To those of you whom do not like to start reading a story until it is finished, relax, the novel is finished and consists of two books.

The actual chapters of this novel begin being published on Thursday, November 2nd 2017. I will be posting new chapters every Thursday until book one is fully published. This novel was started on 5/10/2016 and completed 4/21/2017.

Fox R. Wild

The story you are about to read takes place in the American states, in present time, only in an alternate reality/timeline. There will be differences from what is real in our time; the names of states or cities may vary as well as the currency. Certain events in our history, never happened in this world, other events played out differently; for instance, the war for independence, civil war, never happened, the concept of slavery is different, social norms and structure also have variances.

The monetary system is based on the old British Crown scale, shillings, pence and farthings are used in a decimal structure. For a basic understanding of how the currency works, one crown is the equivalent of $100 of today's American currency, though the value in spending power is ten times as great as the inflation over time is less so the one crown would hold an exchange value from our dollars of $1,000 in spending power. One Shilling is like our current dollar, though it spends as $10 would in our present world. One Pence would be a cent with exchange value of a dime and a farthing ($0.001) is the value of a penny ($0.01). Thus, a quarter shilling in the Defective world, is $2.50.


The human mind, even with all that we have learned about the human brain, it is still a mystery. We know the basics of how things within the brain function, and claim to know more on the psychological abnormalities than we truly do. It is in these abnormalities misunderstanding runs rampant. Sociopath, and psychopath, we know what the terms mean, yet know very little about the maladies themselves.

Sociopath or psychopath, of which is the worse for humanity as a whole? Can either be trained, or taught, to be of benefit to the society and culture in which they reside? Many with these maladies manage to blend with the world around them; act normal, participate in daily life, work, play, live, and possibly love, living a full life without anyone the wiser of their true nature and the condition they are afflicted with. I will not say 'suffer with' as, the afflicted, may not see themselves as suffering and rationalize that they are simply different and strive to remain a part of society all while keeping their true selves hidden from sight.

But what of those that cannot control the darkness within? Those that for them, the normal boundaries within each of us, do not exist; the distinction of right and wrong, the genetic limits that keep us from killing one another off, leaving the world unpopulated by human existence? The sociopath with twisted emotions with concern for only the self; the psychopath void of any empathy, compassion and comprehension of what emotions are and how they affect, contain, the 'normal' human and allow us to co-exist together. Can these persons be salvaged?

The likes of John Wayne Gacy, Charles Manson, David Berkowitz, killer couples like Ian Brady and Myra Hindley, Fred and Rose West, all infamous in the realm of the mentally defective amoral killers. All of these were caught and taken out of society, some taking over 30 years to capture. But what of those that aren't known, suspected, or even remotely realized they exist? Someone that is a master of their craft of not only killing, but acting 'normal'.

Looking at the mental issues as something the person is afflicted with, like a disease or tumor, is it then possible for a person to suffer from more than one condition? You can have a cold, and catch the flu; can a person be both a sociopath and a psychopath?

"No, no, no, no! Not again!" He was vexed. Can't say that I blame him after the last time. "How many times? It always ends the same way. Besides the ones we know about, how many others have you tried this with? How many people have to die before you give up on this? Sometimes you just have to accept… you can't fix everything; sometimes, no matter how hard or what you try… you need to admit to yourself, some things are beyond repair."

I shook my head, I wouldn't quit, admit defeat, I needed him and his girl with me on this; this time was different, he had to understand. "This one is different, younger. We've never tried on someone this young; and we've had help from professionals this time. The others were too old, too far gone already, this one we have a chance with. This will be the last one, I give you my word; if we fail this time, I'll admit you're right and give up. Please, I can't do this without your help. The others were well into their 20's and older. We'll succeed this time, I can feel it in my heart of hearts."

My friend of many years looked away from me off to nothing. The skin on his forehead moved up, his lips parted ever so slightly. He'd help me again, but this would be the last time, I could read this in him. The last time he and his girl helped me, almost ended in tragedy. With a hard sigh, he returned his eyes to me.

"Last time." He glanced back at the door into the main house. "She isn't going to like this, but I'll talk her into helping; last time though. If this goes south…"

I nodded. "Yeah, I know."

He started shaking his head. "No, you don't know. Countermeasures."


"Exactly. I want a contingency in place. When shit hits the fan, I want a countermeasure in place, so we can put an end to it… from anyplace in the world. Push a button… it's finished."

I looked at him hard, countermeasures, a contingency in case things went south. I agreed with his concept, but how was this possible, push a button…

"I have a friend, a doctor, he's willing to help, a private hospital." He went to a desk, retrieved something, then returned to me. "I've been expecting you to try again, that's why I made these."