On most days, Timothy paid no attention to his surroundings while walking home from school. Today was not most days.

More often than not, Timothy made his daily exodus from the building that was the center of his small world accompanied by at least one of his many acquaintances. The only times he would be alone on the journey was if he was staying behind late to study, in which cases, the area would be empty and beginning to get dark, and as such would have nothing to possibly hold the 16 year old's attention for any longer than a few moments. Things were different when Timothy headed home immediately after school; in those cases the day was still young enough that people were out, about, and conducting business and the Sun was still high enough to illuminate the area, revealing the beautiful nature of it all. Cyclists, joggers, children playing, butterflies, and flower-pollinating bees made the relatively untouched neighbourhood where Timothy lived a wondrous place. Despite this, Timothy was a teenager and it was rare for him not to be plugged in to his phone and plugged out of his world when walking about, unless of course he had someone to talk to.

As a result of this, even part-way through his fourth year at his high school, Timothy had never paid much attention to his route home from school, even though he passed through it ever day. But as stated before, this was not a usual day for Timothy. All his friends had basketball today, an activity that they had taken up in the last couple months, and an activity Timothy was excused from given his weaker-than-average constitution for a boy his age. On top of this, Timothy's phone had been broken in a peculiar skateboarding accident (how his phone had ended up on the ground and how his friend Jason had failed to notice it was something that would escape Timothy's understanding for the rest of his life) and wouldn't be fixed for the next two days. Timothy would have, for once, been glad to have some sort of project to work on, but as luck (good or bad) would have it, Timothy had completed all of his responsibilities for this week ahead of schedule. And thus, through a series of odd occurrences, Timothy found himself in a very singular situation for a boy his age: having to actually pay some attention to the environment around him.

One could assume that this would likely be a very enlightening exercise for him, that Timothy's eyes would open and that he would learn to appreciate the small things in the world around him more. One could assume that Timothy would learn something about the beauty of nature, even in controlled and limited spaces such as his local park. And one could assume that Timothy would return home, refreshed and feeling educated, eager to do something like this again. Well, either that or he simply would fail to be fazed in the slightest, and make it home as apathetic as he started out.

However, all of these assumptions would be terribly incorrect on account of the fact that, during his walk, Timothy DID open his eyes and learn something new about the neighbourhood he called home, and yet...

All Timothy managed to learn was the fact that his neighbourhood was positively horrifying.