Chapter 4- A new Ally?

The moon was at it's brightest and the trees rustled in the wind.

The damp, dark cave was lit only by the moon sharing it's glowing light.

"Flame?" Spark shook him but no response.

The dark aura around Flame hadn't disappeared and the clan was growing increasingly more worried.

Trees rustled outside as a familiar figure approached the misery-filled cave.

"What's wrong with him?" The figure asked with no sympathy.

The cats growled and kept their guard up but decided to talk.

"He got struck by NightScar's Nightmare Shadow, he hasn't been able to come out of it since" Polar spat out.


"What?" Asked the clan.

"Do I need to spell it out for you? My name is Taru" Snarled Taru.

The Clan looked puzzled at Taru's sudden change.

Taru exited the cave and brought back a few leaves and water.

She ground them up and told them to fed this to Flame.

"Why should we? What have you done to it?" Shadow asked cautiously.

"Unless you want him to continue suffering I suggest you give it to him" Commanded Taru.

Reluctantly Polar carefully fed Flame the crushed up leaves. The dark aura surrounding him slowly started to fade.

"He'll be fine now" Informed Taru.

"Thanks, I don't know why you helped us but I'm sure glad you did" Spark grinned at Taru.


The Clan flinched back at this, cursing themselves for showing weakness at this mysterious cat.

"I simply wanted him to live so that when you get to Dark Claw's Castle you can serve as a distraction so I can kill Dark Claw and his pesky apprentice" Taru told the confused and tired Clan.

"HEY! If you think you're going to be the one to kill them you're dead wrong! We've worked too hard to let some ignorant,bossy cat take away our prize from us!" Spark Growled.

In less than an instant Taru had pinned Spark up against the cave wall.

"From now on I'm the leader of this pathetic excuse for a clan, I'm the one who calls the shots and if anyone disobeys me I will have no hestitation in killing them" Taru Snarled.

Her sapphire eyes,like endless pools of water,piercing into Spark's eyes and filling him with fear.

He started to shake and slowly nodded his head.

Taru let her grip on him go and Spark let out a breath he didn't even know he was holding.

"We rest tonight and leave at dawn" Commanded Taru.

"What makes you think we're simply going to follow your lead!" Shadow Growled.

Spark tried to calm Shadow down knowing what would happen if he crossed Taru,he didn't want to see he is friend go through that.

"It's not worth it Shadow,we're all fighting against Dark Claw that's all that matters" Polar said.

"You're better off listening to your comrade then challenging me" Taru calmly said.

Shadow simply growled but decided to let it go, Polar was right they were all fighting against the Dark Claw and as long as he gets killed it doesn't really matter who kills him.

With that thought in her head Shadow and the others rested not knowing what laid in store for them and their new comrade.