So am working on a new anime styled story called White Noise, It's a cyberpunk story where all the world's signals crashed causing there to be no more telephones, or television wing that tragedy japan went through a series natural disasters. All hope seemed lost the Japanese citizens rose up and rebuilt their country with new technology. Now the country is renamed Chiheisen, which is Japanese for horizon (for anyone who actually knows Japanese and tells me I'm wrong don't blame me blame google translate). The story is set in a town called Jigoku (Japanese for hell), located where Kyoto used to be, this is where during the years of chaos criminals were banished to, now that times have been better, Jigoku has a reputation for being a town with a rate of human trafficking most of the victims being high school students. A teenager named Kurai Nagai is discovers a secret that the government is working with the undergrown human trafficking system to capture rebellious teenagers and use them for experiments, after the kidnapping of his best friend, Kurai and a group of his friends go on a mission to expose their government and discover the plans behind their sins along with saving the innocent lives of those who were victimized. Am looking for different types of characters so I'm just going to make the protagonist and then am gonna ask for other people's characters. You have until November 20th to put your characters in a review I ask for 9-13 original characters. I will draw the chosen characters and post it on my Instagram account teenfangirl102. I don't ask for anything too detailed I prefer just a vague one paragraph summary, am the kind of writer who just builds up on simplistic characters




Role in the story:

relationship with protagonist:

Hair color:

Eye color:


Hair style:



Clothing Style:



Japanese Voice Actor:

English Voice Actor:

Name: Kurai Nagai

Age: 15

Gender: male

Role In The Story: Protagonist

Relationship with protagonist: is the protagonist

Hair color: blueish black

Eye color: blue-green

Figure: Slender

Hair style: Shaggy

Height: 5'5

Weight: 120 lb

Clothing Style: Casual

Personality: Kurai starts off as a laidback, stubborn and intelligent young man. At the beginning he is shy around his classmates but around his few friends he's hyperactive, and loves making jokes about everything. After the kidnapping of his best friend and finding out about what the government is doing Kurai develops a darker, and more serious personality at first he's very pessimistic, and reluctant the kind of guy to try and avoid trouble and stay safe. He constantly need everyone to help him get back on his feet. As the story continues he becomes more determined and brave, a lot like a leader and stops trying to take the safer route.

History: He was raised in Jigoku all his life Kurai was always an outsider because he was more of a daydreamer and preferred to spend his time reading and being alone as a preteen. He's the second of triplets, that lives with their uncle cause their parents mysteriously disappeared. He raised them with strict standards and no love. His older brother rebelled against these standards and often got in trouble, until they were fourteen when he got taken by human traffickers a year before his younger sister got diagnosed with anemia. Ever since then the only people he had to trust were his friends. Later his best friend gets kidnapped, and the rest is in the plot.

Japanese Voice Actor: Natsuki Hanae

English Voice Actor: Bryce Papenbrook