I have been studying humans for the past three years. This is what i have found.

In most species, emotions are only in the head, if not nonexistent. But in humans, emotions affect health and life. When a human is sad, their limbs get cold. When feeling love or happiness their whole body gets warmer. When experiencing fear, a human's chest and hands get hot, while other species just get over it, and have it not affect them. Humans can shake with anger, but fear and sadness too. They emit liquid from their eyes, when very sad and very happy. Humans say "ow" even when they haven't been hurt yet. Pain can be brought by wounds of the mind and body, and even the soul.

The weirdest part of a human's emotion is the fact that, every day they suffer through trauma, hatred, sadness, love, loneliness, anxiety, and happiness, only to wake up and do it again. A good majority of people will live a whole life without accomplishing anything, and still, their last words will be, "What a wonderful life I have lived." Humans do not care what imprint they leave as long a they had fun while they were at it.

And then, as bizarre as it sounds, there are the humans who don't. There are the humans who just can't take the mood swings anymore, and decide to end their own life. It scares me that so many people stop their own heart, and yet a good majority of the population of earth just keeps on living, without a second thought. If a species is not affected by the deaths of those around them, it makes it 5 times as hard to defeat them.

Next comes physical ability. We have discovered countless planets that we called inhabitable, but that humans would live at Happily. They can withstand temperatures below freezing, sometimes without a second layer, as well as halfway to boiling. If a volcano erupts, destroying a city, humans just build a bigger one next to it. There are major cities built on islands that will be underwater in 10 years.

A human can train themselves to be stronger, bigger, and better than their peers. In fact, many parts of a human's society were created off of someone's failures. Schools and businesses are built off of the concept that the the strongest man wins, and that is all that matters. Leaders and CEOs of businesses force the weakest links onto the streets by taking their job away from them. The human will then live with no money until they get another job or die.

When a human is born, they have no teeth. By the age of 2 all of their teeth have grown in. At 5 they start loosing their teeth yet again, growing in sharper and stronger ones by the age of 13. They have sent men to the moon, yet do not even know how to create a fabric that is hard to rip. They can't hold their breath for more than a couple of minutes, but they still flock to bodies of water simply to play in them.

Humans have created myths about their species. They say that every December 25th a man travels around the world delivering presents to children. That a fairy gives money to children in exchange for their teeth, and that a bunny travels around the world giving eggs to children. They even make up myths about things they can't pretend are real. They tell their children if they stay up later than ten o'clock a man takes you away from your family to the moon, as well as telling them that monsters live under their bed.

All continents on earth are inhabited. Humans sent people to Antarctica, and when they died they sent more until one group survived. Humans build sea houses and have them float across whole oceans. And when one sinks, they build a bigger one. We can't destroy one of their ranks and break them, because they will just have a new one built the next day.

Lastly is a human's personality. They are absurdly friendly. They would see a Camel and think, "wow! I am going to ride that thing!" They have tamed the wolf and panther alike, now forcing the creature to live in the same house as a human, and be petted and played with. Many humans have even swam with blue whales and flown with the birds. And yet, some humans still think, "I need to get a life."

If humans had a sense of caution, they would be so much easier to overcome. But they don't. They have jumped off of birds a thousand feet in the air with only a piece of cloth to save themselves. And they still lived.

Most humans live to be 75-95 years old. When they die, their family either burns them and collects the ashes, scattering them in remote places on earth, or buries them under the ground, bringing them flowers every once in awhile. Many humans are respected more after death than when they are living, and they think it is normal to show more love to a person's memory than the person themselves.

Humans are the weirdest creature in the multiverse because they keep on living, even after they have died. They push themselves until they get what they want, whether that is an atomic bomb or a box of chocolates.