September 11, 2001


on the eleventh of September,

most of us never knowing it would become a day to remember

a day to curse, a day to love, a day to hate, a day to remember the cruel hand of fate

despite standing for only a measly 28 years, these grand monarchs enjoyed the view they had of their beloved city. they loved the people who came in and out of them. together, they were like an eternal vigil of peace, watching over the city like silent hawks.

the people loved the towers, too. the people came from all over, in great numbers, to see the towers. they loved them. in fact, there was no building more adored with love than the twin towers.

it was an ordinary day for everyone

no one knew that at the end of the day, over two thousand would lie dead

tons left to an uncertain fate inside crumbling steel tombs

September 11th dawned bright and uncertain,

as though it didn't want to begin

(but nonetheless, the tragedy must begin)

humans, many of them fathers, mothers, with children in tow board flights 93, 11, 77, and 175-all with hopes and dreams and thoughts of their own-all dreaming of seeing loved ones. little did they know that they'd go down screaming instead of dreaming and their cheers replaced with fears and tears in their final moments.

then the terror begins. the planes are hijacked.

many cry, many pray. many are terrified that they will never live to see the day. many fight back. many cower in fear. many stand up and fight. many don't do anything. many wish it would all end.

many call their friends to wish them goodbye, tell their wives and husbands and children they love them, and contact their mothers and fathers, sisters and brothers, to bid farewell.

they can see the plane is soaring through the air, and it's going to crash. they all gather together and pray for their release, but many die on impact, without any awareness of what happened.

oh, what a horrid sight-seeing hundreds of lives snuffed out like a candle at once! Seeing them wiped out like nothing ever mattered! The whole world watched in terror and agony as what unfolded changed our nation forever.

The twin towers started to smoke and burn. many died instantly, while others ran for it. some never knew what hit them.

many escaped. many did not.

many did the best that they could.

many stayed to help others.

many died to help others, as did the heroic firefighters, police officers, and first responders, and so did the office workers who banded together to help.

oh what a horrifying scene.

millions across the nation witness the carnage, listen to it.

then a second one flies into the neighbor and the towers just know-that it's their time to leave this earth. they've been here long enough.

as the humans flee, doing what they can to survive, the towers eventually collapse, killing most of the souls fighting for life. these people will be forever remembered as heroes for fighting the way that they did with all their might.

the sight of the tower collapsing is forever ingrained into the poet's mind, watching the tower of smoke rise high into the air and then complete gray consume the world whole in its image while covering all in its path with the sobering new reality of what just happened.

the people of Manhattan are brave and fight to help those they can.

the pentagon was also struck on that day and many heroic souls lost their lives, too.

flight 93 was full of the most heroic human sacrifice-a band of heroes led the fight against the hijackers for the plane. they succeeded in taking the plane down, but unfortunately, they lost their lives in the process. they sacrificed themselves so that others could live.

the beauty was in the way the entire world mourned-unfolding flags for the us, cheering us on, mourning our dead-stopping for a moment of silence or recognition. the entire world suffered a scar across itself when those towers collapsed that day.

the whole world carries those wounds with them every day.

we still remember, eighteen years later, all those who were lost forever in the tombs of ash and fire, in the smoke and dust and tragedy. we will never forget them as they were in life.

we will never forget those beautiful towers.

however, we will always remember the bravery and powerful human beings on that day who sacrificed so much to save so many. the kindness of the day overshadows the cruelty and makes for a silver lining.

it is my hope that the twin towers will never be forgotten.

not now, not a hundred years or a thousand years.

i pray we will never have another disaster such as this.