Catnessa Friendship, Cleaning Up

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"You didn't need to."

"I had to."

Cat chuckled, wiping a smear of blood off Vanessa's cheek.

They were in her bathroom, Black Cat cleaning up the bruised and bleeding girl.

The basics of how she got in the state was simple: there had been a Possessed attack caused by Chelsea again. As soon as Butterfly left, Chelsea had immediately started to taunt her partner. Vanessa, after detransforming, had noticed. The two older guys Chelsea had been flirting with didn't like her yelling at the blonde. In the end, Cat had picked her off the floor.

"No, you really didn't." he said, picking up the bandages. "I've dealt with worse than some brat."

"You shouldn't have to." she sighed. He hummed, wrapping the cloth around her sore knuckles. "I and Butterfly are partners, equals. You aren't her sidekick. Heck, you're more powerful than her."

"That's only because Butterfly had a chunk taken out of her Brooch." Finishing with the bandages, he stood up. "Wait here."

When he got back, he held a chunk of ice, wrapped in a towel. Vanessa took it, resting it on her black eye. "I'm sure when we get the missing piece back, we'll be equal."

She sighed, smiling. "Thanks."

"No, thank you Princess. I am just a knight, lucky to have such a good ruler."

"Nope, you're just lucky to have a good fan. Now, movie night?"

"Movie night."