouk Aimee the actress. But I'm so glad the one thing dad ever did for me was convince my mom to name me something that was a little more on the radar.

Obviously, my dad isn't on my good side even though he didn't really do anything bad. I mean he didn't do the cliché thing and cheat on her at least. He just chose work over her, I've maybe seen him once this year. And mom's seen him even less than that.

I mean, I know why he does it and thanks to him we're able to afford Crawdad's ludicrous grocery prices. But honestly, I think my name is all he knows about me.

The last time he saw me he noticed that I was wearing mainly black with my beat up green sneakers. So he made the assumption that I must be one of those "goths" he'd heard so much about. Now all he sends me in his letters is eyeliner and temporary tattoos, which I guess I wouldn't mind so much if he wasn't always expecting a "Dad of The Year," for sending them. On top of that, I think my mom is starting to get the "itch." Now my mom only wanted one kid and she was pretty lucky to have gotten me if I do say so myself, and she is not a cheater by any means.

But now anytime we were watching TV and a sex scene came on, she'd just start crying. Which made it ten times weirder than it needed to be.

Lucky for my dad, we had decided to set up shop in this tiny, forgotten, really fucking hard to find, town in Louisiana. Crawdad, had its flaws but to me it was perfect. To the rest of the town it was like a hell on Earth. Or at least it used to be, the older members of the town spend a good deal of time talking about back in the day when Crawdad was basically a ghost town. Which didn't sound bad to me, I like it when the default is dead quiet and safe. That was the main reason I wanted to move out into the middle of nowhere. Only to get there and find out it used to be even quieter, and safer.

Apparently, that changed when the Markers moved to town and turned everything around.

The Markers, I'm not kidding that is their actual last name, are basically the Weasleys but with way more extended family. You're quickly able to recognize one once you see that fire engine red hair.

Anyway, they had saved the town from dying of boredom, or something I usually stop paying attention after the word "Markers."

Regardless, Crawdad was probably as quiet and safe as it was gonna get for me, so I took it.

I was walking down the stairs of our sweet little duplex and into the kitchen attempting to put on some socks at the same time.

Mom was in there taking stuff out of the fridge. For a second I thought she was pretending she knew how to cook but quickly saw that I was wrong. She was taking stuff out of the fridge, saying what it was in French, and then putting it back. She pulled out a purple onion and said, "Okay onion, uhh, it starts with an A right?" She quickly turned to me, clearly asking for a hint.

I walked over to the fridge and grabbed the last cup of yogurt, "Mien." I said with a smile as I grabbed a spoon from the dishwasher and sat on the counter. Mom groaned, "I was saving that as my reward." She went back to glaring at the onion. After about a minute she let out a frustrated sigh and said, "Honey, stop being a smart ass and tell me what it is." She placed a hand on her hip and held out the onion.

I smirked as I licked my spoon and then said with a stupid confidence, "Cebolla." Mom let out a chuckle and said, "Honey, that's Spanish." I shook my head stubbornly and said, "No, it's freaking French, I'm like 97% sure." Mom snorted, "Well then only 3% of you actually knows French."

I rolled my eyes and put down my spoon, pulling out my phone.

"Oh, we're bringing technology into this now?" Mom had a disapproving look on her face, I just stuck my tongue out at her. She scoffed and said, "Cheater." I ignored her and hit search.

Mom laughed as my face fell, "Oignon." I said, dumbfounded. I had been acting like a wise ass for nothing. "Hah, maybe you should stop trying to learn two new languages at the same time Anouk." Although Mom didn't get to name me Anouk that didn't stop her from calling me Anouk. I sighed, "Oh well I was close enough." I scraped the last of the yogurt from the cup and put it in my mouth. I could hear Mom rolling her eyes as she said, "Yeah okay Anouk, you keep telling yourself that."

I almost fell off the counter when the doorbell rang loudly.

"Ah, that'd be the Calvary right?" Mom looked over at me as she walked toward the door. She opened it to find a girl standing there, a girl with crazy, flaming, red hair.

I hopped off the counter as Mom said, "Bonjour Pepper! You're later than normal." The girl gave a quick twirl and said, "This new skirt I got from my aunt was ridiculously hard to get into. Sorry!" Mom smiled and said, "That's fine Pimienta, I can't remember the last time I fit into anything that expensive looking." It was meant to be a joke but I saw Mom's lower lip quiver for a second before I passed her and walked out the door.

Pepper began cantering down the sidewalk and I started following after.

"So, when can I expect you home Anouk?" Mom shouted after me. I turned toward her and yelled back, "I'm on tutoring today, so probably around 5, 5:30. I'll text you." Mom nodded and went back inside, shutting the door behind her.

I sighed, turned around and started chasing after Pepper.