I rather just disappear now
Don't want to bother with anyone
Getting sick of the way things turn out
My bad luck keeps running thick.

Even if around people
Doesn't matter much anymore
Since loneliness is always there
Creeping way inside me.

Hate just sitting here
Watching people talk away
While I cant say much anymore
Since people couldn't care less about me.

What do you want me to do?
What do you want me to say?
I just wish everything would turn back to okay
Not just getting worse at everything I try.

Not like I ignore everyone
Not like I completely isolated myself
Since no matter how hard I try
Ill still have to talk to someone.

Just want all these fears
To stop getting worse
As each tear runs downs my face
At the constant pain I keep feeling.

Want to say I give up
Want to say I cant do this anymore
Just want to be far away from here
But I'm still strong enough to keep going
So Ill still be here
Hopefully making through the despair
With any light I have left or get from others.