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The Lone Hybrid

Chapter 1-Introductions

Deep in the mountains of a sacred forest lived a group of wild cats who called themselves the Light Clan, but these were no ordinary cats, they were cats on a mission to put an end to the Dark Claw's reign.

Dark Claw has been the evil ruler over the lands for generations now ever since he slayed the peacekeeper Chrome.

Flame, the leader of the group, had wild orange fur that gracefully blew in the wind. He was no stranger to the Dark Claw as he killed Flame's parents and for that he swore revenge.

His friend Spark was the goof of the group. He had dusty yellow fur and piercing blue eyes that could see right into your soul but overall was a lovable friend.

Shadow was the most cautious of the cats, she could detect anything close by and instantly hunt it down.

Finally there was Polar, the bravest of the group and she's the one who makes sure everyone is safe in battle.

Each one also had something round there necks, something that their parents gave to them, a medallion shaped in different ways for each cat.

Flame's was a Cat Face, Spark's was the shape of lightning bolt, Shadow's was a full moon and Polar's was a paw-print.

None of them knew what they did but their parents told them to keep them on them at all times and one day they will help to bring evil to it's knees.