This is just a spooky poem about an innocent girl and a man who seems to be a Jack the Ripper type killer. Or is he? Please comment nicely!

One foggy night a girl stood waiting,

Young and pretty and all alone,

Waiting for the rich boy she'd been dating,

The one who'd called her on the telephone.

Even though the girl was smiling brightly,

Her hands were shaky and her feet like ice.

All summer long she'd seen him nightly,

But lately he hadn't been very nice.

Waiting all alone the girl grew fearful,

Wishing she'd never gone to his bed.

Trying to smile and seem more cheerful,

Her heart so heavy that it felt like lead.

"Quite a chilly night," said a deep male voice,

Freezing her in place with paralyzing fright.

She wanted to run, but she had no choice,

Frozen and helpless in the foggy night.

"Are you all alone?" asked the deep-voiced male,

Dressed all in black but with very kind eyes.

"You seem so weary, and your face is pale,

"I think it's later than you realize."

"Alone," she echoed, feeling less afraid,

Those eyes and that voice like a magic spell.

Held fast by his gaze, like a captive maid,

His to command in heaven or hell.

Perhaps with a knife he cut short her life,

Or perhaps she met a much sweeter fate.

The street was deserted, the hour was late,

But only the fog knows for sure.