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Forbidden Room

Ch. 1

Mom suddenly turned right from the main street, and into an abandoned-looking neighbourhood. The trees and grass were overgrown, and the houses looked a bit old fashioned. There were only four houses, actually.

I peered out the car window, anxiously. Which house was ours? I tried to look like I wasn't not interested, and kept my I-don't-care face as I examined each house carefully. I was dying to know which one we'd be staying in. Moving in.

All the houses looked quite the same; small, square, and hidden behind the lush greenery. Most of them were greyish-yellowish, but I couldn't really tell because half the paint was peeling off. Except one. A house stood at the end of the street, looking freshly painted, a light colour of beige. It was much bigger than the others, but other than that, it looked just like the other houses. So this was it.

I sighed, loud enough for Mom to hear. This was the neighbourhood we were staying in? It might as well be in the 1990's.

"We're here!" Mom exclaimed cheerfully, as she parked our Toyota Highlander in the driveway. There was already another moving truck there, transferring all our sofas and tables in. The house was already furnished, Mom had said, but she wanted to have most of our furniture moved in too. That time, I had thought she was just going to go cramming everything up, but now, I saw that the house was pretty big, and would probably fit our stuff too. Not that we had a lot of furniture, anyways.

"Well, what do you think?" Mom asked, as she unbuckled her seatbelt and turned to look at us. And by us, I mean me and my brothers; Dustin and Kyle.

Kyle shrugged as he swung open the car door and jumped out. He never seemed to have any reaction to anything nowadays. Dustin was pouting, and I could tell he wasn't happy. Me neither. I had never wanted to move in the first place.

We lived in a small apartment, about ten minutes drive away from here. I don't remember living in any other place than our apartment room. It was all I'd ever known. Then just a few months back, Mom had suddenly started her house-hunt. I never really cared much that time. She wouldn't find a good house, and we'd stay living in the apartment. And so I thought.

Soon, we started hearing talk of this "amazing" house somewhere nearby, how she'd paint it and renovate a few things, and everything would be perfect. I still never really thought of it, thinking the time was still far, far away. But here we are today. I sighed again.

"What kind of neighbourhood is this?" Dustin whined, clearly in the verge of tears. "Are we going to live in this place for the rest of our lives?"

Mom rolled her eyes, "Oh Dustin, don't be so dramatic! The neighbourhood is lovely! I met up with some of our neighbours and they seem really friendly."

I heard Dustin muttering something under his breath as he hopped out of the car. Mom looked over at me helplessly.

I tried to look very unimpressed, "Is this the best you could find?" I finally managed.

I noticed Mom's jaw clench, and she gave me a frown, "Kristy, I expect better from you," is all she said as she stepped out of the car. I too, leaped off the car and walk-ran to the door. I was curious and somewhat excited to explore our new house. But I didn't want to give Mom the satisfaction, so I managed to slow down a bit, and look bored and grumpy. I wanted Mom to know that this was the worst decision she's ever made.

"You guys can go check out the house," Mom told us, "but I don't want any fighting over the rooms."

Kyle started for the door, but Mom held him back, and told him to stay and help the movers load everything in. Dustin rushed for the door, wanting to get the best room. I tagged along behind him. It was better than moving all the boxes in.

The main entrance door was antiquated, just like the rest of the house. The door knob was long and curved, and the door itself was made out of wood, oak wood. Dustin reached for the door and swung it open roughly. He bounced inside with his shoes still on. I was about to tell him to take off his shoes, as he was leaving his marks all over the polished floor, but I didn't. Like I cared.

I peered inside and carefully stepped in, examining each and every detail. Immediately, I noticed that almost everything was made out of wood. The same oaky-wood on the door.

I turned around to ask Mom what was it with all the wood, when I noticed something move beside some bushes of the neighbouring house. I squinted, trying to get a better look. It was pretty far, but close enough for me to know that it was a someone, not something. I could just make out a hooded head, peering out from behind the bushes. For a second, I felt that we locked gazes, then, the face disappeared. Like literally disappeared. I blinked. I was just looking at a bunch of overgrown bushes.

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