Author's Note: And now comes my third installment of my Garfield Stephenson Wu series, folks!

This story is a direct sequel of my FanFiction story D4 Scooby-Doo! A Haunting at the Ottawa SuperEX!, which itself is, within the context of the GSW series, the sequel to D4 Garfield and the Secret of the School Library!

In addition, this story takes some inspiration from the classic Scooby-Doo! Where Are You? episode What the Hex Going On?

Once again, the Garfield in this story is the title character of this D4 series, not his namesake Garfield the cat from the comic strip bearing his name.

Chapter 1: Prologue

October 22, 1970

It has been almost two months since Garfield teamed up with Mystery Inc., who were visiting from their hometown of Coolsville, California, and foiled a massive illegal gambling ring at the annual Ottawa SuperEX.

In the weeks since the case, the summer holiday ended with Garfield returning to Glebe Collegiate Institute for Grade 12 that September. It was also that September that his brother David began attending Glebe after graduating from Hopewell Public School that past summer.

With the 1970-1971 school year his final year before graduation, Garfield has began his process of deciding what universities he should apply to.

He already know for a fact that he intends to study in the engineering, architecture, geography and mathematics fields, and his strong interest in railway transportation has him already considered inching closer to study civil engineering at university.

With his intent to study civil engineering in university rather than college, Garfield knew that he has to take plenty of university preparation-level classes, particularly math and science classes.

His additional interests in building design and architecture also led to him taking technological design class, where he learns how to draw building floor layouts and design buildings that functions as a means meet occupant, environmental and economical requirements.

Currently, his school schedule consists of Orchestral Music and Grade 11 Technological Design (A reason why he's taking the class this semester in Grade 12 rather than in Grade 11 was due to his co-op placement at the Ottawa Transportation Commission during the second term this past school year, which left him with a rather full schedule) in the morning, as well as Advanced Functions, Vectors and Introductory Calculus and Chemistry in the afternoon.

Anyways, as with the previous school years, Garfield had made plenty of new friends at school, including several international students from China. He also became acquainted with a girl from Taiwan, even though they don't share any classes outside of orchestral practice.

Meanwhile in cadets, at the beginning of the new training year, Garfield and a handful of level five cadet friends received promotions to Warrant Officer 2nd Class (WO2) after going through interviews with the cadet wing parade commander and officers, and as part of the reshuffling of senior cadet leadership at the squadron, he became the squadron's deputy parade commander, which places him just behind the incumbent parade commander.

Within the entirety of 6th Wing, Garfield was also assigned as the wing's warrant officer, which places him in third place behind the deputy wing parade commander and the wing parade commander, both of whom are WO1s.

With the promotion also comes new leadership responsibilities, and Garfield was assigned to instruct level 3 cadets (Those at the rank of Corporal) for squadron training nights.

His brother David also earned a promotion that September, this one from Corporal to Sergeant, and he was thus moved to the level 4 grouping of cadets.

Like the past training years, Garfield and David continued with their taking part in the squadron's drill team practice.

Anyways, there were a handful of surprises greeting Garfield as the new school year began earlier that September.

First off, his new locker is located right in front of his old Grade 10 History classroom, which places him with the group of students he has known, some indirectly some he had befriended, since Grade 10.

The boy with black shaggy-style hair and appeared of South Asian descent, whose name is Rahman, initially struck Garfield as an eccentric-type for reasons he wasn't entirely sure about, though Garfield felt that it was because he wasn't exactly fully acquainted with him.

They happened to share Grade 11 Gym, a class which his friend James Smith was also in, and it was that class that Garfield became more acquainted with Rahman and saw him as being more physically active, particularly in terms for gymnasium and dancing, as well as friendly.

When Garfield found that his new locker was in front of his Grade 10 History classroom on the first day of the new school year, right by Rahman and his group of friends, he was pleasantly surprised.

"Well, it looks like you've got your new locker closeby, Garfield." Rahman observed on the first day of school when Garfield arrived at his new locker during lunch period that day.

"Yep." Garfield nodded in reply. "First locker at the French classroom corner, then down in the middle hallway at the second floor. I sure tend to move around when it comes to lockers."

"You sure do." Rahman nodded in agreement.

And speaking of pleasant surprises for the new school year, Garfield also noted that he was in Advanced Functions and Introductory Calculus and Vectors class with Rahman for the semester, in addition to noting that he is sharing two classes with Rahman's girlfriend, whose name is Anita.

It was a bit interesting for Garfield to see that he was sharing two classes (Advanced Functions and Chemistry classes) with Anita, considering that he had taken note of her relationship with Rahman on his very first day attending Glebe.

When he recognized Anita, first in Chemistry class, then in Advanced Functions, Garfield briefly thought about his very first day at Glebe when he spotted Rahman and Anita together.

"I suppose Anita must've unlocked a particularly private side of Rahman that suits her needs." He thought.

It was also in chemistry class that he began befriending Anita, particularly after another friend of his, whose name is Janet, switched out of the class.

As he and Anita interacted with each other more frequently in classes, Garfield find her quite the friendly girl, and in spite of her voice sounding like it is in a lower pitch than a typical female, he did find her to be attractive especially with her smile.

"I now understand why Rahman and Anita fell in love with each other." Garfield thought to himself one morning after Anita smiled at him in greeting. "Their relationship is definitely something I'd rather steer clear of."

While Garfield has made efforts to keep himself from standing in the relationship, he has admitted privately in his diary that he felt that he was under her spell at times.

"It's pretty much the same feeling as those felt by Johannes Brahms as he befriended Clara Schumann." Garfield wrote in his diary.

Fortunately, those feelings are alleviated through another pleasant surprise from the first day of the new school year.

That surprise came during the beginning of his Grade 11 Technological Design on the first day, where he was seated at his usual stool at the main table facing the front of the classroom, where Mrs. McPhee, the teacher, was preparing her items for the class.

Mrs. McPhee had expressed surprise to see Garfield in her design tech. class, though she, of course, didn't mind it, especially given that Garfield had previously presented his interest in becoming an architect in her Grade 10 Career studies class.

Anyways, Garfield was seated at his usual stool whistling and glancing at the front door, nodded his greeting at a few friends that has entered the classroom.

As he looked around the classroom as per his usual habit, he almost immediately found himself face-to-face with an attractive girl whom he had never seen before.

The girl had long black hair with a thin frame, and she appeared to be of East Asian descent. Dressed in a white blouse and a pair of jeans, Garfield thought that she looked rather nice and attractive as he turned his head back to the front of the classroom.

A few minutes later, as Mrs. McPhee introduces the course to the class, Garfield felt something hitting him in the back.

He turned to the back just as the girl behind him said, "Sorry about that."

"Ah, it's okay." Garfield smiled, and the girl smiled back at him.

Another few minutes went by before the class was split into groups of two, and Garfield found himself with the girl as they introduced themselves to each other.

"My name is Garfield." Garfield introduced himself.

"Nice meeting you." The girl smiled. "My name is Rebecca."

"Ah, nice name." Garfield said. "Are you from British Hong Kong?"

"Why yes, I am." Rebecca said. "How could you tell?"

"I thought your voice has a slight mix of a British and Cantonese accents." Garfield winked.

"Very impressive." Rebecca nodded. "In that case, I suppose it's safe to assume that you're Taiwanese."

"Ah, you got that right." Garfield nodded before switching to Taiwanese Hakka and continued, "我猜妳是透過我混合的臺灣和日本腔調來猜中的,對不對?" (I suppose you guessed it through my mixed Taiwanese and Japanese accents, right?)

"是的。" (Indeed I did.) Rebecca nodded, speaking in Cantonese, and Garfield felt that he has started to develop an instant liking of her, particularly due to her ability to make sharp observations like the one she just did.

It was also during that introduction that Garfield and Rebecca exchanged small note pages with their names in English and Chinese.

Rebecca noted that Garfield's names are "Garfield Stephenson Wu - 吳廣慶", while Garfield noted that Rebecca's names are "Rebecca Trevithick Lee - 李慧玲".

Nodding, Garfield placed the small note page into his pencil case as Mrs. McPhee called for the class' attention.

As the weeks went by, Garfield and Rebecca became more acquainted with each other as they learned about some personal information to each other.

Garfield learned that Rebecca was also born in Canada, though she and her family returned to Hong Kong when she was three, as well as her being an only child with no siblings.

Rebecca seemed interested when Garfield confided that he, too, was born in Ottawa, returned to Taiwan with his family when he was six and him being the eldest of four siblings with a younger brother and two sisters who are a set of twins.

It was also the look of interest on Rebecca's face and her smile that planted the seed of a particular thought deep inside Garfield.

A thought that Rebecca may have a special status out of all of his female friends, together with maybe Anita though for different reasons.

Of course, Garfield wasn't surprised even when he learned that Rebecca already has a boyfriend.

"針對一個像慧玲的女生,我是不能說我對此感到驚訝的。" (For a girl like Rebecca, I can't say that I'm surprised about this.) He wrote in his diary the day he learned about the news.

He never met Rebecca's boyfriend, though he has thought of what he should say to him should they cross paths.

"No doubt he's gonna be one of the luckiest boys I will ever meet." He thought to himself. "Having a girlfriend like Rebecca, though I'm sure Rahman is just as lucky with Anita."

Anyways, he has largely maintained efforts to avoid thinking about the private, personal lives of his friends and instead focus more on school work, orchestra practice, violin practice, piano practice, university applications and cadet events.

That Thursday, Garfield went through with his usual routines after arriving home from school, finishing his homework and eating his dinner before changing into his cadet uniform and head off to Uplands Airport for the evening, starting first with a ride on the Route 4 Bronson, Catherine & Bank streetcar to Billings Bridge before the transfer onto the Kemptville-bound Canadian Pacific Railway-operated regional train.

Upon disembarking at Uplands Airport, he then took a ten-minute walk to the military installment at the airport and arrived at the school in time for the senior-ranking cadets to have their pre-training night meeting.

The junior cadets begin arriving at the school as the senior cadets have their meeting before the squadron warrant officer orders the cadets to fall in for parade practice.

After opening parade, the cadets went on for their usual training for the night with Garfield instructing the level 3 Corporals.

Little did anyone realize that the training night is about to make a weird turn.

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