Hogwarts AU. Toby is a pureblood Ravenclaw while Vanessa is a Muggle Gryffindor. Butterfly and Black Cat are protectors of Hogwarts.

"What exactly are you doing?"

Vanessa looked away from the film camera to glare at Cadwell. "Taking pictures of the Whomping Willow."

"I can see that, but why?"


The blonde sighed. This girl was ridiculous...

And she was getting closer to the Willow. Why on Earth was she getting closer?

"Bell!" he hissed. "Bell, you idiot, stop!"

She stopped to glare at him but froze, eyes focused over his shoulder. "Oh!" she breathed in delight. Toby turned to see what Vanessa was staring at.

A few feet away, a couple of reindeer were walking. The blonde stared in surprise, stopping to watch Vanessa walk away from the Willow to stand next to him. She lifted the film camera up and clicked.

The photo rolled out, she starting to shake it.

When the black rolled away, a picture of the reindeer was left. Vanessa giggled in happiness, Toby blinking at her.


"Oh, come off it Malfoy!"

"Come and get it then Van!"

Vanessa jumped, trying to grab her sketchbook from Malfoy. He held it over his head, using his taller height to keep it away. His croonies and Chelsea watched, the latter cackling in happiness. Faith and Christopher watched with Ron, Hermoine, and Harry. The boys held back the girls from attacking the blonde.

They stopped when a hand plucked the sketchbook away from the boy.

Toby stared down at Malfoy as he handed Vanessa her sketchbook. She took it, blinking at him in surprise. "I believe her name is Vanessa."

"My father will hear about this!"

He rolled his eyes and grabbed Vanessa by the collar of her robe. "C'mon."

She didn't have the strength to resist.