I am yearning for a world,

in which popularity isn't measured by the;

Amount of friends on Facebook,

Amount of likes on that recent Instagram picture,

Amount of people texting you at a given moment,

Amount of people who looked at your Snapchat story,

Amount of followers you have on any social media platform

Or the amount of people who responded to your group message.

I am yearning for a different world,

A world in which we don't worry about

The upcoming essay we need to write

That assignment that your boss assigned

And the next million things that we constantly need to be doing.

I am yearning for a world of the past,

A better world.

A carefree world in which our current,

Worries, stress and anxiety are lifted,

even if for just a minute.

A blithe world in which little magic screens

Don't dictate who we are.

And in which a number doesn't measure our worth.

And while I know these worries will be replaced

By other concerns and stress factors,

I am yearning for a different world,

A world of the past.