Chapter One

-Bellatrix Nicole Lavigne-

'Why does everyone say life is easy? My life is anything but easy. You may be asking yourself, who am I? Well up until I was sixteen I had been told my name was Bellatrix Nicole Lavigne. That was before I discovered an entire world of lies built around me. I am viewed as a heroine by all the pantheons; I disagree. But this is how my journey to discovering who I really am unfolded.'

I was walking home from my vocal and dance lessons on May 5th, 2017 when a chilling voice that makes me fear for my life spoke to me. "Help me little demigoddess. Help me rise to power and I shall reward you magnificently." the voice rasps. I begin sprinting home so something bad can't happen to me. "Lord Apollo please get me to safety. I am terrified." I pray in terror. I don't even know why I prayed to Lord Apollo; I don't believe the Gods exist. I need to inform my Mother about what just happened. Well if she has time for me; all she ever has time for is Chad Kroger, my stepfather, and her work. And yes, my mother is Avril Lavigne the musician. I wish my Mother would check up on me instead of leaving me to be raised by all her hired help. I shake my head and clear my mind and continue to sprint home.

I can't wait to get home because I long to read 'The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones' by Cassandra Clare once more or to practice playing my instruments. And yes, I say instruments as in plural. I play almost every instrument as well as dance and sing. I've been in love with Cassandra Clare's books since 'City of Bones' came out in 2007. I need to drop by the book store soon so I can restock up on fantasy books to read seeing as I've already read all the books in my personal library. As I slow down to a fast-paced walk I become homesick for Russia. Russia is my home and not Minnesota, I wish Mother never made me move to the United States. Ugh! Sometimes I abhor that Mother decided to have a mansion so far away from my dance studio.

After walking for another half an hour, I made it home which is impressive seeing as I walked all the way from Saint Paul to Minneapolis. The walk normally takes five and a half hours; today it took me an hour and a half. When I walk through the front door I sigh a breath of relief before wrinkling my nose in disgust. I could smell my Mother and Chad's failed attempts at cooking once again. It's a good thing our chef insisted on teaching me how to cook when I was five before Chad fired her.I clear my throat before walking into the kitchen. "Hello Mother. Chad. I see you two have been attempting to cook. Again. Would you like me to start dinner?" I inquire wrinkling my nose in distaste.

"Hello Dearie. How were your dance and voice lessons today? And no thank you Dearie, Chad and I are going to dinner. We were cooking dinner for you. You can join us if you'd like to?" Mother suggests hopefully. "My lessons were fine Mother. I'm fine staying home. Why don't you two have a date night. I'll be okay here by myself." I reply hiding behind my mask. "Alright. You behave yourself Bellatrix Nicole Lavigne! No parties, and no boys are allowed over!" Mother sternly speaks. "Da Mama. I'll behave. I'll be fine on my own." I respond tiredly. "It's not like monsters or supernatural creatures will break into the house and will attack me." I mockingly snap. "Bellatrix Nicole Lavigne what have I told you about joking about supernatural things in my house! I don't care if your Uncle Jared and Uncle Jensen are on that abhorrent television show! You will not ever mention those types of creatures in my household again! Understood Bellatrix Lavigne?! " Mother screams at me angrily. I see Chad smirk malevolently in the background; I shiver in disgust, Chad is a sick and perverted child rapist who I hope burns in hell slowly for all his misdeeds against not just me but the world.

"Alright. I apologize Mother; it won't happen again." I meekly apologize afraid that Mother might beat me. "Good, behave yourself while we are gone Bellatrix! And promise me that if you need us at all that you will call us immediately." Mother insists her posture and tone of voice doing a complete 360. I breathe a silent sigh of relief; I guess I won't be in trouble for my slip of the tongue. "Da Mama; I will if the need arises. You two go on and have fun away from the house; I'll just be reading in my room after I eat dinner and take a shower." I speak cheerfully leaving out the fact that I will be watching "Vampire Academy". "Alright Darling, Chad and I are leaving now. Don't stay up too late, and remember to behave yourself Bellatrix." Mother calls picking up her purse after forcing one of the hired help members to clean her and Chad's mess up, she and Chad then stalk out the door without even thanking the maid for cleaning up her mess.

"Okay Mother… Have fun, don't do anything reckless. I love you, and I'll see you later." I bitterly mumble visibly upset. I cook a quick pot of beef alfredo and eat walk upstairs and shower quickly. I dry off and pull on a pair of undergarments, a pair of black and white shorts, and a Harry Potter shirt and socks; I then brush my hair before braiding my damp curly blonde, rust red, and night-black ringlets into a neat French braid. Once I was dressed for bed I slip "Vampire Academy" into the DVD player; I watch the movie completely enthralled by the world of Richelle Mead. I fall into a world where I see a multitude of runes dancing across my vision; I notice I'm standing upright and I see I was dressed in a crème Athenian gown with tan leather gladiator sandals and a golden laurel wreath was sheathed in my hair which was pulled neatly back in an elaborate chignon.

I look around and notice that I'm standing in a field full of orange and blood red poppies; I look up and notice a tall man with long curly hair as dark as night, a ghostly pale complexion, and purple-black volcanic irises. His eyes then lock onto mine and he smiles a toothy panther-like grin. "Who are you? Why am I here?" I question backing up tentatively. "My dear sweet daughter, don't tell me you don't recognize your own father?" he questions looking upset and angry. "You're not my father! My father died before I was born!" I reply angrily. "I am Hades, your father. If you don't believe me then see if your mother has any records on me when you awake. Which should be any minute now, so until we meet again. Goodbye my daughter." Hades smiles sadly while waving.

And at that very moment as predicted I woke up gasping in shock; I'm no longer in the dream world, I am in my bedroom. Suddenly I heard a crash and a monstrous roar from Mother's bedroom; I hear my Mother cry for me to run and don't look back. I then jerk awake from my nightmare; I sit up gasping and clutch my heart trying to calm my erratic heart-beat down. I sprint to Mother's room and turn back around with my eyes clamped shut in horror and disgust; I run to the bathroom and vomit in the toilet from witnessing my Mother and Chad having sex with the door wide open. After I brush my teeth and wash my face I climb back in bed and attempt to fall back asleep.