I've been holding on too tight

To the darkest parts of me

But I wanna let go

That's not who I want to be

I want to be good like you

Or not as bad as me

And so I'll catch all your tears

I hope I set you free


So cry yourself a river

And I'll build you a boat

Together we'll sail

Where you wanna go

So cry yourself a river

andAnd I'll drown all your pain

If it takes me forever

I'll save you from the rain

So just cry yourself a river

And we'll just wash away

[end chorus]

You deserve better than me

I deserve worse than you

I'll try to make it better

Whenever you feel blue

We both know pain too well

Cause he follows us around

I'll fight him forever

just To make you safe and sound


May we sail on forever

May you feel ever better

Maybe one day you'll see

You deserve much more than me