Step 5:

Learning HOW to fight

"Good job Rai-chan! You're a natural! "

-Navy Scouts, Book 4: The Evil Circus

The whole "super jumping" thing wasn't that hard after a while, it was a little like learning the controls on a new game. I quickly fell into a comfortable pace, leaping from roof to roof like I'd been born to do it.

About two blocks from the beast, I caught sight of her. It was a girl, probably about my age, in a outfit nearly identical to mine (The only difference being that her outfit was white and pink instead of my black and blue). She was also jumping from the rooftops, her long blond hair bouncing along and somehow not tripping her up.

She looked familiar…

In my pondering, Godzilla had taken notice of me. He lifted his green grubby fist and slammed it down on where I was standing. I leaped to the side just before it hit me, but he wasn't done. He began an assault of fist smashing, acting just like Eric did when he saw a spider. And I was the spider.

"HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO FIGHT THIS THING!?" I screamed as I rolled away from another flailing fist.

My answer came in bright flash of light that struck the beast.

Lizard Butt let out a tremendous roar and turned to face the cause of the attack.

A mass of frilly white fabric.

The mystery girl.

Who looked an awful lot like…

"Is that Mary?"

I'm not really sure who I was asking, I had left Death far behind and the streets around me were long emptied. Regardless, there was Mary Susan Walker in her full blonde glory, somehow making the monstrosity of sequins look red carpet worthy (I think it had something to do with her bust. Heaven knows I can't compete with her there).

Caught in my revelation, I hadn't even realized that Lord Scaley Pants was now attempting to smash Mary. She was faring much better than I had, shooting beams of light at the monster as she dodged and rolled. Shaking myself, I sprung into action…. or tried to. Throwing rocks was pretty ineffective, he didn't even seem to notice them. I tried jumping on his head like in a video game, also ineffective. Meanwhile, Mary had managed to blow up a block with her magic light rays.

It was obvious I was missing something.

Unfortunately, I didn't have time to figure out what exactly that was before Captain Bad Breath managed to corner Mary. She let out a scream as he smashed his hand into the hard concrete, barely missing her. Time seemed to slow as I ran, 's hand rising to finish off my classmate. I leaped at him, praying something actually useful would happen this time. Something like an obliterating ray, maybe or some kind of explosion or-

The idea hit me mid air, the ridiculousness of it making me simile despite myself.

-or like in that movie I had watched last night with Eric. That one scene where the idiot girl had put down the fire poker and grabbed a frying pan, smacking a zombie senseless.

My fingers tingled and the air grew cold. On impulse I raised my arms above my head as I fell, ready to hit that green beast with all of my pathetic might.

Turns out that was more than I thought.

A loud metallic bang rang out as I made contact with his head, and I was launched even farther along. Lizard dudeface let out a loud roar as he crumpled to the ground, I just continued free falling. After an uncomfortable meeting with a brick wall, I was finally able to catch my breath and look upon the slain beast. He actually wasn't that impressive once he wasn't moving, the fear of death had distracted me from his cheesy fabric like skin.

Mary gracefully landed on the heap of dino, somehow looking fantastic even after all that crap. She picked her way along the beast before stopping at his head. Bending down, she did…. something, and the whole thing began to glow. I watched in awe as a small glowing light rose out of Spiky Butt, which Mary grabbed and placed into a small bag on her hip. Suddenly the whole dinoman exploded into a burst of bright light, leaving a small child in dinosaur pajamas sleeping peacefully on the street.

I watched in awe as she lifted a stick(?) into the air and called out,

"Staff of Light, make everything right!"

More light (If I go blind at an early age I'm blaming Mary), and I found myself standing on a roof, the whole city just as it had been yesterday. Mary was standing nearby, right on the edge. Taking a deep breath, she began to speak.

"Citizens of Billings Montana!"

Her voice was loud, if there was anyone still in the town, they would've been able to hear her.

"We might have taken down this guy, but there is still trouble to deal with."

I looked over the edge of the roof to find that not only had the city restored, but the people as well. Huh.

"The Stone of Fate has shattered and fallen to Earth. This powerful relic is meant to help humans, but when broken it causes nothing but trouble. Any living thing that touches one of these shards will become dark and twisted."

Murmurs of displeasure spread among the people.

"But don't worry! I am Lady Luck and my partner-" She turned to me, face expectant, asking for a name.

I thought of just telling her to use Hannah, but something far better came to mind.

"Use " I whispered

"My partner and I-" Snickers broke out and I could see the realization dawn on Mary's face.

"Oh that's clever- Anyway, we are here to kick some evil butt. So don't worry guys! We're here to help!" Loud cheers broke out as Mary turned to me, walking away from the edge. Her face split into a large grin and she engulfed me in a hug.

"Thank you sooooo much for saving me! I was a goner until you showed up! " Her hold was a tad to tight and her flowery perfume was choking me. Thankfully, she pulled away to smile at me.

"I would have never thought it's weakness was frying pans!"

Mary continued to ramble on as I just stood there, staring at her.

I don't know how long we stood there, her talking and me worrying about her mental state, but eventually Death showed up to slap some sense in me.


"Ow what the heck man?" I whined, not that four arms cared. He turned to Mary and bowed deeply.

"Please excuse me and my chosen. We have to talk, in private."

Mary nodded and leaped off, leaving me and Death to "talk".

And thus the lecture began.

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