I need information on a suspect I was looking for. So I decided to visit Jim Clive. He was a little weird, but he was always good at gossip.

I drove to his house. I knocked on the front door, but he didn't answer. So I went to the back of his house.

In a corner, he had dug out a large pit and filled it with muddy water; he was lying in that pit, at the moment! Like I said, he was a little weird!

He smiled, when he saw me. "Barefoot Jenny, nice to see you again! Join me."

"Hi, Jim."

I sat down at the side of the pit. Then I took my sandals off, rolled up my pants legs, and put my feet in the muddy water! I did that sometimes, when I visited him.

He smiled. "Is this a social visit, or do you need information?"


Fishing in my pocketbook, I pulled out five $100 bills and showed them to him.

He smiled. "This must be pretty important!"

I nodded. "I'm looking for a guy named William Gomez."

"Big Will."

I nodded.

He shook his head. "He's a very dangerous man. I'd stay away from him, if I was you, Jenny. And you can keep your money, too."

"I have no choice. A client wants me to find him, and he's paying big for it."

He nodded. "He can be found at a club called the Pink Pantie. He's a big bald-headed dude—AAAAAAAAAH!"

He had been shot!

Quickly, I pulled out my gun and looked around. I saw a man a few yards away. I shot a few times.

I got him!

Then I got into the pit and cradled Jim's head.

"Did you get him?"

"I sure did!"

"Was he Big Will?"

"I don't know. Right now, I want to help you."

"Never mind me. I won't be around much longer—I can tell."

Sadly, I could tell, also.

He looked at me and smiled. "I see you're getting muddy, after all!"

I also smiled. "Yep!" Then I grew serious. "I'm sorry, Jim."

"It's OK. Canaries don't have long lines. I'm just glad you're here with me."

I choked up. "Me too, Jim."

"Kiss me, please."

I kissed him.


And that was all.

I cried. Despite is eccentricities, he was a good guy, and he gave me some good information, in the past. Then I got out of the pit and called Lt Kirschenbaum.


It was indeed Big Will. With Carl's help, I was able to avoid a second degree murder charge.

I used the money I was going to give Jim to instead give him a decent funeral; it was the least I could do.