Chapitre sept: The affects of touching fresh hot glue.

Okay, so attempting to put up with Flynn the heathen for the sake of my best friend had turned out to be a lot easier than I had made it out to be.

Mainly because he seemed to continue the trend of skimping on the douchebag in his assbag coffee. Like out of nowhere he seemed to forget how much fun we have when we actively hate each other. Instead he adopted the habit of laughing way louder than necessary in my ear, at anything I said.

Maybe that was supposed to be a new form of torture.

If so it was working.

Another thing that surprised me was how... fair he was being toward Pepper and Addam. Like no ridicule was shot their way. For once Pepper was actually living in harmony with a sports team, instead of being the butt of a joke.

It almost made me feel touched. Almost.


Teddy jumped and looked toward the kitchen where the crash had come from and said, "Austen are you sure she doesn't need any help?" He began to get up but Saffron quickly grabbed his hand and sat him back down, her eyes never leaving her notebook.

Austen snickered as Teddy squirmed to find a comfortable position next to Saff. "Tedward, Tedison, Tedwin." He rolled his eyes at all the nicknames she managed to belt out before getting to her point.

She grabbed a carrot stick from the platter she had gotten out and handed to him, "My mother will become a miserable wreck if you try to do anything for her. You don't think I've tried to make dinner for her before?" He sighed as he grabbed the carrot from her hand.

Austen's mom, Joslyn, was definitely different from my mother in most ways. She was incredibly awkward around us for one thing since most of her kids had moved out already and they were all boys that got to be on the Honor Roll.

She was very mousy for her age as well, always making herself scarce whenever we came over. She was very different from Austen in every way, but since Austen was adopted that wasn't too weird.

But they somehow looked very similar even though they had no blood relation.

I like to think it was destiny that Joslyn adopted our sweet Austen.

I smirked, we had all gathered in Austen's living room to oversee the construction of the larger decorations while working on the catering. If there was one thing we couldn't do without Saffron it was multi-task. Even Pepper, who has like eight million brothers, can barely write and talk on the phone at the same time. Thankfully, Saffron had it down to a science, a science she eventually taught us.

And then swore us to secrecy since it was her science and she didn't have a patent for it yet.

Now I say that we had all gathered in Austen's living room, but that's not totally accurate. Now assuming your definition of "all" is me, Austen, Saffron, Teddy and Pepper and her boys, you will note that we are not all here.

Mainly because Saff had sent Pepper and her boys off on a mission to find volunteers who were willing to help clean and decorate the day before the dance.

Regardless of the public's low opinion of Pepper she was still the most charismatic out of the bunch. So she's probably dragging the guys around every corner of Crawdad searching for helpers.

Which is why, aside from the occasional sound of glass shattering, it was refreshingly quiet.

Saffron let out a soft groan, which terrified the three of us since Saff never sounds frustrated over anything.

"What was that Saff?" Austen said as she handed Teddy another carrot stick. Saffron looked over at me, her face remained relaxed, "Bree I need you to go outside and ask them to re-measure." I let out a loud whine, which made me sound like a three-year-old but I didn't care. "What the fuck? Why? You of all people know would rather cheese grate my boobs than discuss anything with Flynn."

Saff rolled her eyes, "Bree, at this point your hatred of him has become irrational and it's getting in the way of our planning. He is respecting you just fine and I still don't understand why you hate him, and I don't care why. So long as it doesn't affect our work."

I didn't have the will power to fight back with her, Austen then jumped in, "Plus those morons actually listen to you since Flynn is scared of pissing you off. I think that's what it is anyways."

I scoffed as I stood up, "He sucks at avoiding a pissed off version of me."

I began walking toward the back door but then turned back toward the couch, "Saff what are they looking for exactly?" She looked up from her notebook again, "It can't be taller than about 90 inches, otherwise we won't be able to get it in the boat house. According to the blueprints, it's supposed to stand at around 150 inches." I nodded and turned back toward the sliding glass door.

True to Austen's character, she probably had the largest backyard out of all of us, which is why we had agreed to building the decor here. Extra elbow room for the cavemen.

Speaking of cavemen, they had all gathered around the cooler we had brought out for them. I don't think they deserved to drink all of Austen's Powerade. But I no longer had a say in how we treated them due to my biased opinion.

There were about eight of them in total since no matter how hard Flynn tried, he couldn't convince all the players to help Pepper out.

I groaned at the amount of them who had decided to take their shirts off. It's not even fucking hot out and they're acting like need to show off their "chiseled features."

Which isn't that impressive considering they were all eighteen or younger, meaning they all looked like little babies running around topless.

Okay that's a little unfair, they have teenage boy pecs, which are nice and all but not worth showing off to the world.

It then occurred to me that I had been just standing there glaring at them for like a minute, I hadn't even approached them yet. I sighed and took four large steps over toward the man huddle, cleared my throat and poked the, thankfully, clothed back of Flynn.

He let out a weird scream/chuckle thing, which made me jump a step back. "You doin alright there IVY league?" I said as I crossed my arms and watched as the guys around the circle giggled to themselves.

Flynn turned toward me, his cheeks were an interesting shade of red so I didn't know if he was embarrassed or really freaking sunburned.

He stared at me for a few seconds, and for the life of me I could not figure out what was going on with him. I sent a concerned look over toward Asher Trey, Flynn's first mate of sorts. Asher just sort of winked in response, I rolled my eyes. The football team just figured that every girl speaks wink wink.

After a few more awkward seconds of Flynn just standing there sun-barrassed I gave up and redirected my attention toward Asher, "Saff say's y'all need to remeasure the..the..the-um...thing." I pointed over at the prop they were currently building. Right now it looked like a bunch of cedar screwed together to form a...thing. Saff assumes everything will be painted in a week or so.

Asher raised an eyebrow, "And why would we need to do that ma'am?" I rolled my eyes, annoyed that I had already talked to them for longer than two seconds. "Because according to the designs it's gonna be around 60 inches too long to get in the door."

Instead of laughing and brushing me off, Asher's eye's widened and he quickly turned and looked over at the...thing.

He quickly brushed past the catatonic Flynn and said, "Sam, where's that damn measuring tape?!" A boy with obviously bleached hair followed him with the tool. After a few seconds of panicked measuring and some awkward eye contact with Flynn, Asher and Sam let out a loud sigh of relief.

Asher sent me a thumbs up and I gave him a non-condescending smile.

I then turned and eyed Flynn who was still red as a rash. I was about to turn and head back inside when Flynn finally spoke, "I-I uh, stuck my hands in a puddle of hot glue." I looked down at his hands, which were indeed burned and appeared fused together.

I sighed, perhaps I will be decent to him. I looked up at him with the nicest face I could form without scowling and said, "Yes I can see that." Then panicked and left.