She has a clam for a soul.

As soon as you reach inside her,

try and find who she is,

She closes herself up

She has diamonds running through her veins,

gold for a heart,

iron for a brain,

But all she ever knows is tears

She went to Niagra Falls and turned the water

To salt

She may be broken but

That doesn't mean she can't be fixed

She spreads laughter,

She spreads love,

But she can't give herself any.

The birds in her head stopped chirping years ago,

Right when the sky turned gray

And the smoke drifted in.

She's tells herself she's happy.

If she's happy then why does she

Have to be forced

To get out of bed

Because she is not happy.

cobwebs are caught in her throat,

Flies and mosquitoes

Lurk in her mind,

Lurk in her soul.

But this could change.

If she's told that she truly is

Made of precious ores,

Truly is loved,

She can finally be