"We are not watching that Christopher!"

"It's a Christmas movie though!"

Chelsea watched Faith and Christopher argue. The center of this argument was whether The Nightmare Before Christmas was a Christmas movie or not. Toby and Vanessa had excused themselves a few minutes ago to get the popcorn ready.


The blonde woman blinked at Faith's yell. The Native American glared at her boyfriend. "Tell Chris that The Nightmare Before Christmas is not a Christmas movie!"

"I think its both actually. So, why don't we just watch it?"

The couple blinked at her, then at each other before shrugging. "Sure."

"And where is Toby and Vanessa?"


The sudden shriek sounded in the air from the kitchen. It was followed by muffled moans. The three glanced at each other, faces red. Finally, Chelsea rolled her eyes and returned to her phone.