"You gave her your mother's ring, yet told her she would be nothing more than a common Breeder?" Christopher threw his hands in the air before pointing at him, "you are a fool Nik. What were you thinking?"

Nikolas turned and stared out through the window at the setting sun. He had wanted to tell Alexis exactly what she would be to him, what she was to him. Running a hand down his face he turned towards Christopher once again. "What would you have me do Chris? Huh? Tell her that even though I was giving her a choice she never really had one?"

Nikolas watched as his friend shook his head, "just tell her the truth Nik. Tell her about her brother tell her about you and for fucks sakes tell her about who she is to you."

"You're out of your mind," Nikolas scoffed. "She is already full of such hatred for me. What makes you think anything I have to say will change that?"

Nikolas watched Christopher's reflection come closer as he made his way over. "Because the truth is always better than a lie, and that's all you've been telling her. Brother, please listen to reason. You will push her away with the way that you are acting. She will grow to hate you more and then you will never have a chance. You will never truly be happy."

Nik sighed before making his way over to his desk and dropping into his chair. Christopher was right, he usually was. He just wasn't sure how to bring any of this up. What would he do if she found out he had been supplying Ben with medication for the past six months?

She would leave him. There would be no reason for her to stay.

No, there was no way that he would tell her. If Alexis knew that he was providing the medicine she was desperately trying to get, she would leave. If she knew he was doing this she would be furious at him for making her sign the contract. Even if she left, he would continue to do it, he just saw no other way to keep her.

"Nik, just do it. You've already started this out on a lie, don't continue it on one." Christopher made his way to the door, "you need to get her to commit to you as well. You need to do it before one of those shifters sweeps her off of her feet. Just for Pete's sake, don't do anything stupid."

Nik launched the glass from his hand at Chris' head, the bastard Dodge it and he watched as he left the room laughing. He was right though, he had seen the way Abel looked at her. Friend or not, Able had wanted her. Nikolas had to stake his claim.

But is now the right time or should he wait until the morning to do something about it? Waiting could prove to be bad, especially if she has breakfast with those shifters. But not waiting could push her even farther away from him than she already is.

Taking a deep breath, he left his office and made his way towards the living quarters of the building. The scent of his target wrapped around him and he inhaled deeply. His mouth was watering as his fangs lengthened. Her scent was absolutely intoxicating and if he felt this way about it, he knew the others did as well.

He had to take her off of the market, and fast.

Stopping before her door he could hear her shuffling about. He could hear the light steps of her feet on the carpet. The rustling of her clothing told him she was undressing and changing into her night clothes. He hardened at the thought of her naked body.

He waited for the sound of her clothes hitting the floor to reach his ears before opening the bed room door. The sight of her creamy white skin caused a groan to escape him and he was on her before he could think it through.

"N-Nik?" Alexis stared up at him wide eyed. "What are you doing?"

Nik put a stop to it when her hands tried pulling her robe up over her shoulders. "Don't." He held her at an arms length as he took in her naked body.

"What are you doing?"

Nik ignored the slight fear he heard in her voice and slowly lowered her backwards onto the bed. Now that he saw her, he couldn't stop himself. He had to have her.

Her body was shaking slightly and it took everything in him to not gather her into his arms and comfort her. No matter how much he wanted to calm her fears. He had to mark her. He had to warn every other man from her.

Leaning his body over hers, he trapped her hands over her head. Alexis squirmed beneath him making the strain against his pants worse. "Still yourself."

Rocking his hips into her, she stilled and he grinned at the shocked expression on her face, before running his nose down her throat. She was pure and the blood running through her veins let him know she had never been touched. It was almost unheard of now, to be as pure as she was.

He trailed his lips across her shoulder and down towards her breast, kissing and nipping as he went. He grinned when he felt and heard the slight hitch in her breathing, smelling the beginning of her arousal.

"W...w...what are you doing?" she asked with a nervous stutter.

He lightly trailed his enlarged canines against her neck, effectively shutting her up, with her eyes wide.

"You are going to be mine," he said in a lust-filled whisper, as he took his first bite.

He moaned as he got his first taste of her virgin blood. Knowing he had to be cautious, he only took two gulps of the blood that has called to him his entire life. Then licked the holes, sealing them from bleeding any more. As he pulled away he noticed her breathing had gotten even more labored and her arousal had risen to the point where he could see how uncomfortable she was from it.

As much as it pained him, he reached down, grabbed her robe and held it out to her. He needed her to cover up. Alexis looked at him in shock, not knowing what to do.

"If you don't put this on," he said with a smirk, "I might take that as you want to lose your virginity tonight."

She quickly pulled her robe on and tied it tightly, giving him a questioning look. "You mean you're not taking it tonight?"

"Oh no, frumoasa, I want you begging me for it, but I couldn't let you walk around being unclaimed." Nikolas explained.

He saw her expression change from one of amazement, to one of anger and he held back a grin.

"You're telling me the only reason you did this is so no one else would do anything to me?" she demanded.

"You will do wise to remember where you are, Alexis. You are no longer only among humans and we are ruthless animals" Nikolas said in all seriousness. "If someone is unclaimed they are fair game, even if a contract is signed between two different people."

He noticed her expression changed slightly after he said that. "Still doesn't give you a right to enter my room the way you did." she grumbled, her eyes narrowed and arms crossed over her chest.

He stared at her, face void of all emotion. "No, the contract you signed gave me that right." Nikolas reminded her as he strode towards her door. "Don't forget you chose this," and with that he left her looking bewildered.