Within the fertile land

The land of the Sultan

In sandy protected coastlines

Outlining towards the sea

Within sight of Constantinople

We'll fight for honor!

With a fez and a rifle in hand

We'll defend our motherland!

For the unholy invaders

Prepare to be crushed

By the name of Allah!

It's an honor to serve

Under the star and crescent flag

In the trench of the peninsula

The mighty battle ensued

Ironclads of fury fired out

The shells of total terror

But, alas! To them all

We still stand firmly!

All your shells were not a match

To our great defiance!

Our motherland protects us all

Against the attacks of the foes

We will serve the Sultan once again

By his name and the name of Allah!

For sake of our great empire

We shall stand and cry for a great ending

To the jihad we waged

Against the invaders!