So, I do 2 traditional martial arts, Shotokan karate and Japanese Jujitsu.

I enjoy watching vids on youtube of both traditional and modern stuff as I find both really impressive, and I love weapons. However, in the modern side of things, there is a section called 'Traditional forms'. Now, as a traditioanl karate student I expected to see some of the forms, or kata as we call it in there. But no, instead it is something else. Instead of the kata's that I learn, that have been passed down from the grand masters themselves, it a 'creative form' done in a 'traditional way'. Now, in the modern way they have this thing called 'Creative forms' and it is where you create your own form. Normally it has many tricks in it like flips and jumping kicks. And they are normally quite fast. Now, think that only no tricks, so it is down to the basics, and other karate moves, and think of the stances. Stances are what your legs are doing. They are normally at the perfect depth of looking good and being piratical, but 'traditional forms' stances are way way way to low. they are really low down. Yea, it shows great flexability, but it is not practical. and pointless. we have this thing called 'Kai'. It is the shouty thing we do. in all od the kata's that I know and have seen, there is only 2, normally 1 near the start and one near the end. in their forms, it is constant! they never stop. and it is more that just a kai, it is almost like they are growling! and the face expressions! there are insane and not needed, it make them look weird!

now, one thing that I do like about the modern is that they waer normally a black gi, a gi is the suit that you wear, a black or coloured that is not white. But in the traditional forms they wear a white gi, because it is the traditional colour. No NOONONONONONONO! you are not doing anything traditional, so don't wear the traditional colour! they even say that their 'Traditional forms' are not traditional and are only made to look traditional. well, let me tell you, they do not look traditional!

Now, i do have alot of respect for modern martial arts people, companies like Hyper and AWMA. but Im my heart, I will always prfer the traditional way