They all come in various shapes and sizes

Some of them wear many disguises

One thing's for sure

In the end they all care about themselves more than you.

There's the cheerful, helpful friend who will help you with anything-

up until the time comes when you need to be defended-

then, you stand alone and they're offended

So watch as they unfriend you and ignore your very existence.

There's the venomous friend, the friend that slithers around your ankles and knees

Gives you lots and lots of good praise and charms you as well.

All until their tail stops rattling, then they give you hell.

The venomous friend can be found anywhere.

That's the scariest part of it all, they look like anyone, big or small.

Yet when it comes to someone in trouble, you can tell their true character-they run and hide and think only of themselves.

Another type of fake friend is the gossipy friend.

She claims she won't "tell anyone" no way

Then the entire school knows about your secret crush or secret friend anyway.

You can't trust this friend with anything.

She hasn't learned how to close her mouth before she opens her mind up.

Yet another one is the "fair-weather" friend.

This one is only there when you're happy and convenient as can be

Then they wave their arms at you like here I am, don't you see me?

But when you're down and feeling blue, where are they to be found?

Why, nowhere, they say, hiding from you.

There's also the manipulative friend

The one who will try to mend your problems and bend you until you are the perfect shape

Gradually, gradually, manipulating you and twisting you, and pulling you apart at the seams.

Carefully removing your stuffing while smiling.

Avoid this one at all costs.

Unlike the others, this one is more bold

Don't befriend this one-you're bound to be left in the cold.

(if not dead entirely)

Friends are so hard to be found and come about

When you do come across a real one, put them to the test

Show them all the sides of you and see which ones they react best to.

The one that can see every side of you and not be scared away is the real one, I say, I say, I say.

Remember this, my friends: fake friends are sad and lonely individuals.

They only want to hurt others in a way they were hurt.

It's best that you don't get involved with people like these.

Otherwise, you'll be feeling the exact same way as the teller of this tale.

Learning, earning a price paid for trusting in others.

That doesn't mean you can't still make friends, you can.

Just learn to tell-what's fact and what's fiction

Who's got tact and who's got friction?

Who's the liar and who's the truth-teller?

Who will not catch your pants on fire and who won't write your story into a best seller?

Who won't gossip about your problems and who won't fib?

Who won't act all glib when caught and say it wasn't me, it was your fault?

These people might cause your trust in humans to fade

But don't worry, for as many people as there are who will pull down the shade

There are many more who will pull the blinds up and set them loose

And allow you to experience wonderful things.

Don't give up faith in humanity based on a few jerks.

There are always bound to be humans out there with a few quirks.

What matters is finding the humans who will stay by you no matter what

No matter what happens, someone will always have your back.

And on some days when you have to go it alone, don't you worry.

Sometimes the people we think aren't there for us actually are, and sometimes the people we think are there really aren't. It's not easy.

But when you find your real friends, you'll be glad you did, trust me.

I'm glad I've got mine.

Fake friends are devils, true friends divine.