It was night time over the city and a young woman was scared out of her mind as she was being held up by a couple of thugs. Both of the thugs were strong men and the woman was a small and seemingly fragile person. They had cornered her into an alleyway and she was absolutely terrified. There seemed to be no way out and she didn't know what was going to happen next.

"Nowhere to run little missy," said one of the thugs. He was the taller of the two and seemed to be the one in charge.

"Please let me go," replied the young woman in fear. "I don't want to get hurt."

"Too bad because you're going to hurt a lot!"

"You tell her Johnny," replied the other Thug. They were still a few feet away from the cowering woman. "So, give us all your money or else we'll get to the hurting part." Both men began to laugh at manically as the woman thought that she was doomed.

"Hold it right there!" said the voice of a woman.

The two thugs began to look around but suddenly they noticed something land on the ground in front of them. It was an extremely tall figure, it easily stood thirty feet in height and as they got a better look they could see more details. The figure belonged to that of a woman with long golden hair and emerald eyes. She wore a dress that had a cream top and a purple gown but she didn't wear any shoes. She was also wearing a purple cape and a purple domino mask. Standing beside her was a golden haired, normal size puppy who also had a matching purple cape and domino mask as well.

"Oh no it's Chrissie-Girl and Remy Jr.-Pup!" said the taller Thug. There was some fear in his voice as he spoke.

"Let's get out of here!" replied the other Thug.

They turned around and tried to run away but a bark from Remy Jr.-Pup stopped them dead in their tracks. They then felt two strong hands grip onto them and they were lifted up into the air. The next thing they knew they were being held in front of the face of the superheroine Chrissie-Girl. They knew that they were in trouble and that they couldn't get themselves out of it.

"You're being very mean to that nice lady," said Chrissie-Girl. She had an annoyed look on her face. She then turned them towards their intended victim. "Now you say sorry to her right now."

"We're sorry," said both of the thugs at the same time.

"Good." She then placed them down on the ground away from the woman. "Now run along and don't get into any more trouble."

The thugs didn't have to be told twice as they turned and ran away. With them gone she focused on their victim. Her fear had been taken away after Chrissie-Girl and Remy Jr.-Pup's actions. She was thankful to see the thugs were gone and what the crime fighting duo had done for her.

"Thank you," said the Woman. She took a few steps towards the crime fighting duo. Remy Jr.-Pup gave her a cheerful bark and bobbed his tongue out.

"You're very welcome and it looks like Remy Jr.-Pup likes you," replied Chrissie-Girl. "You should be more careful so that meanies don't try to get you."

"I'll remember that and thank you again Chrissie-Girl."

With that the Woman walked away knowing full well that she had been saved. Chrissie-Girl picked up Remy-Jr.-Pup and stroked him for doing such a good job with the thugs. In her mind he was the best sidekick a superhero like her could ask for. She asked him if he wanted to have some ice cream which he positively responded to.

Minutes later the superheroes found themselves sitting outside of an ice cream parlour with Chrissie-Girl eating an extra-extra-extra-large ice cream cone while Remy Jr.-Pup was eating from a bowl of strawberry ice cream that he had been given. Both of them had deserved their treats and many people waved and said hello to them as they enjoyed their ice cream.

Chrissie's ice cream was the classic Neapolitan variety that featured Strawberry, Chocolate and Vanilla. She was sure that Remy Jr.-Pup didn't have any chocolate as she had been told that chocolate made puppies very sick and she didn't want that to happen to him. Instead she just ate her ice cream and kept an eye on him.

When all the ice cream had been eaten Chrissie-Girl quickly picked up Remy Jr.-Pup and made her way down the street. She was heading towards a giant size house that was located on the outskirts of the town. She moved very quickly but she was sure to say hi to anyone who happened to walk by her at the time. The house itself was made especially for a woman of her stature but even so it like a giant mansion. Some people even considered it to be a palace.

Just as Chrissie stepped through the giant front door she took off her cape and mask to reveal herself as none other than Chrissie Looper. When Remy Jr.-Pup took his mask and cape off he became Chrissie's pet puppy Remy Jr. She did giggle as she knew that no one suspected that Chrissie Looper and Chrissie-Girl were one in the same. Ever since she had first come onto the scene there had been several questions about exactly who Chrissie-Girl was.

Almost as soon as Chrissie had taken off her mask and cape she saw a man wearing fairly high-end clothes come walking towards her. Unlike her he was a normal sized man with short brown hair and brown eyes approached her. She looked down at him and gave him a very large smile.

"Hi Remy," said Chrissie very cheerfully. "We're back from another night of being superheroes."

"As I can see and how exactly did it go?"

"It was wonderful, we were able to stop some bad guys from hurting a poor woman. Remy Jr. was so brave." She then looked down at Remy Jr. who was standing by one of her giant feet. "Isn't that right you brave little puppy?" Remy Jr. barked at her a couple of times in response. She squatted down and began to stroke him which he liked very much. "Oh, aren't you just the cutest?"

"And what happened to these bad guys when you caught them?"

"I made them say sorry to the poor woman and then I sent them on their merry way. I made sure that they learned their lesson."

"I'm sure that they have but it's getting late now and you really should be getting to bed now."

"Argh, but I'm not even that tired."

"You said that last night so you could stay up and watch that wedding. Then you became very tired and fell asleep of the sofa. I'm not having that happen again tonight, at least then you'll be properly refreshed in the morning."

"Ok then." She smiled again. "Can Remy Jr. come up to bed, I don't like having to go to sleep without him."

"Sure, he's looking tired anyway."

"And can you tell me a Princess story before I go to sleep, you always tell the best Princess story."

"Fine." He had given a sigh as he didn't want to do this but he couldn't really say no to her. The last thing he wanted to do was to upset her. "But it is straight to sleep after that, do we have a deal?"

"Yep we have a deal." She then raised her little finger and held it in front of him. "Pinkie swear?" She heard him give another sigh as he raised his own pinkie finger and used it to grab hers.

"Pinkie swear." He gave another sigh as he really didn't want to do it. However, he knew that if it made Chrissie do what she needed to do he would do it. He could hear her giggling which made him think that this was slightly surreal.

Half an hour later Chrissie found herself upstairs in her equally large bed. Remy Jr. was also in his own little bed that was located on a table next to Chrissie's bed. She was still awake as she was listening to Remy tell her a princess story just like she wanted him to. It seemed very odd for Remy as he knew that Chrissie was an adult but she had the mentality of a child, this was why he would do everything that he could to help her.

"Princess Elizabeth and Prince Phillip went away to their castle and they lived happily ever after," said Remy. "The End."

"That was a wonderful story Remy," replied Chrissie. She turned to look at Remy Jr. who was in his own bed. "Did you enjoy it Remy Jr.?" The puppy didn't answer as he had already fallen asleep. He was snoring away and dreaming about chasing after the world's largest bone. "Oh, he's asleep already."

"Just like you should be, now I'll see you in the morning."

"Ok, but can I give you a hug before I go to sleep?"

"Fine, if you must."

With that Chrissie picked up Remy and began to hug him. She had learned how to hug him properly so as to not hurt him. He expected the hug to last for a few seconds but when it didn't break off he began to become suspicious. When he looked at her face he noticed that her eyes had closed and she had fallen asleep.

Remy tried with all of his might to get out of her grip but she wasn't breaking her grip. He even resorted to shouting at her but this also didn't work. As much as he didn't want to admit it but he was going to be stuck there for the rest of the night, or at least to the point that she finally woke up. He knew that she was a heavy sleeper so the chances of her waking up before she was ready were slim to none.

Meanwhile on the opposite side of the city sat a hill that was constantly surrounded by a cloud of thunder and lightning. On top of this hill sat a small gothic like castle that had been built a few years before. It would have made an ideal tourist attraction if it had not been for the person who owned it. His name was not widely known to many but most people including Chrissie-Girl knew him by his supervillain nameā€¦ Mean Man.

He was a fairly tall man with red hair and green eyes that wore a dark blue costume that only made his head exposed. He wore a dark blue mask as well and had a yellow M stitched onto his chest. He was looking through a telescope from the highest tower in his castle and he looked over the city. On more than one occasion he had planned to take the city for himself but each time his plans had been foiled by the combined forces of Chrissie-Girl and Remy Jr.-Pup. This greatly annoyed him and he was also constantly trying to find their true identity with no avail.

As he gazed at the city he gave out an evil laugh just as a flash of lightning fired down to the ground. He lifted his arms up and continued to laugh which echoed through the hallways of the castle.

"At last I have devised a cunning scheme to rid myself of Chrissie-Girl and Remy Jr.-Pup," laughed Mean Man. "It is a plan so ingenious and yet so simple that I'm surprised that I didn't think of it sooner."

"Do you mean like your previous plans?" replied a female voice. A woman of Oriental origin stepped towards him. She was an inch shy of being six feet tall and had long black hair. She was pretty to say the least and she wore a similar costume to Mean Man. However, hers was white and had no symbol on the chest. "How many times have you said that you've got a sure-fire plan to defeat them only for it to blow up in your face?" When she was close enough she crossed her arms, and looked at him.

"This time it's different, you'll see Mean Girl." She rolled her eyes at him which he quickly picked up. "What is it?"

"How many times do I have to tell you that my name is Joanna not Mean Girl." There was some annoyance in her voice which only made Mean Man sigh.

"Don't forget you signed the contract when you took this job. At section nine chapter five it states that by taking the job that I that is Mean Man am allowed to give you a super villain name and that it will be used rather than your real name. That is why you've gone from being Joanna Lee and are now Mean Girl. My minion in crime!"

"Remind me why I haven't quit this job."

"Because of the overwhelmingly good benefits like health care and dental. Believe me in this day and age it's really difficult to get those two together. Plus, it gives you your own private island in Tahiti."

"Which I haven't even visited yet because you haven't given me a day off in six months. I'm pretty sure that's illegal."

"I told you that you can have a day off when I have finally defeated Chrissie-Girl and that should be within the next twenty-four hours because I have devised a plan to defeat her once and for all."

"Ok." She gave a loud sigh as she didn't think any of his plans would work. "What's this ingenious plan that you have?"

"Simple, follow me my dear."

Mean Man walked away and with some reluctance Mean Girl followed him. They went through the hallways of the castle going up and down several sets of stairs. Mean Man was giggling a lot to himself while Mean Girl just followed behind in silence. She had heard him tell her several times that he was going to defeat Chrissie-Girl but each time his plans had failed usually through his own stupidity or Chrissie-Girl simply overcoming them.

After what seemed to be a very long walk they eventually went down into a large room that was located below the castle. There wasn't much inside except for a large object that was covered by a white sheet. There was also a red X on the ground several metres away from the object. When he arrived, he was on the verge of laughing like a school girl. Mean Girl just crossed her arms.

"So, I take it that whatever is underneath that sheet is your key to victory?" asked Mean Girl.

"Yes, and now would you do me a favour and stand on that X just over there," replied Mean Man. He pointed towards the X on the ground.


"Because it is only from there that you can see just how grand my plan is. Plus, it's in your contract."

"Fine." She walked over to the X like she had been instructed and when she reached it she turned to look at Mean Man. "Now what?"

"Behold!" He shouted this in a loud and dramatic voice. He also pulled the sheet off of the object to reveal a large ray gun that was pointing directly at the X and thus at Mean Girl. It was easily as tall as Mean Man and had a screen and keyboard attached to it. "My most brilliant invention yet."

"W-What does it do?"

"Actions speak louder than words my dear so I'll show you." He then began to type away at the keyboard and they both heard the machine power up. Mean Girl began to realise that she was about to become the guinea pig. She shouted him to wait but it was too late as he had struck the enter key.

Suddenly a yellow beam fired out from the ray gun and struck Mean Girl. She could do nothing to stop it and she felt her body becoming numb. She saw that everything around her growing larger and larger. It took her a moment to realise that it was her that was shrinking.

She could hear Mean Man laughing as she continued to shrink smaller and smaller. She was in some panic as she quickly looked around and shouted for him to stop the shrinking process. He did nothing of the sort for several seconds before he decided that she was small enough. By then she was only a few inches tall and seemingly defenceless. He walked over to her with a huge smile on his face and although he was fairly tall anyway to Mean Gil he looked like a towering giant.

"W-What did you do to me?" asked Mean Girl with panic in her voice. She knew that something was going to happen but she hadn't expected this.

"Isn't it simple?" replied Mean Man with the smile still on his face. "My device has the amazing ability to shrink matter, even people."

"So, you shrunk me!"

"Yes, I did." He lowered his hand and picked her up. She protested but could do nothing to stop him. "As you can see you are quite small and helpless at this stage."

"Ok you've had your fun boss now can you please make me big again, I don't want to spend the rest of my life like this."

"Don't worry my minion, I have no intensions of leaving you at your current state. Although this might be one of the most brilliant things I've ever seen you are of very little use to me like this." He put her back down on the X and stood back up to his full height. "Now remain here so that I can grow you back to your original size."

Mean Girl couldn't be happier to hear these words as she saw the giant that was Mean Man walk away. He walked back to the device and typed away again. Once again, they could hear the device powering up and as soon as he hit the enter key a blue energy beam fired out and struck her.

Mean Girl felt the same feeling that she had experienced moments before but this time rather than feeling herself shrinking she was relieved to see that she was growing. Mean Man too was glad to see that she was growing as it meant that his device was working just like he had designed. He thought that it was going to be the perfect tool for his plan to defeat Chrissie-Girl.

It didn't take long for Mean Girl to reach her normal size. She felt happy to be back to her old self again but she noticed that she was still being struck by the energy beam and thus she continued to grow. It was when she was reaching around seven feet that she told Mean Man that he should stop. He agreed but he discovered that for the time being he couldn't shut the device off. Every moment that it remained on she continued to grow taller and taller.

Suddenly Mean Girl felt something hit her head and when she looked she saw that it was the ceiling. She was having to bend down as she could no longer stand up straight in the room. The ceiling was very high but she was having to bend further and further down with each passing moment. She was shouting at Mean Man to stop her from growing any larger and he was doing everything that he could to stop it. However, he wasn't having much luck as she continued to grow.

Even sitting down Mean Girl found her head pushing up against the ceiling and she thought that she was even larger than Chrissie-Girl. She continued to grow larger and larger as she found herself lying down and curling up into a ball just so that she could still fit in the room. It was only then that Mean Man was able to stop the device. But by that time, she had gone from being a few inches tall to a towering giant in her own right.

"A minor technical glitch there," said Mean Man as he looked at the colossus that was his hired minion.

"Technical glitch?" replied Mean Girl. Her voice was very loud and very angry. "Look at me I'm huge!" She tried to move around but she found herself unable to in the cramped space.

"Don't worry my minion, I can put this right." He began to type away at the keyboard again and the device powered up once again. The familiar yellow energy beam fired from it and easily struck Mean Girl.

She gave a sigh of relief as she felt herself shrinking again. She hated the fact that she had been used as a test subject but she knew that if she said anything about it Mean Man would just state that it was in her contract. She continued to shrink smaller and smaller as her former gigantic stature faded away.

Eventually the device stopped and Mean Girl stopped shrinking. She felt more normal than she had done before the entire experience began. Mean Man walked up towards her so that he could help her back up to her feet. One thing he did notice was that her hand was bigger than it should have been and as he helped his minion up to her feet he could see that she was much taller than she was before. She noticed this as well as when she finally reached her full height she discovered that she now towered above him. Knowing how tall he was and where he came up to her she guessed that she was nine feet tall.

"I'm still huge!" said Mean Girl in a relatively loud voice. She was still looking at herself and especially at her hands.

"Hmm seems that I didn't shrink you enough," replied Mean Man looking at this as a minor inconvenience. "And unfortunately, we can't use the device again until it is recharged." He could see that she was still annoyed by what was happening.

"Wait do you mean that I'm stuck like this?"

"For now, yes but don't worry, I can shrink you back down when we're good and ready. At least at this size you can still walk around the castle. But now I know that my invention works and we can use it to defeat Chrissie-Girl once and for all."

"And how do you plan to do that?" There was some annoyance in her voice and she crossed her arms.

"I thought that it would be incredibly simple for you. For we buy some mice and then train them to be unstoppable killing machines. Then we use this device to increase their size and then we unleash them on the city. Chrissie-Girl will be so overwhelmed that I Mean Man will become the ruler of this city. It might take months, maybe even years to train them but my plan will succeed." He started to laugh manically as Mean Girl stood there shaking her now enlarged head.

"Or and hear me out here. Rather than training an army of giant mice why don't you use this little dohickie here to shrink Chrissie-Girl until she's the size of a doll. Then she won't be able to stop you from doing what you want."

"Mean Girl that is the most idiotic idea that I have ever heard in my entire life. In fact, it might just be idiotic enough to work!" He began to laugh again. "Soon Chrissie Girl will be nothing more than a doll and this city will be mine."

"After you've made me normal again right?"

"Right, we'll execute our plan tomorrow. I'm tired and the device needs time to recharge. Then the city will be mine."

After around a minute of laughing Mean Man left the room while Mean Girl just stood there. She still couldn't believe that she had agreed to this job and instantly regretted it. She too did go to leave the room as well but now she was too tall to get through the door normally. She had to really bend down in order to get through but she was glad that this change wasn't going to last for long. She already couldn't wait for when she was shrunk back to her old size. She had considered herself to be tall but in her mind right now it was ridiculous.

The next morning Chrissie woke up and she yawned loudly. She had a pleasant smile on her face as she had a nice dream the previous night. It was only when she looked down did she notice that Remy was in her arms. Numerous times during the night he had tried to free himself but each time had resulted in failure. Eventually he had decided that it was futile and he simply went to sleep instead.

"Remy what are you doing there?" asked Chrissie with a slight chuckle in her voice. She thought that what she was seeing was very funny.

"Having a kip," replied Remy who had come to with the movement of Chrissie waking up. "You wouldn't mind putting me down, now would you?"

"Sure thing." With that she let go of him and he began to fall, thankfully he didn't fall too far and he landed on her soft quilt and lap. "Oops sorry, sometimes I forget that you're only little."

"I'm sure it is actually the other way around." He picked himself up and tried to straighten his clothes. "Now if you'll excuse me I'll start on breakfast."

"Can I have marshmallow cereal? The one with the stars and the moon in them? Those are my favourite."

"Y-Yeah sure, just be downstairs in twenty minutes."

With that Remy was able to climb off the enormous bed and he left the room. Chrissie smiled at him and she turned towards Remy Jr. who was still asleep. He looked very cute and she wanted to let him sleep. However, it was getting quite late in the morning and so she poked him a couple of times. Slowly the small puppy began to wake up and when he saw her he quickly got up to his feet. He began barking up at her as she lowered her hand. She lifted him up to her level and he began to lick her very large cheek. This made her laugh as she truly loved the puppy.

Chrissie thought that she was going to have a very exciting day ahead of her. She could go through the streets as Chrissie and say hello to everyone that she came across and then later on become Chrissie-Girl once again.