Prompt: write the longest sentence that you can.

(414 words)

The worst thing about the teen years is the fact that — for all its shenanigans and dramatics and extracurriculars et cetera — the feeling of boredom and monotony is as inescapable as the turning of the earth; and the hard fact that school starts at 7:30 now because it's somehow better for everyone (despite the fact that it has alleviated no one); and the necessity of eating breakfast every morning even though the only thing to eat today, like every day, is the off-brand discount cereal named something like Happy-O's; and the looming sense of dread that you're on your phone too long and are probably going to miss your bus, but you just REALLY DON'T WANT to face reality and end your own free time; and the knowledge that there was a fifty-point project due but you were too tired to even think about it, even though you remembered; and the tick of the clock and the fact that you know THE EXACT SECOND that every class ends and every bell is a moment closer to being able to forget it all; and your eternal lunchtime gauntlet in waiting for the freshmen to just pick a darn fruit already; and the disgust that clogs your throat all throughout your gym hour (that kid pushed you and you're pretty sure he doesn't know that soap exists); and the doomsaying of the students from first-hour APUSH who warn you that the teacher is cold-calling a lot today, so good luck if you haven't read the chapter; and the temporary relief when you pack up your things and climb on the bus home, which never lasts very long anyway because when you get there, your backpack pulls you down to the kitchen table and formulas glare out at you, but the only thing you can do is slump over a napkin of tortilla chips with nothing to dip them in and scroll mindlessly through miles of digital garbage until your mom comes home and yells about dirty dishes; and maybe you skip the last step because you were at drama or sports or clubs, but these are no better because all they are is an extra line on your resume, and because your homework is still undone; and then you're so tired and it seems so pointless so you take your shower and you scroll through garbage and you climb in bed and you eat your cereal and you go to school and you know the rest.