Mari O'Colin sat at her office desk. She's dressed in a simple long sleeve dress and flats. She's looking over papers and logs from her shipping company. Her son Quinn walked in holding a book. He's dressed in a dress shirt suit pants under a lab coat with loafers.

"I finished my research on the book we go from the crew." He said standing in front of the desk.

"What did you find dear?" Mari asked.

"The book is written in Solar Runes. I was able to decode a few pages. It told how to get to a cache or vault that holds some kind of treasure. There's a map to it but, I couldn't tell where it is. The key is in a code I haven't seen before." He said. Quinn opens the book to the map and hands it to her.

Mari looks over the map and the key. The code for the key looked odd, but she seen something like it before.

"I might know someone who could decode this. I'll make a call." She said. Quinn nods.

"I'll go back to work." He said walking out.

Mari sent a message to the Wanderer ship. She has new info on the book and needs help with it.

Later, Charles walks out to their dock as the Wanderer ship pulls into the dock. Shadow walks off the ship as his crew dock it.

"My lady will see you in the lounge." Charles said then he turns and walks back inside. Shadow nods and follows him in.

They enter the lounge as Charles announces it. Lady Mari is having tea with Fiona. Shadow takes a seat across from Mari.

"You needed help with the book." Shadow said.

"Yes, there's a code on a map we need help with." Mari said handing him the book. "I marked the map."

He nods opening the book to the map and looking it over. He notices the key for the map is in an old pirate code. "I have seen this code before it's an old pirate code to mark caches and other treasures."

"You can tell where it is?" She asked.

"It's an old island base with a vault I think. I can send the cipher when I get back to my ship."

"That would be great." She smiled. "I have another reason for asking you here. I wanted to talk to you about our deal."

"Okay." Shadow nods.

"You paid your debt off. I want to make a new deal. I'll let you use our dock house as a base if you get items from the book for us."

"And those crystals" Shadow said.

"If you don't mind" She said.

"It would be nice to have somewhere for repairs, but I'll have to ask my crew about the deal." He said. Mari nods. "There is one thing I would like to add to the deal."

"What would that be?" She asked.

"Could my crew and another crew ask for items from the book?"

"Who are the other crew?"

"The Temptress crew, the salvage crew I told you about."

"I would have to talk to the captain before I agree to that."

"I can bring her here if you like." Shadow nods.

"Alright, I have some time for a meeting later tonight. I can meet her then."

"I'll see you then miss." Shadow said and got up.

"Thank you for the help Sir." Mari said.

Shadow left the lounge and went back to his ship.

Shadow walked out to the dock as he called ghost. Nill pulled down his hood as he appeared next to him. "Call everyone to the lounge." Shadow said. The boy nodded and fades away again. The captain went to the ship's lounge. The lounge is a common area outside the med bay and galley. There is also workshop set up from across from the med bay and galley that the crew uses for projects. Shadow sat in a black recliner near a coffee table. The crew joins him around the table sitting on the couches and other chairs.

"You wanted to see us captain." Wolf said.

"Yes, I have some news I wanted to talk to you about. We have paid off our debt to our patron." The captain said to a small cheer from the crew. "They found a map in the book we found from them. The map used an old pirate code for the key. It showed an old island base with a vault or item from the book. Our patron wanted to make a new deal with use to find the vault or items from the book for use of their dock house. I asked if my crew and the temptress crew could use the book as well. She wants to meet the Rose before she agrees to let them use the book. Also I said I would give the cipher for the code."

"What does the code look like?" Star asked.

Shadow took a blank map from his jacket and puts it on the table. He puts his hand on the map as a copy of the map forms from shadows on the map.

"I know that code, I'll send the cipher for it over."

"I'll get a copy of the map later." Shadow said putting the map paper away.

"I would like to see what's on the base and in the vault before we take the deal." Wolf said.

"I would like to know more about the book." Brigit said.

"I'll ask when I talk to her with Rose." Shadow said.

"So are we going to the Grove?" Gwen asked.

"Our patron did ask for a meeting with Rose."

"I'll get the ship ready." Gwen said.

Shadow nodded. The crew left to take their post.

Later, the Wanderer ship docked at the Grove. Carol walked on to the dock next to Shadow.

"I need to talk to Rose." He said.

"Missing her already?" Carol smirked.

"I have a deal from my patron."

"Oh, she is giving a reading in the tavern."

"Thanks." He said walking off.

Shadow walked into the tavern and waved to Duff as he walked in. He went to a small room under the stairs. A man grumbled as he walked out of the curtains. Shadow stepped into the room to see Rose picking up a set of tarot cards. There was only a small table and a pair of chairs in the room. Shadow took a seat in the empty chair across from her.

"What kind of reading do you want?" Rose asked as he sat down.

"Love, no I know that one, so fortune." He said.

Rose smirked looking up at him "Fortune for you?" she asked.

"I was thinking for you."

"Oh, do you have something for me?"

"Don't I always." He winked.

"That's love not fortune dear."

"A meeting with Ms. O'Colin then" He said.

"Your patron wants to meet me?"

"She offered a deal I wanted you to be in on." He said. She smiled and blushed slightly.

"When is the meeting?"

"Tonight, I can take you."

"Alright, let me tell Carol I'm leaving."

"See you on the ship" Shadow said getting up and walking out of the room.

Rose stood up and put her cards away. She called Carol over the coms.

"Carol, Shadow is taking me for a meeting with his patron."

"Okay, I'll look after the Grove until you get back."

"Thanks Carol." Rose said walking out of the tavern.

Rose joined Shadow on the dock to his ship. She followed him on to the ship.

"Do I get to know about the deal before the meeting?" Rose asked.

"Well do you remember the display and map, I told you we found on the base with the crashed ship."

"Yes, we got a new shuttle from the base."

"The map leads to a cache hidden as a rock. Inside was a book."

"The book had another map?"

"Yes, it did. The book is interesting too. It's old and might be magic and was written in odd symbols."

"The deal is you get this item for what?"

"She offered the uses of their dock house."

"What makes this book so important?"

"It's titled Lexicon of wondrous and solar items."

"That's interesting."

"We wanted to see what the book will lead us to."

"You wanted my crew in on it."

"Of course dear, just like how I got the last job for you."

"I haven't thanked you for that yet."

"Maybe on the way back" He smirked.

"I'll have to wait to thank you then."

"Only a little bit longer." He said as they walked on to the top deck. Rose took a seat next to Shadow.

The Wanderer ship casts off from the Grove's dock and sails off for the dock of Shadow's patron.

Later, the Wanderer ship docks at the O'Colin's dock house. Shadow steps off the ship with Rose. Charles walks up to them.

"Charles, this is Ms. Bellrose of the Temptress." Shadow said. Rose smiled at him.

"My lady will see you in the lounge." Charles said.

They follow the butler into the lounge. Mari was waiting for them.

"Ms. Bellrose and Sir Shadow have arrived." Charles said as they walked in. Rose and Shadow sit across from Mari.

"It's nice to meet you Ms. Bellrose." Mari said.

"It's great to meet you Ms. O'Colin. I wanted to work for your company since before I got the Grove."

"The Grove?" Mari asked.

"My island home, it's where my salvage company is from."

"How does the salvage work?"

"We take ships apart and strip them down to parts then clean or repair what we can then sell the parts. We sell the parts we can't save as scrap."

"How did the salvage of my ship go?"

"It was one of the easiest jobs we got. We don't get work on many newer ships. Other than the holes it had, the job was simple. We only hand to take it apart and sell it."

"I'm glad it was a simple job."

"We are too we mostly work on Junkers and other ships that were used past breaking."

"I'll remember your crew the next time we do inspections. Do you have a card?" Mari asked.

"I don't have one on me." Rose said.

Shadow pulled a card from his jacket and hands it to Mari. Shadow winked at Rose making her blush slightly. Mari took the card looking it over.

"The Grove has merchants as well. What do you sell?"

"Various things, mostly what my crew makes as hobbies."

"I'll have to see what you have later." Mari said putting the card down on the table. "Has Shadow told you about the deal we have."

"He has, but I would like to know more."

"My crew would like to know more info on the book and a copy of the map." Shadow said.

"What we found was the book is written in Solar Runes and used pirate code on the map. I'll send a copy of the map to you Shadow." Mari said and waves Charles over. She tells him to get a copy of the map.

"Aren't Solar Runes one of the first magic?" Rose asked.

"I think that was how the magic worlds first connected." Shadow said.

"I'll have someone look into it. Do we have a deal?" Mari asked.

"Some of my crew would like to see what's in the vault before we agree. We will get the item, but since the book is in Solar Runes will push my crew to taking the deal." Shadow said.

"I would like to see what's in the vault as well, but I'll agree to the deal. I do hope we will work with you in other ways." Rose said.

"I can't wait until Shadow goes to the vault. I'll have someone contact you for other work Ms. Bellrose. That's all for now." Mari said as Charles came back. Charles hands Shadow a copy of the map as he gets up. Shadow thanks him as they leave.

As Shadow and Rose walk out to the dock, Shadow holds out the map.

"Get this to Star." He said as Ghost's hand appeared taking the map before disappearing again.

"Does he follow you everywhere?" Rose asked.

"Not everywhere" He smirked.

"Thanks for the card."

"Just add it to your thanks later." He winked. Rose blushed as they want back to the ship.