A day in the life at Corporate Toddlers in New Jersey starts at 6:30 in the morning. The kids come in with their parents, and they go to class while the parents leave to go to work. The daycare director supervises the staff to make sure that they're doing their jobs as a daycare teacher or as an aide. The children will do lessons, have snack and or lunch, they will have play time, the daycare teacher will read them a story and the daycare center closes at 6:00 PM after the kids have gone home for the day with their parents. The children come to daycare Monday-Friday while the parents are working so that they know that their children are in good hands. Teresa Manaell supervises her staff at Childspace Daycare Centers to make sure that they are working well with the children. "At Childspace Daycare Center, we open at 7:30 in the morning when the kids come in with their parents. They go to class while the parents leave to go to work, and I supervise the staff to make sure that they're doing their jobs. We close at 6:00 at night."

There are many pros and cons of daycare and Jennifer Cerbasi who teaches a public school for children with autism explains the pros and cons in an article called " The Pros and Cons of Daycare" (June 1st 2009). The pros of daycare are independence, socialization, and academic advantage. Children can socialize with other children at daycare, they can learn child development at daycare and the children know that their parents will be back for them when they finish working. "Children learn most between birth and five years old.". The cons of daycare are increased exposure to illness, less quality time with parents and exposure to poor behavior. "Whether you are comfortable with your decision to utilize daycare services or you are still apprehensive, there are a few ways to ensure you choose the right daycare. The best way to choose a daycare is to ask friends for references. Happy children often equal happy parents."

In conclusion, working and or opening a daycare center can be hard work, but in the end, it's a fun place to work. If you go to college and study Early Childhood Education, you will get the tools that you need to succeed in opening a daycare center after you finish college. While I was job sampling at Corporate Toddlers, I learned that working in a daycare center in the future can be a lot of fun because of the children that come to daycare. I would like to volunteer at a daycare center one day and work with the kids. If you learn everything about Early Childhood Education in college, this will be the beginning step to success in opening a daycare center.