We had been assaulting the fort of Gritendal (Grit-En-Dal) for weeks. My sister Gretel and Guthrum were fighting under the fort. A rider in rusted armor approached me. "Hail Prince Hansel Shadowson" the rider spoke. It was my mother loyal lieutenant Hel. She gave me the usual talk my mother was getting impatient. "Tell my mother I will take over this fort today".

Hel nodded "For your sake I hope you do" Hel said. Finally part of the fort fell I knew my brother and sister could do it. My mothers army of Zikorcs, undead, and bandits swarmed the fort. The corruption order had their own forces of undead as well. I charged with sword and shield. Hel returned this time with my mother.

Good old mom I grinned. She charged with her unholy vanguard of chosen champions. The corruption order knew it's over. Still they fought like cornered animals. I sliced a zombie in half. The upper half still crawled towards me. I crushed it's head with my boots. Gretel and Guthrum returned to the surface covered in blood and dirt.

The corruption order sergeants fought like lions felling dozens of my mother's minions. They retreated to the keep. "Hel, Hensel, Guthrum, and Gretel Go" My mother said in a hollow voice. We all nodded and bashed open the keep doors. The last survivors charged us. Hel entered a trance like state her eyes rolling in the back of her head. With authority she shouted "Now turn to stone". It was over now my mother can enjoy more "statues" of her glorious conquest. Gritendal was ours now the surrounding areas can be harvested.

"Great work bro" Guthrum laughed patting me on the shoulder. " I couldn't of done it without you two". I grinned. The banner of the Shadow Leaf Legion was placed on each tower. The three headed hound has devoured another settlement. Even my mother Shadow Leaf's icy gaze I could tell she was proud.

The zikorcs were finally starting to "calm" down from the blood frenzy. We spared only one. Shadow told her to tell the corruption order their end is slowly coming. She then ripped out her right eye. The bandits were looting the money, armor, and weapons from the fallen.

It was a bloody battle but my mother's empire is growing. "Soon all of Eseyn will be hers" Hel looked at me and smirked. "Damn mind reader" I muttered.