Chapter Two

-Bellatrix Lavigne-

After waking up for the last time at four am I stay awake; I climb in the shower to wake myself up from both of my nightmares. After I'm done showering I towel dry my body and hair off; I pull on a hot pink and black sports bra and matching pair of panties, my dream catcher belly ring, a grey flowing 'All Time Low' tank top, navy blue high waisted sailor jean-shorts, a black and blue studded belt, white thigh high socks and tan calf-length lace up combat boots. I slip on my red and black lace choker, a set of silver leaf rings, a Paramore guitar pick necklace, and a Paramore bracelet. I braid my curly ringlets before slipping on my crème knitted beanie over my hair and letting my curly bangs hang out.

I grab my black and white Aztec printed bag before filling it with my iPhone, iPod, headphones, guitar house key, water bottle and my writing supplies. I then go to my Mother's office and search for records on my father only to find absolutely nothing; I grab my BMX bike keys, Mother refuses to allow me to ride it out in public, and my helmet. I walk into the kitchen and fix myself three steak and egg breakfast burritos and eat them; I clean up the kitchen before brushing my teeth. I fill my metal water bottle to the rim with cranberry-apple juice before twisting the cap back on tightly and sheathing it inside my bag; I scrawl a quick yet neat note on a sticky note for Mother and leave it on the kitchen island. Once I'm ready to leave I walk out to the garage and stuff my head inside my cerulean and gold helmet; I mount my emerald green and violet purple BMX bike and start the engine hesitantly. I drive to the library which is two blocks away from my Mother's mansion of a house.

Once I arrive I chain my bike up on the bike rack; I set my helmet on the sidewalk while shoving all my library books in the return box which made my bag considerably lighter. I grab my helmet and walk inside with a pleased smile on my face. I walk over to the family records area , so I could conduct some research about my family. I want to find out about my biological father; I will never consider Chad, that perverted bastard, my father ever! I then grab all the books that I will need to conduct an accurate search on my family tree; I dump the DNA kits I bought onto the table and my lips curl into an irritated scowl/smirk at the thought of my Mother refusing to tell me about my family. If Mother refuses to help me then I will do all the work myself; after doing the DNA kit it only told me my Mother is half Celtic, and her name is really Maeve. I guess Mother legally changed her name; I never knew that. And I couldn't find anything for my father, not even a name, which is very strange.

I blink and when I look at Mother's name and I forget everything that I just read and it disappears; below Mother's name I see two names, Apollo and my Grandmother's name, Daphne Lynn Cabello. After I record everything in my notebooks I put everything back before shoving my stuff back inside my bag. I sprint back outside and unlock my BMX bike before straddling the seat. I put my helmet on before driving to the dance studio that I frequent often; I need to clear my mind before I confront Mother and possibly Chad about lying to me. I parky my BMX bike before locking it up and pulling my bag over my shoulder with a sigh.

Once I get set up inside my standard room I begin the routine that I made up for "Why Don't You Love Me?" by Hot Chelle Rae and Demi Lovato with a heavy heart. I go through the routine a couple more times before I hear footsteps approaching the dance room. I tense and cease dancing and prepare to attack my surprise visitor. The intruder approaches me and puts their hand on my shoulder. I take a deep breath and spring towards the intruder and flip them over my shoulder before roughly pining them to the ground. When I look the intruder in the eye I let out a silent gasp when I realize she's fifteen or sixteen years old.

"Look I'm sorry for creeping up on you. I wasn't trying to eavesdrop on you but your voice carried so much grief in it that I had to check on you. Please don't hurt me. Are you okay?" the girl gasps panicking at my choke-hold. I realize that I'm still grasping her throat in a tight choke-hold; I release her throat and climb off her. "Sorry 'bout that. What's your name? I'm fine, I think, I just found out that my Mother has lied to me about my Father for my entire life, and it's really upsetting." I reply on the cusp of tears but attempting to blink them back.

"It's okay, I scared you, you had every right to do that. Name's Electra Hestia Sanchez. And what's that supposed to mean? What's your name, by the way?" Electra questions from the floor. I stare at her in shock when she reveals her name; I have a long-lost cousin by that name. I stand before offering her my hand and pull her up before shaking her hand firmly. "My name's Bellatrix Nicole Lavigne. You can call me Nikki or Bella, or whatever you want. My Mother has told me my entire life that my Father was dead, but I found out today that he's still alive somewhere. And I think you're my long-lost cousin." I ramble. "Oh, my god! You're my cousin that my mother has told me about?! My mother and I have been trying to find you forever!" Electra beams bouncing up and down like the Energizer Bunny.

"What would you like to do now little cousin? I assume you're younger. I'm fifteen years old." Electra grins. I just shrug my shoulders nonchalantly; it doesn't matter to me. "I don't really care, it doesn't matter to me." I shrug indifferently. "Wanna go to the nearest Café and get a coffee and a snack while we talk and get to know one another?" I suggest after thinking. "Sure, I'd love that! Let's head to the Starbucks that's a block away from here." Electra squeals in excitement. I smile and nod my head in agreement to Electra's suggestion; I pack my stuff up before throwing my bag over my shoulder. Electra and I then turn towards the door to leave when I hear a faint voice.

I stiffen in shock; I then feel an ancient yet otherworldly presence attempt to make me angry. "Nikki d'you feel that? I'm not goin' crazy, am I?" Electra mumbles anxiously while grasping my arm tightly. "I do, but I'm going to ignore it, and I suggest you do the same." I hiss through clenched teeth to not snap at the voice and presence. I notice Electra shakily nod her head in agreement out of my peripheral; after a few minutes the voice and presence dissipate. "Alright cousin dearest. Let's go grab some coffee and snacks." Electra faux-grins.

As soon as we exit the studio we feel the atmosphere change from heavy and gloomy to light and carefree. Once we arrive at the Starbucks we get in line to order; once we order we find a window booth that was comfy and slide in the seats and we're met by a comfortable silence. A couple minutes later our orders are called and we receive our orders before sitting back in the booth. "Who are your parents Electra? How'd you know who I was?" I question sipping my Strawberries and Cream Frappe. Electra inhales deeply at my question before exhaling a large breath and running her hands through her hair nervously.

"My mother is Sophia Lynn Smith and my father is King and Lord Poseidon. My Grandmother is Nemesis." Electra recites with a blank look on her face. "And as for how I found you. My mother knows yours and went on and on about your Mother and you." Electra smiles without the blank smile as if she was in a trance. "So, who's your godly parent Nikki? And did you only just find out you're a demigoddess?" Electra questions eagerly. "Yes, I did. I found out I was a demigoddess today." I mumble attempting to skirt around answering the other half of Electra's question. I'm too nervous to tell Electra that I'm the daughter of Avril Lavigne and King and Lord Hades and the Granddaughter of Lord Apollo. As well as being the Great-Granddaughter of Lady Hecate and the Great Great-Granddaughter of King and Lord Poseidon, Electra's father.