It hit me the next morning.

That sinking, panicked feeling that everything was about to change, and there was nothing I could do about it.

How had I stayed so calm yesterday? I turned into some mythological creature and had killed someone, and my only reaction was to relax with a bottle of wine!

I groaned as I held my head in my hands. I felt like I had fallen pregnant and been hit by a truck in the middle of the sahara desert. I rolled over in my bed and smacked into a warm wall. Fuck. I had hooked up with enough people to know what that meant. But for the life of me, I can't remember going to a club. I was afraid to open my eyes. What if i had killed this man too?

I snatched a glimpse of the figure lying next to me and was thankful I had seen no sign of blood. I opened my eyes fully before becoming frozen in my place. I sat up properly. Why was Jeremy in my bed? Had we-Did we? No. No, no, no, no, no, no. I didn't think I was that drunk. I slapped Jer's bare back; I didn't know what to do, but he needed to wake up and give me some answers.

I got no response from him. I pummled his back with my fists.
"Jeremy wake up!" I yelled in his ear. A groan erupted from his lips as he rolled over and swatted my hands away lazily.
"What do you want Al?" He asked. He refused to open his eyes so I slapped him again.
"What happened? Why are you here?" I demanded. His eyes opened to give me a sarcastic look. So he did know what was going on.

"Chill," He said gruffly. "Look at yourself, if we had done something there is no way you'd have clothes on right now." I glared at him, but looked down at what I was wearing. I was still wearing my pajamas from the night before. I sighed in relief as I fell back down on the bed. Jeremy snorted in amusement and I slapped him again.

"Ouch woman," He whined, "I just woke up, abuse me later." He closed his eyes and circled his arms around my waist. I didn't want human contact right now. I fought against his arms, kicking and slapping him but he just continued to blissfully fall asleep. Eventually I gave up and laid there as Jeremy began to snore.

After five minutes I was done. I couldn't do it anymore. He snored way too loud.

After quite bit of struggling, I finally made it out of Jer's hold. Once I was standing I looked back at him sleeping. I swear he didn't even wake up once in all that kerfuffle.

I trudged down the stairs to the kitchen; my stomach hadn't stopped making noises since I woke up. I filled my whistling kettle to the very top and placed it on the stove to let it boil. That would give me a long time to get everything else ready. I opened the cupboard and climbed up onto the counter to reach the mugs at the top of the shelf. Damn my height.

I got down safely with mug in hand and then went about making breakfast while my water boiled. I was never really one for coffee machines or quick instant breakfasts. I preferred to wake up earlier and enjoy the time it took to get ready.

I climbed onto the counter next to the stove and began to butter the pan. I reached into the fridge on the other side of me for the eggs, but I came out empty-handed. There were no eggs. I groaned under my breaths. I was craving eggs. I really, really wanted eggs.

I slid off the counter, turning off the heat for the pan. I was going to have to go to the shops.

I walked up to my room, changing into jeggings and and Jeremy's hoodie since it was cold outside and I couldn't be bothered to wear anything underneath.

I went over to my desk, picking out a sticky note for Jer. I quickly wrote down that I was at the shops and I'd probably be back before he was awake. I stuck it to his forehead and walked back downstairs.

I grabbed my car keys and wallet from the marble bowl in the kitchen and was on my way.

The drive to the shops was short and I blessed that shop for being open at 7am. I walked through the automatic doors, smiling at the cashier as I walked past. What was I here for again?


On my way to the eggs I walked past the milk drinks. Jeremy had a weird thing where he hated the taste of hot coffee, but he loved iced coffee. I grabbed a large one, not caring about the brand because he certainly didn't, and continued to the eggs.

I grabbed the first pack of twelve I saw and fast walked my way back to the counter. My stomach was practically screaming at me.

The boy at the till couldn't have been more than 16 years old and I rolled my eyes as he looked me up and down. Slow down buddy, you're too young for me. Four years too young to be exact. I paid for my eggs and Jer's drink and left. I wanted to be home before Jeremy woke up. Just to prove myself right.

I pulled into my drive way and dragged the bag of shopping from the passenger seat. I opened the door and was greeted by a disgruntled looking Jeremy. Damnit. He glared at me and I looked at him questionably.

"Why am I in trouble?" I asked slowly dropping the shopping bag on the kitchen counter, along with my keys and wallet.

"You left the fucking kettle on," He grunted. An amused smile tugged at my lips and tears collected in my eyes as I tried not to laugh. That must have been a wonderful wake up call.

"Don't laugh at me," Jeremy whined, coming over to me and resting his forhead against my shoulder as he hugged me.

"Did you get my note?" I asked, patting his back before turning around to get my eggs. I was starving.

"Of course I got it," My shoulder muffled his voice, "You taped it to my forhead while I was sleeping." I smiled at him, ruffling his hair.

"Good," I said, " Now get off me, I want my breakfast." Jeremy whined but did as I said. He eyed the bags, catching sight of the milk drink. I let out a laugh.

"Go on," I encouraged, "It's for you." A smile took over his face which in turn made me smile. I liked making him happy. I poured the still boiling water into my mug of instant coffee and mixed it with a little milk. I sipped it and I swore I was 10 times more awake than before.

I got to work, buttering my pan once again, this time with eggs in hand.
"Do you want bacon, Jer?" I turned to look at him and he nodded as he finished his drink. Pig. I smiled to myself.

I felt Jeremy's eyes on me as I cooked us breakfast. It didn't make me uncomfortable though, he never did. It was more comforting; like I knew that as long as Jer was around, I was safe.

I grinned at Jer as I plated the food.

"Breakfast is served your lordship," I said, he returned my grin and grabbed his plate.