There's always two sides to one story.

Usually one side is more correct than the other.

Sometimes both can be correct.

Sometimes both can be incorrect.

But which side of the story people believe, that doesn't depend on who is right or wrong. It depends on who you are. That's why no one believes my side of any story, because I'm not a trustworthy person, and I don't blame them for not trusting me.

But I have a side to share. Missing details of a chain of events that changed this world, that changed my people. But, no one would ever listen or believe what I have to say.

Even so, I might as well tell my version of this story, from the very start.

"What are ya doin' Anwen?" The young girl diverted her attention from the mirror to her favourite maid. "Admiring ourselves were we?" The maid, Ladia playfully accused in her thick scottish accent.

"No," Anwen answered. "Quite the contrary, I was wondering if mirrors really were reflections of ourselves, or if they were a doorway to somewhere far, far away from here."

Ladia shook her head, smiling.
"I am too old for such a big imagination, and you far too young." She ruffled the young girl's hair and kissed her head. "Come on, there's a big day ahead of ya, don't want to be late to your brother's coronation, now do we?"

Anwen sighed, taking one last look towards the mirror before moving to her closet and sticking her arms up in the air. Ladia pulled the girl's dress over her head in one swoop and hooked it over a chair nearby.

"Now," Ladia started, "What colour do you want today?" Anwen's reply came instinctively.
"Black," She stated.
Ladia casted her a sideways glance, "You sure you want something so depressin' and mournful?" She inquired, "It's a happy day afterall."

Anwen shook her head. "I am mourning the death of my brother's childhood," She looked down, "Now Addy won't be able to play with me anymore."

Ladia's face fell before she hugged the young girl to her chest. "Come now," Ladia cooed, "Yer brother will still find time for ya, I'm sure of it." Ladia smiled encouragingly at Anwen, who returned a timid smile.

"Now, let's get ya dressed," Ladia grinned. "Still black?" Anwen thought for a moment before shaking her head.
"Let's go with blue," She said.

Being the son of one of the five elementals, Anwen's brother, Addison was fated to become a great leader, to fill their father's shoes. But Anwen knew Addy would never be able to rule over a whole kingdom. He was much too quiet and far too soft to ever survive in that world. It had always baffled Anwen that their parents were coronating him so early in life, especially as he had no experience of anything that would benefit his job as ruler and elemental.

Even at ten years old, Anwen was a natural leader, but she was far too young to take the throne, and the kingdom did not have time to wait for her to come of age. She also was not the first born, so it certainly was not her place in any case. She just hoped that Addy would grow up quickly and fulfill his destiny.

Anwen hurried down the lit corridors that she prayed led to the grand stage where all ceremonies were held. With Ladia gone to fulfill other duties, Anwen was sure she would get lost. Though she had lived in the palace all her life, she did not see much of it very often as she tended to stay in her room.

Anwen was already running late as she turned another corner and finally caught sight of her brother. Relief spread through her body as she slowed to a stop and watched him pace around the room. When he looked up, their eyes locked and the relief he felt was visible as his tense muscles relaxed under his shirt. Addison ran to Anwen, picking her up and swinging her around.

"Thought you had abandoned me Wen," He grinned at her and kissed her forhead.
"Never," Anwen giggled. "Mother would kill me if I did." Addison chuckled and ruffled her hair, returning her feet to the ground.
"Are you ready Addy?" Anwen asked. Addison's face fell, and his eyes looked uncertain.

"About that..." Addison looked away from her. Anwen scrunched her brow, confusion taking over her soft features.
"What do you mean?" Anwen inquired. "You have to take the throne, you don't have a choice."

"I-I know, that's not what I meant," Addison replied softly. "I just - I'm not meant for this Anwen." Anwen looked at her older brother sympathetically.
"You can do it Addy," She said confidently. "I'll help you." Addison smiled slightly and looked down at his sister.

"I know Wen," Addison smiled. "You're always there for me." Suddenly the large double doors to their left was burst open. The sound of their father's voice bounded towards them.
"I present to you my heir, and your new king," Addison took a deep breath, making his way to the entrance. "King Addison."

He stepped out into the blinding outdoor light. Everyone in the crowd wooped and cheered as Addison made his way before the priest and bent down on one knee. The priest, praying in their people's ancient language, slowly laid the crown on Addison's head. When the prayer was finished Addison stood up. His hands went out to tell everyone to quiet down. He was to make a speech, as all new kings and queens were at their coronation.

Addison looked uncomfortable and nervous as the crowd grew silent. He closed his eyes and breathed.
"I stand before all of you now, no longer as your prince, but as your king," He spoke. "And as my first order as king, I must make an adjustment to a certain law." Murmers weaved through the crowd. Anwen leaned forward from her hidden position behind the doors, what was he doing?

"As everyone well knows, only the firstborn of a king and queen can take the throne, unless the other dies," Addison glanced at Anwen, his face set in determination. "I now proclaim that secondborn of every king and queen may also have a chance at the throne, if it is seen that they are more qualified in becoming this land's new leader." He took a deep breath before uttering words no one had expected, even from him.

"Because of this new law, I no longer present myself as your new king," He said, "Rather, I pass down my throne now to my younger sister." The crowd collectively gasped and Anwen's eyes widened. Addison stretched out his hand towards her, smiling. "She is more of a leader now than I will ever be."

Anwen tentively came out from behind the doors, unsure of what she was to do. She could see her father glaring at Addison from the throne behind him. Addison would be lucky if he lived through today without a lashing. Their father was a cruel man, and when things didn't go his way, he snapped.

Anwen reached her brother and placed her shaking hand in his.
"It's okay Wen," Addison whispered to her. "I know what I'm doing." Anwen glanced at their father, unsure if Addison really knew what he was in for. Addison turned his gaze towards the crowd again.

"As my sister is not yet of age," His voice shook slightly, though no one seemed to notice but Anwen. "My father will continue his reign for ten years. Until then, you will not have a new leader." Addison then tightened his grip on his sister's hand and pulled her back inside the palace.

Anwen could hear their mother calming the crowd down, and her father's ground shaking footsteps as they came near. Suddenly she was pulled to a stop as her brother pushed her behind him. Their father's looming figure now dwarfing the siblings.
"Just what do you think you are doing?" His voice sent chills down Anwen's spine, it was not often that she saw her father, as he was the main reason she willingly locked herself away. Addison straightened, trying to make himself seem taller, but nothing could compare to their father.

"I'm doing the right thing for this kingdom," Addison declared. "I am not fit to rule." Their father's eyes turned murderous.
"I had a plan you good for nothing insufferable child!" He snarled.

Anwen's patience snapped as she felt protectiveness over her brother flood through her body.

"To what?!" Anwen yelled. The room grew quiet suddenly. "To put a person on the throne that you could easily manipulate? Is that what your 'plan' was?" Anwen breathed heavily, she was furious. This wasn't Addison's fault. This was no one's fault but her father's.
"You," Their father took a step forward, his eyes set on Anwen.

Addison pulled her further behind him, taking a protective stance in their father's way.
"No," He said fiercely. "This is not her fault, she had nothing to do with it." Their father's eyes slowly turned back to Addison.

"Bullshit," He growled. "This little wretch made you do it, didn't she?" He pushed Addison aside and grabbed Anwen's arm.
"No!" Addison screamed. "She didn't do anything, it was my choice, she had no idea!"

"Shut your trap Addison," Their father warned lowly. "Before I shut it permanently." Addison looked at Anwen fearfully, they both knew their father wasn't exaggerating. Anwen shook her head at Addison, knowing he wanted to defy their father.

Anwen also knew it would be safer for the both of them to keep quiet and do what he wanted. Addison looked close to tears which made Anwen turn away. She couldn't bear seeing her brother lose his composure as it would definitely put her in the same predicament.

Her father started to drag her along behind him as he walked out of the room. Anwen didn't know where he planned to bring her, but she was sane enough to know it wasn't going to end well for her.

Her father tugged harder and harder on her hand as he dragged her into a hallway she had never even known existed. Suddenly the fear of what was to happen settled on Anwen's heart and the walls of the hallways seemed to close in on them.

"Where are you taking me?" She was so breathless with fear that she debated whether her father had actually heard her or if it simply sounded like a whisper in the stale air.

Nevertheless, her father gave no answer, simply tugged her forward again, almost making Anwen fall face first into the hard cement. Her father started to narrow in on a particular door at the end of the hallway. He yanked the door open and threw Anwen to the ground before him.

"This will teach you to mess with my plans," His gravely voice assaulted her ears just before a fist came flying for her face. At first she felt nothing, then there was a sudden blossom of pain at her cheekbone.

She distinctly heard the sickening crack that promised a broken bone and screamed. Her father's assault continued, and she was rendered powerless. Her body was broken in ways she never knew possible and she begged for the pain to stop, with tears pouring down her face.

Graciously, everything became numb. Anwen could feel the pushes and pulls as her father beat her, but she felt none of the pain as the darkness suddenly enveloped her senses.