Battle of Piontar River

8th Era, 478, 7th of lost Souls

Continent of Mordurel, Spring Forest Region, Piontar River

Ku sat upon his brown-white horse as the breeze gently touched his braided ponytail. His narrow eyes stared ahead, thirty meters ahead to see the progress of the battle. His pale skinned hands held firm, as did his lines. His Foot Infantry, armed with Musket and Katana. The wind gripped their purple silk long coats. The Kyroshi Foot Infantry held the line four meters from the streaming river as the Sun elves charged, almost chaotically.

To Ku this was one of many battles that proved humans from the Kyrosh Isles superior to elves, the oldest race, the first true empire builders. The Sun elves that made it through the barrage and cannons pummeling their side of the river hard. Four hundred cannons was firing cannon balls at the battered elven Men-at-Arms. Men in steel cuirass with Heater Shields and Arming swords against muskets and cannons. To be fair, the elves had had artillery pieces but his Light Cavalry had seen to take it out of action at the beginning of the battle.

"Should you not move further back, sir?" One on his aides pleaded with him. "You can maintain a line of communication from there."

Ku shook his head.

"I think not," he said in a calm steady voice. "What stands for my men stands for me. If I die I die."

He wasn't moving. He wasn't one of those generals that led from the rear. He had always led from the front. Always, and he always would. After all, he had started his career as a Lieutenant in the Foot Infantry. It felt natural. It also inspired the men if he was amongst them.

The first armored elves was reaching halfway across the waist deep river.

"Major Ri-lin."

"Yes general!" A Spring elf ma in a Kyroshi officers uniform answered. He was part of the officers and aides following Ku on horseback. He lived in one of the Kyroshi colonies on the mainland.

"Ride north, it is time for the Dragoons to wade their horses across the river. See to it," Ku commanded.

"Yes general!" Ri-lin confirmed.

He rode north with his horse. Ku estimated that in a few minutes two hindered Dragoons would cross the flank the elves. It would finish this battle at last.

"Major Eshka."

"Sir," a Kyroshi man answered.

"Same order. Ride south and send the Dragoons there forward."

He nodded, his Tricorne hat firmly on his head.

"Count on it," Eshka affirmed and rode off south.

Ku continued watching his brave men. His wonderful Foot Infantry. Not all Kyroshi though. Some were Spring elves from their colonies or had joined up to free themselves of the Sapphire Empire's grasp. His ranks also had a good amount of of humans from conquered barbarian lands, now civilized thanks to his peoples empire.

The first elves was about to reach the foot infantry, but a steady volley of small led rounds cut them down instantly. Those who weren't killed instantly would be swept down river to drown in their useless armor. A hundred years ago that same armor would have been excellent, for regular soldiers at least.. Now, now it was utterly useless. The led bullets went right through and the armor even slowed them down. it was why his people had abandoned their armors of steel, leather and bamboo when the muskets became their primary weapon.

Suddenly something unexpected happened. Something he hadn't expected yet. A route. The elves routed and fled in a panic, throwing swords and shields on the ground and scattering. The eighth wave had been an attempt to much.

"Send word to the cavalry, cut them down," Ku ordered.

"Yes general." An aide galloped off to give the order.

"I want a list of expected casualties. Ours and theirs."

"Understood, sir."

As his men fired their last volley into the fleeing elves backs they started dealing with the wounded and prepare for the potential of another wave. If the route was a faint tactic. Men helped their wounded comrades to the area designated for the healers.

Soon Ku received a casualty report. It wasn't exact but it gave the basics.

Ku smiled. After fighting the whole morning it was finally over. Three armies routed, one destroyed. The Great Sapphire Empire would have to sue for peace soon, a peace very favorable to the Kyroshi Empire. The times the elves had routed was rising faster than Ku had anticipated. But the news of how horribly engagements went and the high casualty rate had to spread across the elven soldiers. When he had proven his genius to Empress Yana he could dare request to lead an army to reclaim the territories lost in the Ruby Highlands, lost to the Kingdom of Culhaven during her father's glorious reign. He could do her will and reclaim those lost lands.

There was a part of Ku that dreamed of fighting the elves on their terms. Before gunpowder changed war for his people forever. If he could have been born a century back. Yet he loved the advantage his people had.

As the infantry started to wade across the river they searched the

Bodies that had been ripped apart by bullets, holes in their steel plates and gambeson with blood trickling into the once green grass. They heard gasping and grunted from elves wounded. They let their bayonets make short work of them.

"We have seventy wounded, six of them dead," an officer read to him. "At least six thousand casualties for the Sun elves."