"What a loving fool you've been",
My head shouts at my heart.
While thinking through on this affair,
From now back to the start.
Led astray by tricks, a smile,
That way she fills her dress.
Alone again heartbroke, and sad,
Now in that same distress.
She came back by, I saw her face,
And couldn't help but stare.
Enchanted as the fading sun,
Shine down upon her hair.
Beckoning lips smile up at me,
So soft, so rosy red.
My mind is spinning all around,
As heart surmounts my head.
That beating thing in charge now shouts,
"Be silence you up there".
You have no say, or part to play,
It's all just my affair.
So here I sit where It began,
head schools my brokenheart.
While thinking through this affair,
From now back to the start.