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Ch. 4

On Saturday nights, I always stayed up really late, usually talking to April. But today, all I wanted to do was to snuggle up under the covers and snooze off. Tomorrow was going to be a long day.

The whole morning was spent emptying all the boxes in the kitchen and arranging them nicely in the wooden cupboards. Mom had to make sure that was done first, (of course).

Now, she sent Dustin and Kyle off to their rooms to arrange their things, (or properties as Mom said), while I was stuck with her organizing the sofa's in the living room.

I looked longingly at the stairs while Mom chattered on about where she would put the table and lamp.

"Mom?" I suddenly asked, remembering what I wanted to ask her yesterday.

"Mmm?" she answered while pushing the loveseat.

"You said you met the neighbours. Are there any… kids around here?"

Mom was still trying to push the seat into place, "Don't just stand there, come and help me with this."

I sigh, irritated, and went over to help. "Like, are there are kids around me and Dustin's age here?"

"I think so," she answered, frowning, as if she was trying to remember. "There was a boy, about your age. Not sure though."

It was my turn to frown. So it must have been him, peeking through the bushes. "From which house?"

"I don't remember, honestly. Why?"

I shrugged, then looked back at the stairs. I still hadn't went down, and badly wanted to. I turned back to Mom, who seemed distracted, trying to decide where to put our three-seat sofa. I took my chance and rushed for the stairs.

It was pretty small downstairs compared to upstairs, not like I had expected. There was a small living room, with an elegant sofa set. There was a small hall, leading to a bathroom, and another room.

It was probably a guest room, I thought as I carefully opened the door.

Almost immediately, I had a strange sensation about the room. It looked like a pretty normal room, with a queen bed in the middle, and two side tables beside it. I felt my the hair on the back of my neck stand out as I stepped in, feeling like I was being watched. I almost expected Kyle to jump out from behind the door. You can say that was just my overactive imagination.

There was a little shelf going all around the room, like a window sill, but on the walls instead. The strange thing was that the sill was filled with…dolls. Lined up almost all around the room were seated dolls. What were they doing here? Maybe the previous owner forgot them?

This did not seem to be a guest room any more, rather someone's personal room. I walked over to the sill, and ran my hand over the doll that was seated there. The design of the doll was pretty old-fashioned, almost like a vintage doll. Big and plastic. The weird thing was that it was wearing modern clothing; blue jeans and a pink shirt. It had short black hair, with bangs just above her eyes.

I looked around the room, studying the other dolls. They were all almost similar to one another, except for their clothing and hair. Some were even boy-dolls.

I turned back to the doll in front of me. Her eyes seemed so realistic, full of detail and precision. I peered closely into the green-grey glass eyes, examining the design. Just then, the dolls eyes swivelled and looked right into mine. For a moment, all I could do was stare right back, unable to turn away from those big, pleading eyes.

"Help me."

It was a squeaky, distant voice, almost in my head, but I heard it.

I turned around swiftly, heart pounding at my chest. There was no one there. Slowly, I turned back to the doll, who's eyes were back to how they had been. A slow, dreaded realization hit me. I was sure I hadn't said anything, and if I was the only one there… I looked at the doll stupidly, then slowly backed away.

Stupid, stupid, stupid, I thought as I ran up the stairs. It was probably nothing but my stupid fantasy, and I fell right for it. But what I heard rung in my head for the rest of the day, clear as crystal water.

"Help me."

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