In the early 50's, I was a corporal, and I served at Fort Dix.

There was a General Harrington, there. We all knew him as "Hell Harrington," and for good reason: The guys who served under him said that he was a General from hell! He was know to snap at people for the slightest provocation. (I didn't serve under him, thank God!)

His wife Anna was quite a different person, however. 30 years younger than him, she was a beautiful girl. And she was always kind and friendly to the men, no matter their rank. Rumor had it that one of the guys was her lover, but given her husband's reputation, I doubted that!

They owned a house outside of the base—a real Southern mansion. I was walking by it one spring day, when I saw her on the porch. She was dressed in horse riding gear.

"Hi, Corporal," she said.

"Hi, Ma'am."

"Would you do a little favor for me?"

"Sure, Ma'am."

"Would you take my riding boots off for me? I always have trouble getting them off!"

This intrigued me—but also scared me! "Er, sure. But what about your husband?"

"Don't worry about him! He went out hunting, early this morning, and I don't expect him back until nightfall—drunk, no doubt!"

"All right, Ma'am."

I walked onto the porch with her. She sat down on one of those swing-couches, and unzipped her boots. I knelt by her and pulled each boot off. She wore long white socks, underneath.

"What's your name?"

"Anderson, Ma'am. Corporal Bill Anderson."

"Well, thank you, Corporal."

"You're welcome, Ma'am."

She crossed her left foot and began rubbing it. "My feet are so sore!"

"Want a foot massage, Ma'am?"

I know; that was very bold, and a little dangerous! But as I said, she was a beautiful and sexy lady.

She smiled. "Why, that would be most kind of you, Corporal!"

I sat on one end of the swing. She pulled her socks off, lied down, and put her feet in my lap. I began massaging them.

She sighed contentedly. "Ooh, that feels wonderful! You have nice hands."

"Thank you, Ma'am."


General "Hell" Harrington was staring at us!

She put her feet down, and I quickly got up. "N-nothing, Sir! I was just. . . uh-"

"You were seducing my wife, that's what you were doing!"

He grabbed a hold of me!

Fortunately, Anna came to my rescue. She got up and got between us.

"You leave that poor boy alone! He was just giving me a little massage, that's all. Why, if you did those things for me, I wouldn't have to ask other guys to do them!"

His anger subsided—thank God!

"Git going—and don't let me see you round here, no more!"

I ran off!


I saw her one more time, after that. It was a couple years later, at a dress ball. I had made sergeant, by then.

I first saw General Harrington. He barely acknowledged me with a nod of his head.

Then I saw Anna. She was sitting with a group of other girls. She was, if anything, even more beautiful.

Seeing me, she smiled. Then she slipped her left shoe off and wiggled her toes at me! I smiled and tipped my cap to her.