Not surprised that both Gabriel and Michael flew up next to Lucifer to calm him down a bit. They don't want the world to know that we exist; at least not yet. Mary and I made sure the door was closed before we proceeded to explain how our system works.

"Hey, get down. We need to talk." Yells Michael.
"Hell may have been a endless abyss, but nothing compares to seeing the blue sky and fresh air." He laughed.

Michael was angered by this. Mary held me close; she looked to me. She wanted me to try something. I sighed.

"We don't have free will yet. Let us tell you the rules and the faster you get your number down the closer to freedom we will get." I spoke normally, but that seemed to get him to the ground.
"Now that was a compelling argument." Lucifer smiled as he drifted down to us.

The group surrounded Lucifer. Gabriel started exclaiming the rules.

"First off, we mustn't let humans know we are supernatural beings from heaven. Several incidents resulted in horrible circumstances.

Next, we have many homes, sometimes communal homes where we share with other angels. We need to be near our charges so we can try to save them. That also means we have many credentials to take jobs with humans. Taking a job isn't necessary but if it helps you then do so.

Now for our charges. God sends out notes to each one of us with our number of souls we need to save, and a name. On that note we are given a date to save the soul or they are lost. We give them a choice to live out the consequences, or have them reborn into a new life where they can try again. Once they choose to reborn then your number stays the same and you need to save another soul.

What we are trying to do is show the love of God to those that need it. We can use our abilities in any way shape or form, but the end result should always be no one else knows and either the soul is saved or reborn."

Lucifer listened very intently. I still couldn't help but remember those times where I was in hell and he showed me all sorts of tortured souls in grotesque forms. I shake the memories as Gabriel finished. Lucifer said that he understood and is willing to follow the rules.

A note formed in front of him and he grabbed it. He read it out loud. His first charge is in New York city, and mine is in prison near there. We escorted Lucifer as far as we can to New York. Ezekiel told him that there are a number of angels watching over him if he ever does anything bad. Silently in my mind talking to Lilia, we know it's only a matter of time until our son decides to visit.