Fiction: Mythology

Rated: K

Language: English

Genre(s): Fantasy/Adventure

Published: 10/23/2017

Description: When Evelyn Millers, your everyday, typical, unimportant 18 year old girl, goes back to the surface, her life is anything but normal. Suddenly, her world is shattered when her boyfriend nearly dies. A man comes up, introduces himself as Hades and offers her a deal; he'll let her boyfriend live if she goes down with him. What will she do?

Chapter Two

"Hello, Evelyn." The woman says, getting off her throne, and starting forward.

I open my mouth to speak and the first words that come out of my mouth are, 'who are you?' I mean, I know that's rude and all, but I just can't help it! Who the hell knows your name when you don't even know them? So that's basically what came out of my rubbish mouth.

I look at Hades, whose hands are still at my shoulders, but he is staring intently at the woman. Even though I can't see it, I can feel his disapproval.

I look back at the woman who merely smiles at me. "Why, I am Persephone, of course."

I stare at her. Now, I could say that she was crazy, but after meeting Hades, gods and goddesses must have been real for a long time. I mean, gods and goddesses have been believed since 2000 BC, so of course they would be here for a long period of time if they were actually real.

While I was thinking about that, Persephone had reached me. She looks at me in amusement... did I actually say that out loud?

"No, my dear." Persephone says.

I look at her in confusion. If I didn't say that out loud, why would she look at me in amusement? Unless gods and goddesses could read minds... now, that was a possibility.

"We, the gods and goddesses, can read minds as you thought." She explains to me.

"O... kay?" was all I could say.

Suddenly, I hear footsteps striding towards the throne room. I look back and see Hades coming toward us. When did he even leave?

"Come, Evelyn." Hades says. "I will show you your room."

Hades grabs my hand, and leads me out of the throne room, away from Persephone. He's such a life-saver, I mean, he just saved my life from steering me out of the throne room, away from all the awkwardness of just talking to Persephone.

His upper lip curls into a smile. I stare at him, shocked that he could actually smile. I mean, I've only seen him smile once, and he was hesitating!

The comment seems to make him smile even more, and I begin to smile myself. What a mysterious man.

When he speaks, his voice makes me jump a little, because we've been silent for a minute or so.

"Here is your room, Evelyn." He says, and laughs a little when I jump.

"Uhm..." I say, "Thank you?"

I say it as a question, because I'm unsure if I should thank him.

He nods, turns away, and leaves me alone, standing in front of a door to my bedroom where I'll be staying for one year.

"Ah, there you are." A man's voice says from behind me, making me jump. To be honest, I'm feeling kind of jumpy today. "I have been looking for you everywhere."

I turn around. It's Hades.

"I'm sorry." I say stiffly. "I just wanted to look around."

He nods. "You could ask me for a tour... you would not be able to see the outside, though. It is very dangerous."

"With the monsters?" I ask curiously.

"Yes." He says. "Now, come on, Persephone has been dying to say something to you."

He steers me into a corridor which I didn't find until now.

"Dying to say something?" I ask while we walk. "Do you mean dying to say something since she met me...?"

"Yes." He says. "Maybe."

"What do you mean, maybe?" I frown.

He sighs. "Persephone will explain everything to you in a second... when we reach where she is."

I look at him. He looks tense as if he's hiding something from me, but maybe he is.

Then, it goes silent. When we reach our destination, Hades opens the door, and beckons me to go in. I walk inside, and see a chandelier in the middle of the room, a sofa, a chair, a TV... well, basically all the living room stuff. I, then, see Persephone sitting on a U-shaped sofa near the TV.

She catches my eye, smiles at me, and pats the seat next to her. I walk towards her, and sits next to her. I had to admit, this made me a little tense. I mean, I am sitting next to a goddess who could literally vaporize me into nothing!

She smiles warmly at me. "There's no need to be tense, my darling."

"You... wanted to see me?" I ask her.

She nods. "Yes, of course. We've actually been keeping a secret from you..."

She glances at Hades who is unmoving with no sign of life in a corner. She raises an eyebrow at him, and silently communicates with him or something. He goes back to life, and tensely comes toward us, and sits faraway from me.

"Now, as I've been saying... we've been keeping a secret from you." She starts, keeping her eyes trained on me. "Zeus has given me, well, us, permission to tell you the secret we've been keeping."

I look at Hades who shows no sign of any emotions, but I can tell that he is tense, waiting for the secret to be revealed.

I looked back at Persephone, and tild my head. "Why would you need permission from Zeus in the first place?"

"What a good question. Well, you see, Hades, here, made a deal with Zeus-" she gives Hades a sharp look, and Hades stares back at her, "-and, without my opinion, he accepted when Zeus found out what we were hiding from him."

She sighs softly as if this is a very hard subject to talk about. "Well... what we were hiding... was a baby child who is a deity. We both knew that the baby was a girl... and she was ours. Well, Evelyn... the baby child... that is you."

I stare at her. "Wait, how did Zeus know that you were hiding something?"

"A prophecy was made by the Fates." She says softly. "A prophecy of something which we were hiding. Zeus got scared, so he wanted to destroy whatever it is... but when he saw that it was a baby, he knew he couldn't kill it. It would be cruel of him. So he made a deal with Hades."

"A prophecy?" I ask. "What did the prophecy say?"

"Someone hidden whose powers are unrevealed, has the power to make both gods and goddesses kneel. A child of a god and goddess, who is born on month of August. On the first of December, her decision can make everyone suffer."

I go silent, thinking of the last sentence: 'her decision can make everyone suffer'. I wouldn't do that, would I? I wouldn't want my family to suffer...

"But... the last sentence." I say. "I wouldn't make anyone suffer, would I?"

Persephone shakes her head. "I do not know, my child. Ony time will tell."

I look at Hades who shows no emotion. He stares at me, then turns his interest onto the TV.

She stares off into outer space, leaving me with no one to talk to. I mean, Hades is staring at a TV which isn't even turned on, and Persephone is now in her train of thoughts.

Speaking of which, I should probably stop calling them by their names. I mean, they are my parents. It would be weird, though. I mean, I've gotten so used to calling them by their names.

Hades stands up, and Persephone gives him a look.

"I need to go do my job, woman." He says. "Just because Evelyn, here-" he waved his hand at me, "-finally came back home, does not mean we can just take a break."

Persephone snorts, and Hades gives her a sharp look. "More like escaping awkwardness and boredom."

I laugh at this statement, and Persephone joins in. Hades, however, looks at us, then turns and strides out of the room.

Once the laughter dies, Persephone speaks up. "He's right, actually, we have jobs to do, so if you'll please excuse me."

She suddenly glows, and I have to look away to protect my eyes. Once the brightness dissapears, Persephone, herself, disspears, leaving me alone in a living room with a TV which isn't turned on... and a girl who I didn't notice before.

The girl has blonde hair, blue eyes, and pale skin. She's wearing a pink shirt which is covered by a pink hoodie, and jeans. Her hair is seperated into two pigtails.

As I observed her more, she got up from her seat, and came towards me.

Once she reached me, I stopped observing her, and smiled politely at her. "Hello, how may I help you?"

"O-oh..." She stutters. "I-I was sent to h-help you, m-miss."

"Exactly who sent you?" I frown. I don't even need help.

"L-Lord Hades, ma'am." She says.

"Okay?" I say. "Why did he even send you...?"

"He s-sent me to show you the w-way to your room, ma'am."

"Evelyn." I say. "You can call me Evelyn or Eve. What's your name?"

"R-Raven, ma'am." She replies.

I inwardly sigh. "Just call me 'Eve', Raven. Oh, and that's a beautiful name."

"T-Thank you, E-Eve..." She says. "I'll show you the way to your room now... please follow me."

I get up, and she starts walking to my room.

When we reach my room, she turns on her heels, and when she is about to leave, I call out.

"Wait." I say, patting the spot next to me when she looks back. "Please, sit next to me. It's nice to have a friend."

She smiles at me, but otherwise looks nervous. "I-I don't think I can do that, Eve."

"Please?" I say. "I'll tell my... father if he asks."

Okay, that just sounded very weird.

"Okay." She says, giving up.

We spend the next hour getting to know each other, and I taught her how to play a card game Jacob used to play with me. It actually felt nice to have a friend for once.

After the hour passes by, someone knocks on the door, and opens it to reveal Hades.

"What is she doing here?" Hades demands.

Raven looks as if she's about to explode, but I reply to him calmly. "I asked her to stay here. It is nice to have a friend, afterall." I shrug carelessly.

"She is a worker." He says. "She should be working, not playing."

"I-It's okay, sir." Raven interferes. "I-I'll go now."

She quickly runs out of the door before any of us can get a word out.

I sigh. "You just made me lonely again."

"I apologize." He says. "But as I said, she should be working, not playing a card game with you."

"Do you even realize how boring it can be here?" I shoot back. "Well, you probably won't since you've always had to do your job, whatever it is, but I know Persephone would understand."

"Did someone call me?" Someone calls from behind Hades, making him jump.

Hades sighs. "Speaking of which, you should probably stop calling us by our names."

I shrug. "I'm used to calling you by your names, so..."

"Bad habits are meant to be broken." Hades says.

I sigh. "Fine, but you just got rid of my only friend."

"Did you say he got rid of your 'only friend'?" Persephone butts in.

"Yes." I say. "Can you bring my friend back? Her name's-"

"She has work to do." Hades says.

"Yes, but I'm bored." I argue.

"You have us now." He replies.

"Yes. And?" I say. "You guys are boring."

"Ouch, that really hurts." Persephone says dramatically.

"At least that was the truth." I mutter.

Hades sighs. "You can have your friend tomorrow, okay?"

"Fine." I groan. "But I'm going to be so bored today, so I'm just going to go explore this place... again."

"At least take her with you." Hades says. "You never know what you could find."

I shrug. "What's the worst I could find? Cerberus? Ooh, I've always wanted to meet him!"

He gives me a sharp look, and I sigh. "Fine. Come on... mom."

Persephone starts laughing when I say 'mom' which makes me embarrassed.

"Hey!" I say. "He told me to stop calling you guys by your names, so I did."

"You don't need to listen to him." She whispers in my ear, and winks at me.

I laugh. "Okay... Persephone."

Hades gives me a sharp look, and I blink up at him, feigning innocence.

"That is the door to Tartarus..." Persephone says. "It's where the Titans are... and Kronos."

I nod. I knew this. I am a mythology lover, afterall. I study the door, and notice that it looks kind of old.

"Can we go now?" Persephone asks. "This place gives me the creeps."

I nod. "Yeah, let's move on."

She leads me elsewhere. "This is the Fields of Asphodel. It's a place for souls who didn't commit any significant crimes, but also didn't achieve any greatness..."

The field is filled with billions of souls, just standing, doing nothing. It is crowded, afterall. I doubt they'd be able to move with the amount of souls there.

Then, she leads me to another place. "This is the Fields of Punishment. It's for souls who commited crimes against Gods, and stuff like that. This is where mortals are eternally punished for their crimes."

There are so many souls being tortured. It's a grusome sight. There are people who were being burned at stake, being chased by hellhounds, and more horrible punishments.

"I know." Persephone says sadly. "Unfortunately, that's what happens here, but on the bright side, Elysium or the Elysian Fields is next."

She leads me to Elysium, and I gasp. "It's beautiful!"

Inside Elysium, there is a lake, and in the middle of the lake, there is an island. The Isle of the Blest.

She smiled at me. "I know. It's where heroes, and other virtuous souls go to rest. If they choose to be reborn three times, and achieve greatness for each time they chose to be reborn, they go to the Isle of the Blest."

Elysium, unlike the other places, has less souls. It looks like paradise, though. I mean, it is paradise afterall.

The Isle of the Blest, however, looks like heaven. A place even better than paradise.

"Hades will be worried." Persephone murmurs. "We've been gone for so long. We should go back now."

Wait, wait, wait... without meeting Cerberus? I wasn't having that...

"Can we meet Cerberus?" I plea. "Please? I've always wanted to meet him."

She gives me a weird look, but at the sight of my puppy eyes, she sighs. "Fine. But I'm not dealing with my husband."

"Yay!" I say. "Thank you so much, Persephone."

I tackle her into a hug. After a moment of shock, she hugs back.

"Come on." She says. "I don't want to worry Hades too much."

She teleports us to the entrance of the Underworld, and I see an enormous three-headed dog. To be honest, I think he looks cute, despite it being three-headed. Okay, sure, it looks fierce, has red-eyes, but whatever!

Persephone whistles. "Hey, Cerberus!"

Cerberus barks loudly, running forward, and as it's running, it starts to shrink, and look more normal. Instead of three heads, the two other heads starts vanishing. As it's running, however, it steps on many souls which shriek, and dissipate into nothing.

Persephone laughs as Cerberus tackles her to the ground, licking her face. It was such a cute sight. I am a dog-lover, afterall.

"You shouldn't step on so many souls again, Cerberus." Persephone scolds whilst being licked at. "That's very rude of you. You've just caused pain to some innocent souls."

Cerberus suddenly looks at me, and growls. Persephone pats Cerberus on the head worriedly.

"Easy, boy." Persephone says worriedly. "She's my daughter... you wouldn't want to make me and Hades mad, would you?"

She looks at me, and explains. "There aren't supposed to be living things, except Gods and Goddesses, here."

Cerberus comes forward, sniffing me, then barking happily. I laugh, and pat his head.

"Okay, time to go." Persephone says.

"Aw." I say as Cerberus licks my face one last time, and runs to where he was, growing his two other heads back, and becoming larger.

Persephone teleports us back to the library where Hades is sitting on the sofa, looking worried. Did Hades say something to her earlier? Or did she just know where he was?

"Where have you been?" He tries to keep his voice calm, but fails. Instead, he sounds all choked up.

"Well, she gave me a tour around, then we went to see Cerberus." I say.

"You literally scared me!" He yells. "You could have been dead for all I knew! There are actual monsters out there!"

Persephone keeps quiet. She was keeping her promise, alright.

I internally sigh. "She would have stopped the monster from actually killing me, dad. Do you think she'd want me to die?"

"No..." He says slowly. "But to make me worry!"

"Yes, I made you worried, and yes, I'm sorry for making you scared, but I just wanted to see Cerberus... is a girl not allowed to see a dog?" I say.

"Cerberus... you went to see Cerberus?" He says, horrified.

"Yes..." I say slowly. "I said that two times already. And?"

"He could have killed you!" He exclaims. "Do you have no sense, woman?"

"He growled at me, she stops him from killing me, what else could have happened?" I say, suddenly exasperated. "Oh, I could have died if she weren't there, but she was, so the worst that could have happened was I could have got bitten! A bite is nothing!"

Hades sighs in exasperation, then looks at Persephone. "Why did you not stop her?"

"Oh, don't look at me!" Persephone cries. "She was giving me the puppy eyes! I couldn't have refused!"

"Yes, you could have." He says in a deadly calm manner.

"Oh, I am so out of here." She says, and swiftly goes out of the door.

Hades sighs. "You cannot expect me to be happy with this... you could have died for all I knew. Now, excuse me, I need to go say sorry to my wife."

He quickly leaves the room, leaving me confused. Exactly when did he ever say sorry? But then again, I barely even know him, so nevermind... I'm betting he doesn't say sorry, though.

I collapse onto the sofa, thinking hard. What an exhausting day.

And the next thing I know, darkness comes over me, and I almost fall asleep.

When my eyelids almost close, I see Hades come back with a small smile on his lips. He lifts me up, and carries me.

This is definitely a dream.