A small two mast ship drifts into a dock. A man steps off the ship as the crew anchor the ship to the dock. The man ran his hand through his short black hair as his grey eyes scanned the dock. He's slim and fit with light tan skin. He's dressed in a simple grey shirt under a long black duster jacket with dark jeans and walking boots. A baton and dart gun hangs from his belt.

"Captain" A voice calls from the ship. The man turns to the ship looking passed the name The Wanderer painted on the side and up to the man on the deck. "Where are you off to?" He asked. The man had short brown grey hair with bright blue eyes. He has a lean muscled build with dark tan. He's wearing a light blue shirt under a leather vest with jeans and boots. "To see our patron Wolf" He said. "I'll be back to look over the supply list later." Wolf nodded and went back to his work. The captain left the docks.

The captain of the Wanderer goes up to a large mansion in the noble part of the port. He rings the doorbell and waits. A few moments later the door opens. "Oh, hello Sir Shadow" The gentleman said opening the door. The gentleman was in a dark suit and has short dark hair with green eyes. He is thin with lean muscle body and has a light tan.

"Ah, Sir Charles" Shadow greets the man. "Is my patron in?" he asked.

"She's in her study." Charles nods.

"Can you tell her I'm here for the meeting she asked for?"

He nods. "Please come in." He leads Shadow to a lounge. "I'll go tell the miss you're here." He said leaving.

A few minutes later an older woman walks into the room. She has long red hair with green eyes and light skin. She was slightly chubby, but slender. She wore a long simple noble dress with flats and a locket necklace. "Hello Sir Will" She smiled at Shadow.

"Hello, Miss O'Colin" He said getting up to greet her.

"Please call me Mari, you know that."

"You did ask for a business meeting. I was just being formal."

"There's no need for that dear." She smiled taking a seat on a couch.

"What's the job do you have for us?" He asked sitting across from her.

"Recently one of our smaller merchant ships crashed. Luckily, no one was hurt, but they had to leave most of their cargo behind."

"You want my ship to go find it and bring it back."

"Yes, I would." She nods.

"What's the cargo?"

"Seed crystals and a personal shipment of tobacco" She said

"The kind that hard to get through the proper channels" Will smirked. Mari nodded. "We would be happy to help miss."

"Charles will give you the data you need." She said getting up. "I have other business to see to."

Will nods getting up with her. "I'll see you when we get back."

Mari left the room as Charles walked over to will handing him a data disk. "This is the navigation point and info on the ship." He said.

"Thanks." Will said taking the disk.

As Shadow walked out of the mansion, a cloaked figure appeared next to him. "We got a new job." They said pulling down their hood to show a young man. He has shaggy white hair that hangs over his grey eyes with pale skin. The boy's long white cloak hides the rest of his body.

"Indeed we do, Ghost." Will said.

"Cool, I'll tell the rest of the crew." Ghost said pulling up his hood and disappearing.

Will made his way back to the docks. He made a stop along the way.

Shadow walked into a shop with reading Terra Seeds. A woman stands behind the counter. She has short black hair with dark brown eyes. She has a lean and slender body with dark skin. She wore a gardening apron over simple clothes. "Hello Miss Terra. Has my order come in?" He asked

"Yeah, the seeds came in last week." She said taking a bag from under the counter.

"That's great. How much do I owe you?"

"The same as always" She said. Will nodded as he took out his wallet. "You know you can always pay me in seed." She smirked putting the bag on the counter.

"I would, but I just got a new job and want would my Rose think when she finds out I'm putting seeds in another woman's garden." He said handing her the money.

Terra sighed as she rings him up. "Maybe another time" She said.

"Maybe" He said taking the bag as he leaves.

Once Will gets back to the dock, he boards his ship the Wanderer. Wolf comes up to him. "Nill says we have a new job." He says handing him a data pad.

"We do mate." He says looking over the pad. "Still not selling well?" he asked.

"No, still not finding the right contacts" Wolf said.

"Our patron has a smuggling job for us. Send Star to the garden for me." He said handing back the data pad. Wolf nods and leaves. Shadow heads down to the hold. He walks pass the engine room and the storage room to the last door. He opens the door into a greenhouse like room. The room looks larger than it should. He walks over to one of the table marked brew. He taps a few keys on a pad on the table. A machine cleans the last planter on the table. He takes out the bag he got from the shop earlier and starts planting the seeds.

While he's working, a woman walks in. "Cuan said you wanted to see me." She says as Will turns to her. She had long windswept white hair with light blue eyes, light skin slender lithe body. She's wearing a light dress top with dark tights and walking boots. "Yes, Star you know we have a new job." He said taking a data disk from his jacket pocket. "This has nav data and the ship info for it." He says handing her the disk.

Star nods taking the disk. "I'll get on it right away." She said leaving.

"Thanks" He says as she leaves. He wipes his hands clean. He adds the new tray into the system. Will walks into the engine room as a woman is working on the engine. She has long red hair tied back in a braid with bright green eyes. She has light skin with a slender and trim body and wearing a tan tunic shirt under a blacksmith apron and dark jeans with boots.

"Brigit, are we ready to sail?" He asked. She turned to him still holding the tool she was using.

"Not yet, I need a few more minutes to finish up my work." She said.

Will nods "Call up to the deck when you're finished."

"Aye, captain" She said going back to work.

Will went back up to the deck and over to the woman in the pilot's chair. The woman has long light brown hair tied back into a braid with dark brown eyes, light skin with a lean and slender body. She's wearing a light off the shoulder shirt with a dark bodice and dark tights with small boots.

"Are you ready for our new mission Gwen?" He asked as she turned to him.

"Aye, captain I'm still waiting on Stella and Brigit to finish up, so we can take off." She said.

Will nodded as Wolf walked up to him, "The doc and cook want to see you before we take off." He said.

"Alright" the captain nods. He wanted down to the med bay.

A man stood in the med bay looking over a tablet. He has short dark hair that's neatly combed with light eyes, dark skin with a lean and slender build. He's wearing a dress shirt under a grey suit vest with dark dress pants and dress shoes. He carried a small case on his belt.

"Wolf said you wanted to see me Bram." Will said walking into the med bay.

Bram turns to him "Ah, yes I wanted your okay before paying for some new equipment."

"What are they?"

Bram hands him the tablet he was looking over. "New diagnosis tools for examining for the other races like Wolf or Star." Bram said as the captain looks over the tablet.

"You know all the medical jargon goes over my head, but is the price looks good. Where are you getting them from?"

"I supplier I know from the Navy." He says. Will looks up at him. "Yes, I know how you feel about them, but this equipment is normally double the price or more from an official source."

"Does your supplier know who they are selling to?"

"As you know we are listed as a privateer by your patron."

"Alright have it ported not delivered." He says handing him the tablet.

"I'll tell Wolf about." Bram said taking the tablet.

Will nods as he turns to leave the med bay. He walks into the galley. There's a man wiping down the bar. He has short grey hair with dark eyes, light skin and strong arms, large gut. He's wearing light tee shirt and dark jeans under a cook's apron and boots. He holds an unlit cigar in his teeth.

"You wanted to see me Grant." Will said stepping up to the bar.

Grant looks up at him. "Yeah, I did." He said taking a data pad from under the bar and hands him it. "I updated the menu and wanted your okay on it."

Will takes the pad and looks it over. He noticed a few new dishes. "Found a new supplier?" He asked.

"Yeah, the cats told me about one they use to get specialty ingredients."

"These look good. I can't wait to try them." He said handing back the pad.

"Alright, I'll get started on them." He said taking the pad and putting it back under the bar. "Want to try my new blend." He said sliding a box over to him and opens it to show a few cigars.

"Sure." He said taking one of the cigars. "Thanks." He said as he started back to the deck

A woman with a rifle on her back walked up to him. She had long blond hair tied back in a pony tail with blue eyes, tan skin and a curvy body. She's wearing a dark corset under a long sleeveless jacket with dark tights with boots. A pair of goggles hangs around her neck. "We have a new job captain." She asked as she followed him up to the deck.

"Indeed we do Siren. Our patron gave us a smuggling job."

"That sounds fun." She smiled as they walked out on to the deck.

"Of course it does."

"What should I be watching for?" She asked.

"A small merchant ship, talk to Star before taking your post." He said.

Siren nods and leaves to talk to the navigator. He takes his seat in the captain's chair. A moment later Ghost appears next to him as he opens his cloak.

"A report from Brigit" He said handing him a data pad.

Will turns to him and takes the data pad. It's easy to see why he's called ghost. He has pale skin, skinny and thin body and wears a loose fitting white long sleeve with light pants with padded shoes. A leather bound tablet notebook hangs from his belt and a cloth covered chain wrapped around his waist.

He looks the pad over. "Ah, she fixed the lag between the sails and the drives." He said.

"She also says the ship ready to cast off when you want to leave."

"Thanks, Ghost." He said handing him the pad. He presses a button on a keypad on the arm of his chair. "Everyone take your post for cast off." He said over the coms.

Everyone took their spots. Wolf took a seat next to Will. Gwen, Star and Ghost took their seats in front of the captain's chair. Siren seems to fly up to the crow's nest. Bram and Grant called in over the coms telling the captain everything was locked down and ready for cast off.

"Cast off." The captain said.

The ship lurched forward as the mooring ropes and the solar sails unfurled. The ship slowly turned to the vast outer space looking out on the auroras of the solar seas. They sailed with the solar winds for a few minutes before they jumped into warp space.