The Anniversary Tease

Preface: I do not have the kink that Amelia first did to Lance in the Restaurant, I just couldn't think of a better way she could've fought back at first. Also I know French cuisine is fed to you in courses, but this is simplistic alright xD. Lance also has no wine during this since he is the designated driver home.

By Accelos

Lance felt the embrace of Amelia's breasts engulf his back as he was getting ready "Oh you're really taking me out to that really high class French Restaurant tonight?" Amelia said happily. "Yes babe, it's our first anniversary, I gotta make this good for you" Lance said confidently. "And I plan to make this good for you, especially with this sexy gift you got me" Amelia backed away and Lance turned around to see his girlfriend in just the pair of lacy black underwear he bought her for their anniversary. "You're wearing it already?" "Well it was too cute to not wear, besides I LOVE teasing you honey, especially when you give me the tools to" Amelia said with a teasing grin on her face. Little did she know this was just a devious plan from Lance, as the pair of lacy black underwear Amelia was wearing was actually a pair of vibrating panties. "Oh yeah we're going to have a greaaaat time tonight then I'm gonna enjoy ripping those off your cute little ass tonight" Lance said deviously. Amelia blushed red with excitement "I think I'll look forward to our night together" "I think I'll enjoy the whole evening too" Lance said with a smirk on his face. " Get dressed now babe we have to head out soon, our reservation is in an hour"

The restaurant was a 5 star restaurant, filled with gorgeous white décor, which contrasted beautifully to Amelia's tight black dress; she dressed to kill and impress. Amelia's dress was a high leg cut dress that emphasized on EVERY, SINGLE, CURVE, that she had, and she knew it. "You're wearing that to tease me aren't you" Lance said in a subtle disdain. "Maybe I am, maybe I just enjoy wearing, VERY, TIGHT, dresses" Amelia whispered teasingly into his ear as she latched onto his arm. "This way monsieur, and mademoiselle" the host said formally, leading them to a booth away from most of the crowds, at a window booth with a scene of the bright city lights just outside. "I'll be back to take your order soon" the host said as he backed away from the couple. "So I have a surprise for you" Lance said coyly "And what would that-" Amelia was cut off by a slow vibration rubbing against her clit. Amelia's face flushed red "What is that!?" she whispered "Oh you're wearing a pair of vibrating panties, I wasn't going to use them till later, but you wore them tonight so I couldn't help myself" Lance said excited, as he took out the remote and cranked the vibrations up another half level. Amelia tried her hardest to not show that she was enjoying herself to the entire restaurant, but her lips parted slightly as she let out a soft moan "stop… it" she whispered as she put her hands over her crotch. Lance turned off the vibrator "Fine, just for now, but expect it for the rest of this date" Lance said with a teasing grin on his face. Amelia rolled her eyes at her perverted boyfriend as she took a sip of her wine "You're lucky that felt good, you ass" sticking her tongue out at Lance teasingly. "Now I really gotta use this for the rest of our date" "Please don't" Amelia said trying to reach for the remote Lance held closely in his hands. "Ah nope not even close babe" Lance said as he cranked the vibration level to its max. Amelia recoiled in pleasure almost spilling her wine all over the white tablecloth. "You almost made me spill wine on the table Lance, stooooop it" Lance turned off the vibrations "I'll have my fun, besides you said you were enjoying it".

The host came back and proceeded to ask them for their orders.

"For the monsieur?"
"Sausage and lentils for me please"

Before the host could ask Amelia for her order, Lance cranked the vibrator to half intensity. Amelia threw a twisted look of pleasure and hate towards Lance who just sat with a grin.

"And for the mademoiselle?"

" Q-q-Quail with Mushrooooooooms" Amelia struggled to say as Lance slowly tweaked up the level of intensity. The vibrator sent waves of pleasure against her clit and she came, letting out a soft moan as she turned her face to the side as she went red from climaxing.

"Are you alright mademoiselle?"

"She's fine she's just a bit nervous, it's our anniversary and it's our first time in such a high class restaurant" Lance improvised. He shot Amelia a grin as he turned off the vibrator and she looked at him almost longingly filled with embarrassment and pleasure.

"There is nothing to be worried about mademoiselle, this restaurant will take care to your needs, and happy anniversary" The host said reassuringly

"Of course, thank you" Amelia said recomposing herself. "We will be out shortly with your food, enjoy more wine on the house"

Amelia was mad at Lance now, drinking wine as she shot him dirty looks. "You enjoyed it admit it, I saw you cum, you looked sexy as all hell doing that, besides I earned that after you teased me with that dress, I couldn't help but look at how it gets your every detail". Amelia was mad, but she in reality did enjoy how the vibrator felt against her clit, and now just wanted to get back at Lance. "Oh are you actually enjoying this dress? I thought it was just a tease for you" before Lance could say anything he felt something rub up against his crotch. "Oh you are enjoying this dress, bet you enjoyed it when I came from these panties too" "Well of course I did" Lance said trying to hold back a face of pleasure as Amelia's silken clad foot rubbed against his erection. Amelia deftly undid Lance's zipper with her toes and felt Lance's cock fly upward from his zipper. "Standing at attention now are we?" Amelia said with a drunken grin on her face "I get to have some fun too" She said sticking her tongue out as she rubbed his cock with her foot. "Hey two can play that game" Lance said turning on the vibrator as he was holding back his ecstasy. "Heh I'll just enjoy it now I don't care" Amelia said with a pleasure warped face drinking wine. Just as both parties were about to climax, the host came in with their meals "Here you go you two, I hope you enjoy". "Thank yeeeeeeeehhw" Lance said reaching climax first, cumming in his pants. The host threw him a weird look but decided to not question it. Amelia far too drunk to really hold back had a grin and parted her mouth letting out a deep sigh as she covered her mouth with her hands "Thank you." She said staring intently at Lance and not the host. "You two are very weird people, but please do enjoy your food". "I'm starting to think that thank you was not for the host" Lance said sarcastically "It really wasn't" Amelia said cheeks flushed red. "I want to call a cease fire for a bathroom break, I gotta clean up" Lance said feeling uncomfortable with cum in his pants. "Sure babe, whatever you want" Amelia said as she took her purse and they both got up to clean themselves up a tiny bit. Lance in the bathroom felt like he was way over his head with his perverse girlfriend, but as he was cleaning up his pants he was intent on getting her back for making him cum in his pants. Amelia on the other hand, was in the bathroom stall pleasuring herself some more. She stuck her middle finger into her soaking wet pussy, as she reached for her g-spot. But it wasn't enough; she stuck her middle and ring finger into herself and started rubbing her clit, bringing herself to the edge. As she was approaching her climax she thought of a devious thought, so bad in fact that she stopped herself from cumming. She took off her panties dried off her pussy a tiny bit and put her panties into her purse. They came out one after another, smiled at each other coyly and proceeded to walk back to their booth. "Well that was very fuuun" Amelia said with a grin on her face. Lance threw out an equally perverse grin "Yeah it was let's get back to it" cranking the vibration level ¾ of the way to the max. Amelia took out a stick of lipstick from her bag and pretended to drop it right in front of her. "Oh, be a dear and pick that up Lance, a good boyfriend would do that." Lance begrudgingly said okay and took out a flashlight app from his phone and prepared to pick up Amelia's lipstick. As lance was doing this Amelia raised her dress and spread her legs to show her bare pussy to Lance as a surprise. Lance dropped down under the table to look for the lipstick, and as he found it he rose the flashlight up. There he saw Amelia's bare pussy as she alternated between spreading her lips and sticking her fingers into her soaking wet pussy for Lance. "Take your time searching for it babe, also, enjoying yourself down there?" Amelia said deviously, she knew that she was in control now that Lance did not have his vibrating panties, and she intended to take it as far as she could. "Yeah round two is starting and it's my turn" Amelia added as she started rocking her hips for Lance. Lance refusing to lose control hurriedly picked up Amelia's lipstick and stopped staring at Amelia playing with herself in front of him. He got back into his chair and handed her lipstick back to her "Here you go dear" "Thank you honey, I hope you enjoyed yourself" Amelia said grinning as she took another sip from her wine. "Let's eat before the food gets cold shall we honey?" Amelia said cutting a piece of her quail and somehow seductively eating it. "Agreed" lance said starting to dig into the lentils on his plate. Amelia was not done with him yet, he'd pay "Hey babe if I give you some of this quail can I try some sausage from your plate? It looks sooooo good" She said like a pleading innocent girl. Lance assuming for one second assumed that she was being serious and agreed. She cut a piece of quail and held it out for him to eat. Before Lance could cut a piece for Amelia, she took a whole sausage from Lance's plate and proceeded to start licking it. She looked around to check for other people and as it was clear she proceeded to lick from the bottom to tip. She threw Lance a perverted glare as she stuck the whole sausage up to her fork into her mouth, giving the sausage a mock blowjob. Lance saw her tongue wrap around the sausage her baby brown eyes completely locked on his eyes as she licked the tip of the sausage and then bit off the tip. "That was a really good sausage" Amelia said coyly as Lance sat back in his chair turned on by the fact that his girlfriend just gave a sausage a blowjob. "I'll have some of your sausage later, don't you worry about yourself honey". In between eating Lance would notice Amelia with one hand down the table drinking her wine, and clearly enjoying herself. "You're such a tease you know that?" "You're not in a position to be saying that, since you're the one who decided to give his girlfriend a pair of vibrating panties to use on a date". "Should we get dessert Amelia?" Lance asked trying to shift the topic that he obviously lost. "I'll get my dessert from you later" Amelia teased biting her finger coyly. They got their check, paid for their meal, and waited outside for their valet to come back with Lance's car. Amelia not done teasing Lance yet latched onto his arm again, making sure to place her breasts around his arm, and his hand feeling up her leg. "I'm so wet, I can't wait much longer baby" Amelia said making Lance rub his hand against her inner thighs, revealing the fact she was soaking wet. "We can have some fun on the way back" Lance teased back.

The inside of the car was filled with sexual tension, just waiting to be released. Lance made the first move, unable to hold himself back thinking about the time Amelia flashed her pussy at him under the table. Lance parted Amelia's dress and started to rub his fingers over Amelia's clit. Amelia felt warm fingers enter her pussy, immediately reaching for her g-spot. "Awwwwh fuuuuck" Amelia said as Lance found her G-spot and started rubbing against it. "Right there, right there, fuck give it to me daddy" Amelia moaned in her drunken stupor. Lance obliged and started to pump his hand faster, each pump hitting her g-spot even harder than the last. "Fuuuck" Amelia moaned as she convulsed and came all over Lance's seats. Amelia still feeling extremely horny from the hour and a half of teasing decided she wanted to reciprocate. "Hey baby, remember when I said I wanted some of your sausage later? I'm just gonna help myself as you take us home alright?" Amelia said with a giant perverted grin on her face, as she reached over and undid Lance's zipper once again revealing his giant hardon. Lance was making a turn and was unable to stop his partner from her advances. "Fuuuuck baby, that's great" Lance said using his hand to ease her head down on his hard cock. Amelia drew back and licked Lance from the shaft to the tip, stopping to play around with the head of his penis, cupping it in her tongue as it wrapped around his warm hard cock. "Fuck just like that baby, make me cum" Lance moaned in pure ecstasy. Amelia then felt Lance's hand cup her boob, as he played around with her nipples, rubbing them until they stood up and then started flicking it. Amelia then started to ease Lance's cock all the way down to her throat, and started sucking. Lance not used to Amelia deepthroating him quivered with pleasure, said "Oh FUUUUUCK YES baby girl, I'm gonna fucking CUM!" Amelia smiled as Lance's cum shot into her mouth. She showed Lance his cumshot and swallowed it. "Now that was an even better sausage honey" Amelia said teasingly as she showed she swallowed all of his cum. "Now while you cool down I'm gonna have some fun is that okay?" Amelia said as she leaned the chair back and started playing with herself "Not that you have any choice in the matter" Amelia added teasingly. She cupped on boob with one hand and her clit with her other and started stimulating both at the same time. This went on for a while with Amelia eventually starting to finger herself. The sound of * Shlick, shlick, shlick, shlick, shlick* filled the car, Lance couldn't help but stare at Amelia, face in euphoria, as she was enjoying herself. Lance felt his dick getting hard and he couldn't wait any longer. He pulled over on the side of the road and put his yield lights on. "Get in the fucking back seat; I'm gonna bang the living shit outta you". Amelia's face lit up, and she grinned at Lance and obliged, putting the seat up and crawling into the back seat. She teased him raising her ass in the air. "Come and get it daddy" Wiggling her cute little ass left and right. Lance rushed to the back seat, and positioned himself to ram his dick into her tight fuck hole. "Beg for this dick baby" Lance said teasingly, pulling her hair back aggressively. Amelia let out a grunt of pleasure "Daddyyyy, give me that fucking cock right now, shove it into my tight little fuckhole, It's begging for you" Amelia spread her pussy lips open showing a pulsating pussy ready for Lance's warm hard cock. "Good girl, seems like you need a serving of dick for your pussy" Lance teased as he cupped and teased one of Amelia's breasts. "You earned it tonight" Lance said shoving his cock into Amelia's pussy. Amelia giggled playfully as Lance started pumping in and out of her "Enjoying yourself there daddy?" Amelia said teasingly rocking her ass back towards his hard cock. Lance responded by slapping her ass repeatedly roaring "You bet your tight fucking pussy I am". Amelia rearing up towards Lance and in between moans said "Babe… Let me give you…. A show you won't forget". Lance stopped and Amelia repositioned him on his back as Amelia positioned herself on top of his dick. Spreading her pussy she teased "Now you beg for this tight fucking pussy babe, you know you want it, beg for it". "Give me that pussy baby girl, I want to feel your tight fucking pussy wrap around my hard cock, give me a show that I'll never fucking forget!" Lance begged desperately wanting to ram his dick into Amelia's tight fuckhole. "Oh you really fucking want it don't you babe? Good now lay back and enjoy the show" Amelia said sliding down on Lance's cock. Amelia played with herself, fingering with her clit and massaging her boobs while bouncing up and down on Lance's hard cock. "Oh fuuuuck, that looks great" Lance moaned while starting to rock back to Amelia's bouncing. "Ah, ah, ah, babe, no moving or you'll ruin the show" Amelia said coyly pushing her weight down and stopping Lance's thrusts. Amelia leaned in towards Lance kissing him and once they met they became a tangled mess of legs arms and sexy bits. Their sex devolved into a primal nature as Lance gripped Amelia's ass and started ramming his cock harder into her pussy "Fuck I can't handle this anymore, I want you even more now" Lance screamed. The more Lance slid his warm cock in and out of Amelia's tight little kitty, the more he wanted to dominate her and have her cum for him. Then in a showcase of male bravado Lance wrestled Amelia into the missionary position. Amelia taken aback by how sexy Lance was tossing her into back with her legs in the air giggled as she squeezed her boos together promiscuously. "Well, all you needed to do was ask but now that you have me here you may as well" Amelia giggled. "Make me fucking cum babe, shove that hard dick in me and make me fucking cum!" Amelia begged as she started rubbing her clit. Lance obliged, ramming his cock like a piston into Amelia as she rocked back in pleasure. Amelia felt herself get closer, each, and, every, single, pump brought her closer to cumming; Amelia started rubbing her clit feverishly as she was being brought closer to the edge. Lance pumped into her getting faster and Amelia started to feel Lance's dick twitch and grow inside of her "Awh, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, FUCK, FUCK, FUCK, CUM WITH ME BABY" Amelia begged as she came all over Lance's dick squeezing it so tightly it was sure to milk his cum out. "FUCK, I'M GONNA CUM AMELIA!" Lance roared as he shot his load inside of Amelia. Cooling down, Amelia took some of the cum dripping out of her pussy and playfully ate it

"Creampie, my favorite dessert; You sure delivered" Amelia teased as she played around with the cum dripping from her pussy. "I'm glad you enjoyed yourself babe" Lance said sitting back. "You seemed to enjoy it yourself as I can tell" Amelia teased. Lance and Amelia laid down together in the back seat embracing each other. "Thanks for the evening babe" Amelia said tracing letters on his chest. "But you're still a fucking tease and I hate you for those panties still" Amelia looked up towards Lance. "Well maybe next time we'll actually plan it because you enjoyed yourself, don't even lie" Lance said teasingly as he kissed Amelia on the forehead. "Well maybe, I think I'd enjoy that but not for a while okay?" Amelia said shyly "and not in front of too many people again" she added shyly, clearly embarrassed. "Alrighty babe, Happy Anniversary, I love you" Lance said tenderly, as he gave Amelia a kiss. "Happy Anniversary honey, I love you more" Amelia said pulling back with a smile.