World At War

A world is at a huge war between two massive countries on two massive continents, one is the New Phorexians whom is on the Western country while the other more sinister and evil country which is Khadath threatens to destroy the New Phorexian country for good. However one large threat rises up, this threat is Kalos. Kalos goes by the nickname, the destroyer of both worlds in which he rises up every 100 years to destroy and wreak havoc on each country. This time however, he wants to New Phorexians to burn...


Porthos, the soon to be New Phorexian general slept with his wife, Ebony. Ebony had saved both countries by sealing in the demon known as Gorgath, she sealed the beast inside of Mt. Karom (kay-rom) by using explosive charges to detonate the ground underneath Gorgath's feet, afterwards. The New Phorexian military came in and bombed the sides of the mountain which buried the beast inside this only angered Kalos who had risen up and unleashed Gorgath upon the world.

Porthos drove in to his home in New Phorexia a somewhat decent sized house at the end of a street, he walked inside and called out for his wife." Ebony my dear, I am home" Porthos called out but to get no response, Porthos assumed that Ebony was taking a cat nap upstairs in the bedroom but his gut said otherwise. Porthos slowly crept upstairs and walked into the bedroom to see what had happened, he didn't expect this. He saw his wife with a huge wound in her chest, dead on the bed." Ebony, Ebony!" Porthos shouted, running over to his wife. Porthos began to cry in tears of regret and anger, he then felt a dark energy and he suddenly felt cold. Porthos looked up a the doorway and saw Kalos, it was on this day that Kalos would have the biggest impact on the New Phorexian world." Who the hell are you?" Porthos asked, wiping away a tear from his cheek as he stood up." Porthos, you do not know what I am do you?" Kalos growled, Porthos gripped a shotgun in hand." You bastard, you'll pay for killing my wife!" Porthos shouted as he fired a round at Kalos which did nothing." This will all fall on you in the end Porthos" Kalos said before slowly fading away from sight. Leaving Porthos alone to cope with his sorrow.

(Chapter 1: Enemy on the mountain)

It was around 5 in the evening, a military grade helicopter hovered above Mt. Karom it had circled around the mountain twice already and this would be the third time. Pat Stryker was in the helicopter and was looking about with a thermal vision camera to see if any strange activity was going on at the top of the mountain." This is captain Patrick Stryker reporting, I am finishing my third rout along Mount Karom with nothing in sight just yet" Patrick spoke to the phone with the general. Then Patrick spotted something on his thermal vision camera, something quite strong and it seemed to be doing strange activity." Wait a minute, I think I see something in the bushes" Patrick said, this got the general on edge of what was going on." Is it a member of the Khadaths? You know they are not allowed to be on our turf unless it is a battle" The general responded to what Patrick was saying about suspicious activity." Imma go check it out right now" Patrick said as he flew down to the mountain top. Patrick landed the helicopter on the pad and walked out of it, Patrick took out a heavy assault rifle and carefully walked out onto the flat mountain top. He wore a helmet and pilots gear since the altitude made it hard to breath, Patrick noticed purple smoke coming from behind the bushes.

"I've got a gut feeling that the person I am dealing with is Plague from the Khadath country" Patrick said, wherever Plague went. Purple gas or smoke would follow behind him, Patrick aimed his rifle at the bushes. Ready for combat." Understood, if something happens up there. Contact me right away" the general said, Patrick started to hang up the phone." Copy that" Patrick said before he hung up. Suddenly, Patrick saw the bushes rustle and shake." Something's coming" Patrick said to himself before he saw a man with black and purple clothing come rushing out with a black plague doctor mask on. The person was carrying a purple bladed katana, it was indeed Plague. Patrick fired the heavy assault rifle at Plague, Plague easily blocked the bullets with his sword. Patrick fell back and quickly ran inside an old trailer, he slammed the door shut and closed the screen. He took cover behind the cabinet." General, Plague is attacking and I don't know what the fuck to do!" Patrick shouted into the phone." Understood, I am now sending Leo to help you!" the general answered, Patrick growled as he heard a loud bang at the door of the trailer." Tell him to hurry his ass up, the screen is not gonna fucking hold!" Patrick answered, then the purple blade slammed through the door." Leo, hurry up and get up to Karom. Stryker is in trouble!" the general shouted, Leo quickly got up and ran out the door of the base.

Meanwhile back at the mountain top, Plague was about to bust in. Patrick noticed that the glass screen of the door was cracking and busting under the force of the blade connecting with it." Open up!" Plague shouted from the outside, Patrick quickly took a heavy object in the room and busted open a window for him to escape out of. Patrick crawled out and landed on his feet, Patrick then made a mad dash for the helicopter. He looked over his shoulder as he ran and saw Plague chasing him, Patrick shot at Plague but again the bullets were deflected." Dammit!" Patrick shouted as he saw each bullet bounce away from Plague. Patrick then jumped into the cockpit of the helicopter and started to fly up, however Plague had jumped on and started slashing away at the engine of the copter using his katana. Patrick then started to swere and fly akwardly in the air, trying to knock off Plague. After about five tries, Plague flew off and fell towards the side of the mountain but the damage had been done to the helicopters engine. The helicopter started to spin out of control and Patrick had no control over it, Patrick tried to jump out but the helicopter was spinning too fast and the blades could easily slice him apart.

The helicopter started to come closer and closer to the foot of the mountain." May-day! May-day, I am going down. I repeat, Pat is going down!" Patrick shouted before the helicopter slammed into some trees and crashed to the ground. Patrick managed to jump out as the trees stopped the helicopter from spinning wildly, the helicopter exploded into many pieces which rendered Patrick stuck in the forest. Even though Patrick was alive, he was badly injured from the fall. Patrick then passed out and woke up later on in a nearby hospital at a town closest to the mountain, Patrick looked up and saw Leo standing above him." Where am I?" Patrick asked, Leo snickered." You look pretty banged up, my brother Ashur managed to treat your injuries and later went looking for Plague" Leo answered, Patrick stood up." So that explains it, wasn't you sent to kill Plague though?" Patrick asked.

"Yes, I saved you instead. Rather be safe than sorry, but now we must go back up. Ashur gave me the keys to the ambulance since he works as a surgeon as a second job, he told me to meet him up at the mountain top. So lets go" Leo said, Patrick got up and got on his gear. He walked out of the hospital and looked at Leo, Leo had combat gear on but didn't have a helmet on for oxygen." Uh, Leo. You do know that if we are going to the top of the mountain, the altitude is gonna make oxygen kinda rough. I would get an oxygen providing mask if I were you" Patrick said, Leo laughed." Don't worry, I've got my mask" Leo answered, the two got into the ambulance and drove off to the mountain.

(Dusk 7:30 PM)

The two arrived at the top of the mountain in the ambulance, Leo and Patrick noticed Ashur standing close to the trailer." There he is" Leo said, the two got out of the ambulance and approached Ashur." Ashur my brother, it is good to see you again. Did you find anything out about Plague and his whereabouts?" Leo asked, Ashur nodded." Plague indeed was here and I don't really understand the reason why though. Maybe he was sent here to be an assassin, he is indeed a Khadath so he must be killed or brought to justice" Ashur explained, Patrick then responded to what Ashur said." Plague must have not gotten far, I believe without a shadow of a doubt that he is still on the mountain. I think that he is down there at the old tin building at the side of the mountain" Patrick said, the three then got back inside of the ambulance and drove down to the side of the mountain in a wooded area. There was an old tin building and the door had been busted open off of its hinges, the three quickly got out of the vehicle and grasped their weapons. Ashur grabbed a metal baseball bat, Patrick grabbed his heavy assault rifle and Leo grabbed a chain. The three approached the tin cabin and Plague instantly charged out with his purple katana glowing, Plague let out a battle cry as he charged at the three." Attack!" Ashur shouted.

Plague hacked at Ashur with his sword but Ashur blocked with the metal bat, the blade was blocked but it left a mark on the bat and it left a dent in it. Ashur shoved Plague away and Leo whipped Plauge in the back with the chain, Plague grunted in pain and turned around only to get shot at by Patrick. Plague growled and tried to deflect the bullets but the chain was wrapped around his throat. Leo started to choke out Plague but Plague grabbed Leo by the jaw and flung him forwards, Leo crashed infront of Plague and Plague slashed at Leo however this was parried by Ashur when he blocked Leo with his baseball bat. Plague growled in annoyance and kicked Ashur away, Patrick came from behind Plague and bashed his gun into the back of Plague's head. Plague stumbled forwards and was punched in the jaw by Leo who had the chain wrapped around his fist, Plague turned around and stumbled at Patrick but regained balanced and slashed Patrick in the leg. Patrick let out a cry of pain and fell to the ground, Plague approached and raised the sword above Patrick to give the final blow but as Plague brought the sword down, Patrick shot the grip of the sword and the katana went flying out of Plague's hands.

Plague gasped and was hit in the back by Ashur's baseball bat, Plague growled in pain and was hit again. Plague was then knocked out when he was whipped in the head by Leo, Plague collapsed and the three started walking back to the ambulance however Plague quickly got up to his feet." You fools, you think I am going to let you all get away easily!" Plague shouted as he rushed at the ambulance with his katana. Patrick quickly jumped out and started shooting at Plague, Ashur launched the metal bat out of the window and it crashed into Plague's head which stunned him momentarily. Patrick then resumed his firing at Plague, constant bullets managed to take down Plague and kill him." Okay guys, the dude is dead. Now we need to banish him back to Khadath" Patrick said, taking deep breaths while staring down at the motionless body of Plague