(Chapter 17: Confrontation number 1)

Ashur climbed up the ladder that was on the crane, his scanner detected that Alex was up at the edge of the crane and he wondered why. Once he reached the top of the 100 foot tall crane, he looked down at Alex who was standing and looking down at the lava far below. "Alex, why are you up here and how are you up here. I thought you died!" Ashur shouted, Alex turned around to face Ashur. Ashur's eyes widened, Ashur stood still and did not make any move or noise. "Alex?" Ashur said once again, trying to make the seemingly frozen Alex talk. Alex then started to speak. "Hello there Ashur, it is a nice time meeting up with you in so long. It really has been a while" Alex said, something wasn't right about Alex. His voice sounded deeper and more serious than usual, as if he was sick. "Alex, why are you up here. Are you alright?" Ashur asked, Alex smirked. Ashur looked over to the NorthWest of where they were at. He noticed a newly built Khadath satellite, Ashur gasped and lookd at Alex in shock. "No, don't tell me that you are working for Kalos and the Khadaths!" Ashur shouted slightly so he would not draw attention to the battle, Alex then spoke again. "You're right Ashur, I am working for the Khadaths but you are wrong when you said I'm WORKING for Kalos" Alex said again, Alex grabbed his head with both hands and started to pull up and this made Ashur stare in horror. "I am Kalos himself" Kalos said after ripping off a mask of Alex, Ashur growled and aimed at Kalos. "How, you are just a shapeshifting clone aren't you!" Ashur said as he put his finger on the trigger, Kalos laughed. "No, I am the true Kalos. If you can remember when you saw Alex at the bottom of the mountain when you were stuck up in the Satellite before you went missing. I was him, I dragged his body off to an undisclosed location and I opened him up. I tore all of his bones and organs out and quite literally made his body a morph suit, his corpse as a costume and his hollow head as a mask" Kalos said with a sinister and disturbing smile, Ashur growled in rage and fired at Kalos. It landed perfectly on his head but Kalos stood there, unharmed. Kalos took out a strange looking gun, Kalos smiled again. "I shall end this quickly" Kalos said as he aimed at Ashur, Ashur ran behind a large crate on top of the crane that would be used later by the construction team. Kalos fired a lightning bolt out of the gun and sneered, Ashur heard the bolt hit the crate which made a large explosive sound go off. Ashur took out his rifle and aimed underneath a crack in the crate. Kalos started walking over to the crate, Ashur fired and it hit Kalos again but he kept walking. Ashur growled in anger, wondering how it didn't take him off his feet.

Kalos jumped over the crate and shot down at Ashur, Ashur rolled out of the way. Kalos ran at Ashur and kicked him, Ashur fell to the cold panel and nearly rolled off and fell into the lava. Ashur held on and shot up at Kalos, the bullet knocked the lightning gun out of his hands and Ashur jumped back on the crane and again shot at Kalos, this time at point blank in the head, yet again it had no effect. " I am eternal, I am the king of this world" Kalos said, Ashur bashed his gun on the Khadath leader's head but it had no effect again. Ashur then shot Kalos in the throat but it again had no effect. Kalos laughed loudly, Ashur was enraged. "What do I have to do?" Ashur asked himself, Ashur got up and jumped off the crane and down to the ground where no lava was. Kalos walked over and looked down at Ashur, Kalos growled and floated down at Ashur slowly. "Fool, how many times do I have to say it. I can never die, I am the king" Kalos laughed, Ashur growled and had no choice but to retreat. Ashur ran up and got into the truck with Leo, Ashur looked over at Leo. "We need to get out of here, just drive me off somewhere!" Ashur shouted, Kalos approached the truck with his lightning gun aimed at it, Ashur gasped. "Dammit Leo, hurry up and drive!" Ashur shouted, Leo slammed his foot on the gas and they sped up the road and away from the Khadath docks. As the duo got a safe distance away from Kalos, Ashur took out a map of Khadath. Ashur noticed a large lake that leaded to the ocean, it was high up close to the Northern top of Khadath on the map. It was said to be a graveyard for ships, a perfect place to fight Kalos since there would be many tools to fight him with. Kalos took out his radar and he discovered that somebody had set a waypoint for the shipyard in the north, Kalos then slowly vanished in a cloud of black smoke.

(6 days later)

Leo and Ashur arrived in a mountain range that was full of snowy forests and tundra, it was very cold and the truck could not go any further. There was no gas station for miles, Ashur put on a coat and so did Leo. The two left the truck and grabbed a weapon box from the back of the truck, Leo looked around, it was very dark and Ashur held the only flashlight that would soon run out of batteries. The moon was behind the tall spruce trees and pine trees, eerie shadows went across the snow and this made Leo give Ashur and concerned look. "Ashur, think about this. There is no food or water for miles and no gas station, just a huge area of frozen forests and mountains. I think we are making a bad decision coming here, it doesn't feel right" Leo said, Ashur looked at Leo and was about to give him an answer until a voice came out from behind a large tree. Ashur and Leo both saw it's silhouette in the dim moonlight. "You're damn right that something isn't right about this" the voice said.

(Insert Darkthrone-Quintessence. Here)

Ashur and Leo looked up the hill to see the silhouette walking down them with something in its hands, it glowed red and the silhouette was revealed to be Kalos. Ashur's eyes widened, Ashur gripped his gun. "Kalos, how did you get up here!" Ashur shouted, Kalos laughed and then aimed his lightning gun at the duo. Kalos smirked, Ashur gripped his gun and so did Leo. "Being a king of this planet means that I have unlimited abilities, I can transform into a black cloud of smoke and be a whisper in the wind and once I find my targets, here I am again" Kalos said, Ashur ran at Kalos with a bayonet attached to his gun. "Die you son of a bitch!" Ashur shouted as he rammed the bayonet right through the heart of Kalos, Kalos leaned back with his eyes wide open. Ashur smirked but then his smirk turned into a face of shock and horror, Kalos looked up and gave Ashur a disturbing smile. Kalos shoved Ashur off of him and he ripped out the bayonet, Ashur watched as the heart slowly regenerated and fixed itself into looking like a healthy heart. "FYI, my heart can regenerate too" Kalos snickered, Leo was next to shoot at Kalos. Kalos deflected the bullets with his blood red katana that glowed in the darkness of the night, bullets bounced back at Ashur and Leo which made them get behind their truck that Vincent gave to them. "Welcome to my world, Ashur and Leo. Here you have nowhere to run and nowhere to hide" Kalos growled as he rammed his katana right through the truck, Ashur looked at Leo with concern. "How the hell do we stop this guy" Ashur asked Leo, Leo shrugged his shoulders and shook his head. Kalos laughed and tore the truck in half with his bare hands, Kalos looked down at the brothers. "I told you so" Kalos said before he slashed down at Leo, Leo blocked the katana with his gun and Ashur lunged at Kalos. Ashur managed to take down Kalos and he rolled behind him, Ashur began shooting the head of Kalos over and over again. Kalos growled and turned into a black cloud of smoke, Ashur rolled forwards and looked behind him to just to see Kalos about to stab him. Ashur rolled over to the side and shot up at Kalos, Kalos laughed and then slashed down at Ashur again. Ashur did a back handspring and managed to dodge the blade. Leo snuck up behind Kalos and he took out a chain that he had brought with him, Leo whipped the back of Kalos with the chain which made him turn around. "Boo" Kalos said before he attempted to stab Leo but Leo managed to avoid being stabbed by wrapping the chain around his fist and punching Kalos in the jaw, Kalos growled and slashed at Leo. Leo blocked the blade with the gun which he had in his other hand, Kalos dug deeper into the gun with his blade until Ashur rammed his gun into the back of his head. Kalos, annoyed by this, turned around and charged at Ashur. Ashur parried the blade by bashing the katana out of the king's hands, Kalos dropped the katana and Ashur kicked the katana at Leo in which Leo grabbed it. Ashur blasted Kalos multiple times in the chest with the ak-47 and this meant that Kalos could not deflect the bullets. Kalos was turned around and was slashed horizontally up across the torso by Leo who now had the katana, Kalos looked down and noticed a large orange scar across his lower right torso up to his upper left torso. Kalos took a breath and it instantly turned back into black which was the color of his clothing, Kalos had regenerated and healed. Kalos laughed, Leo and Ashur slowly backed up. The brothers looked at each other as the snow began to fall from the dark skies above, Kalos laughed wickedly and Leo tossed the katana right into the heart of Kalos.

Kalos leaned back and growled, he ripped the katana straight out and his eye color had changed. Instead of being red iris, his eyes had turned into black pits with fiery orange iris and white pupils. Kalos growled and his voice sounded more like a creature than a human, Kalos then raised his arm into the air and revealed his gloved hand. Kalos balled up his fist and then opened up his hand to reveal it had turned into a claw, Kalos laughed wickedly in a deep and demonic voice as half of his head turned into a black demon type face while the other half remained human like, the demon half grew out a black horn too. Leo ran at Kalos but Ashur predicted something bad would happen if he ran at him, Ashur ran at Leo and jumped out infront of him. "Ash, look out!" Leo shouted, Ashur blocked the incoming claw swipe attack with his gun. The claw slashed the gun right in half, Leo took a few steps back and Kalos slashed at Ashur again with his demon claw but Ashur ducked and tilted his body forwards like ramp. Leo ran on his back and then jumped off with the chain like a whip, Leo whipped Kalos right in the head with the chain which took him off guard. Kalos was spun around, Leo jumped up and wrapped the chain around the face of the demonic humanoid. Ashur didn't know what to do without a gun, he looked around but there was nothing he could really do. "Ash, ram him with the damn truck!" Leo shouted, Ashur nodded and quickly got into the truck, Ashur put the gear into the sport setting and drove as fast as possible at Kalos. The truck slammed into him which sent Kalos flying into the air with Leo still holding on with the chain still wrapped around the head of Kalos, Kalos crashed into the snowy ground which caused a hole where his body landed in the 3 feet deep snow. Now the snow began to fall faster and it made things difficult to see with the darkness of the night making it even worse, the only light was the moon that was dimmed behind the trees. Kalos growled and slowly got up with his head becoming fully demonic but it would shift back to a human like face and then into a demon every second he was choked with the chain, Kalos roared loudly and elbow spines began to pop out of his arms. Kalos then tried to ram his elbow spines into the head of Leo, Leo leaned back which choked Kalos even more. Kalos then growled and three spines grew out from the sides of his face, Kalos then tilted his head backwards which shaved off a flap of skin from Leo's face. Leo growled in pain and then fell off of Kalos, Kalos grabbed the chain and held it in his hands. Since Kalos had shifted into his demonic form, the chain turned into a fire chain. Kalos roared and whipped at Leo, Ashur then drove the truck infront of Leo to protect him. The chain slammed into the truck and it made an orange chain shaped dent that went from the front wheel all the way to the back, Ashur then left the truck through the other side. Ashur looked for Leo but Leo was already running at Kalos, Ashur groaned in annoyance. "Leo, no don't!" Ashur shouted but Leo didn't listen, Leo jumped at Kalos and Kalos simply backhanded him which sent Leo flying into a tree. Ashur ran into the wooded area full of trees, he dragged Leo behind a large bush and they hid within the bush. Ashur saw the orange glow of the fiery chain and he could tell that Kalos was looking for him, Kalos seemed to be extra taller now. He was now probably 6'8 while both Ashur and Leo were 6'1, Kalos swung the chain at the area where Ashur and Leo was and it knocked down some trees. Ashur and Leo were still protected by hiding inside of the bush, Leo growled in pain from hitting against the tree and he looked at Ashur. Ash, we've gotta get out of here. We can't beat him, he is just too strong. The best thing we can do now is run" Leo moaned, Ashur shook his head and pulled out a flare gun. He aimed it to where Kalos was and then he looked down at Leo. "We will run after he is distracted" Ashur said as he fired a flare directly into Kalos, Kalos growled in rage and Ashur along with Leo ran down the snowy hill. Leo tripped over a fallen log and Ashur fell over a tree stump, the two began to tumble and roll down the hill and then into a large snowy tundra with a few dead trees. Ashur growled in pain and so did Leo but the brothers pulled themselves up.

They saw the forest and the glow from the fire chain slowly fading away, meaning that Kalos was no longer in a demonic form now. While this was good, it was also bad because the brothers didn't know where Kalos would be in the darkness of the night and the blinding falling snow that made it worse. There was no civilization or any sign of life for miles upon miles, Leo and Ashur looked at each other while standing in the darkness. Their dark clothing made it easy for them to see since it was mainly white snow and when it was snowy on the ground it was easier to see but it didn't make any difference to how dangerous this situation was right now. Leo sighed, Ashur looked around to see if he could see anything in the snow but there was nothing Ashur was now starting to lose hope slightly. "Leo, I think you are right. I think we should throw in the towel, New Phorexia is already in a critical state and hey, we did what we could against Kalos. The best thing we did is try, we resisted and we bit but it just wasn't enough. This is the end" Ashur said while looking at Leo, Leo sighed and looked into the tundra and then back at Ashur. "Let's walk as far as we can, let's walk until we collapse from exhaustion and we'll die alone out here in the cold. The snow will bury us" Leo said as he started to power through the night, he looked at Ashur. Ashur nodded and followed Leo through the tundra, he and his brother walked over the hill and they looked around some more. Still nothing but tundra, Leo looked at Ashur. "We walk until we collapse. I don't care what happens" Leo said, Leo and Ashur then walked down the hill and into the huge field of snow and a few dead trees here and there. Ashur and Leo then began to walk on through the snowy field as the snow began to fall harder and faster from the dark skies above, soon Ashur brought out a flashlight and all him and Leo could see was white. Everything was white and Leo was split up from Ashur, Leo continued walking but he was forced to put on his hood. As Leo walked, the blinding snow slammed into his face which made his face cold and numb. Ashur's situation was the exact same as Leo's, blinded by snow and body growing ever so numb. "Farewell my brother Leo!" Ashur shouted before he collapsed, Leo couldn't take it and he collapsed too. Both of the brothers laying in the snow that continued to fall on them, they wasn't dead. They accepted their fate, they both knew that they couldn't make it back to civilization. Leo layed there and closed his eyes but Ashur didn't, Ashur started to crawl as far as he could but he wouldn't go without his brother. Ashur dug into the 3 feet deep snow and he burrowed through the soft snow, he eventually found Leo's body. Ashur placed Leo on his back and looked far out through the white snow. "We're not dying, not today or tonight" Ashur said as he continued to crawl through the tundra, it would be a long time before they reached warm areas of land though...