How to Succeed in Opening a Daycare Center

When I was a senior in high school, Job Sampling was part of my curriculum. Job Sampling is for students with disabilities and special needs to get an idea of different job experiences. I'm writing about daycare centers because I job sampled at Corporate Toddlers twice. It was a good experience because I enjoyed being around the kids and getting to know them. My dream is to open my own daycare center and if it's not possible, I would at least like to work in one as an aide.

Child care workers take care of young children when the parents are working. They make sure that the kids practice good hygiene so that they can stay clean and away from germs. Child care workers help the children with lessons, read them stories, play with them, teach them about sharing and taking turns by using games. Daycare center directors hire staff members and they train them so that they can be successful on the job. They also make sure that their daycare centers are clean and maintained according to their state regulations.

Daycare center directors have daycare duties, such as keeping up to date on the children's files, they create the menu for meals and snacks, manage the daycare staff, talking to the parents about their children, and they accept responsibility for making sure they're following the state's daycare center regulations. "The daycare director is the person who accepts the responsibility for ensuring that the organization is in full compliance with all licensing and safety regulations.". Daycare directors make a schedule for the children and the staff to follow during the day so that everything runs smoothly at the daycare during their hours. They oversee their curriculum used in the center, whether it's going over lesson plans for the daycare teachers or choosing what the children will learn at daycare.