Fiction: Mythology

Rated: K

Language: English

Genre(s): Fantasy/Adventure

Published: 10/23/2017

Description: When Evelyn Millers, your everyday, typical, unimportant 18 year old girl, goes back to the surface, her life is anything but normal. Suddenly, her world is shattered when her boyfriend nearly dies. A man comes up, introduces himself as Hades and offers her a deal; he'll let her boyfriend live if she goes down with him. What will she do?


It was a dark, stormy day; rain was pouring down, lightning struck, thunder would be heard in a distance. All this was being controlled by one person: Zeus.

A man was waiting in a dark corridor located in the Underworld. He was wearing a black cloak with a hood. He glanced at his watch impatiently; he was late, but he was always late. He always made an excuse, and he always let him get away with it. This time, however, he highly doubted he'd get away with it; this was very important, and no excuses would do. Was he purposely avoiding this? Or did he have a million more souls to judge with his wife?

Dark smoke suddenly swirled around the man, and formed a silhouette of a man nearby. The man started forward until he could be seen. The man was as tall as him, and his blue eyes were as intense and immune as ever. He was expressionless, but he could tell that he was secretly alert; they barely met each other.

"What is it?" The man asked, seeming bored. "Let us get over with it, shall we?"

"Don't pretend, Hades." The other said. "I know you are hiding something."

"Hiding something?" Hades tilted his head, laughing, but it didn't catch his eyes; his eyes were alert. "Why would I find the need to hide something from anyone, especially you, Zeus?"

"You always find the need to hide something away from me, brother." Zeus said. "So what is it that you are hiding?"

"I am hiding nothing." Hades insisted, his eyes dark and cold.

Zeus raised an eyebrow. "Oh, really, brother? Well, I don't believe you. In fact, did I ever tell you that you are a horrible liar?"

Hades eyed him warily. "Exactly why are you here?"

"To find out what you are hiding, of course." Zeus answered.

"Well, I am hiding nothing, so you can go back to your cozy throne room and do whatever you were doing with the weather." Hades said, his tone dangerous.

Zeus flinched. "You never speak to me like that unless you hide something. You think I do not know you when, in fact, I do."

"You know nothing of me, Zeus." Hades said. "Now, did you only come to find nothing or what? Because I really need to go judge some souls with my wife."

Hades turned away, starting to move when Zeus spoke up.

"Hades." Zeus' tone made it clear that no one was leaving until this matter was solved with.

Hades turned back, regarding him warily. "My wife and I are hiding nothing. I do not know why you are still here, but I really need to go back and judge some souls. My wife, after all, cannot judge all the souls. She will eventually grow tired, so please let us be."

Hades turned his back on him, walking away.

Zeus stepped forward. "I know you are hiding something, so I'll give you two options: tell me what it is you are hiding which is so important or ignore me and let my people find whatever it is."

Hades immediately froze.

"I know you are hiding something, brother. I do not want to hurt you, but I must do this. There is always a high chance that it is something which is dangerous. After all, you seem to love collecting stuff which are dangerous. Take Cerberus as an example."

Hades turned and face him. "That is different; Cerberus is here to guard, what I am hiding is different."

"So you confess that you are hiding something?" Zeus said, taking another step forward.

Hades freezes again.

Zeus studied him intently, and nodded. "If you can't tell me, I understand."

He immediately relaxes. "Really, brother? You aren't always this understanding."

"Oh, no." Zeus said. "I'll still find whatever you are hiding. One way or another."

"Brother, please." Hades begged. "Some things are better left alone and undiscovered."

"You know I can't, Hades." Zeus replies. "This thing could be very dangerous."

"It is not." Hades said. "So be gone and leave us be."

"I won't be able to know when I don't even know what you are hiding."

"Fine." Hades said. "But you'll never find what I am hiding."

Zeus sighed. "Then I am sorry, brother. I really am, but I must do this."

With a click of his fingers, Hades slumped onto the ground, and everything turned black.

There was one thing Zeus was after, and he wouldn't rest until he found and took (or possibly destroy) whatever it was.