The Mountains of Zachgard was beautiful cold but beautiful. My bag was carrying thirty pounds of burdiorn ores. The green ore is abundant I guess you would call it iron in your world. Same thing and function except burdiorn is green. A mine along the mountain pass was requesting investors. As the old Zachary saying goes a mine owner can be your greatest friend. Finally I arrived at the mine what the locals call Old Burdiorn Cave. I walked in nine Zachary miners were busying picking away at the ore veins.

I was greeted by a cheerful Zackicorne (Zack-i-corne) she cracked a common Zackicorne joke. "Names Zackurfrith though I wanted to be called Sarah". I gave a fake chuckle. As custom I was given Zachealu and fresh bread. I gave my name and said I wanted to be an investor. Zackurfrith nodded and laughed. " I have another favor to ask friend". Zackurfrith said she needed me to deliver a couple ingots to the town tool smith.

She also asked if the local lord could send a patrol to be stationed along the mine road. Shouldn't be too difficult the town was only a mile and if the lord saw production he'd likely agree. I walked along the trail with the ingots in my backpack. Finally I arrived at the town of Zackerstead. My back was killing me yet it would be all worth it I told myself.

I saw the smithy a small Zackweorg (Zack-we-org) was working the smithy. He had hammers, tongs, nails, and other tools of the trade. Made from burdiorn "Whatcha want lad" He said gruffly. I gave him the ingots and told him who it was from. "You mean that airhead actually got something done". He said he'd send a runner with the money.

The Zackerstead guard were busy patrolling the town. It wasn't that big to be honest. It had a zackwudu around the entrance the town. I arrived at the door to the Zachlaron. The guards stopped me. "I've been sent on behalf of Zackurfrith". They moved their spears and opened the hall doors. The Zachlaron was eating a modest meal bread and a simple roast hen. "Hail Zachfolk" He laughed.

As custom he stopped eating and sat on his throne chair. I said I represented the Old Burdiorn Mine. He nodded and said he had plenty guards but needed to think about it. "Will this change your mind mi'lord". As I offered a chest with about thirty Zachollar coins. He gave a hearty laugh. "It certainly will friend".


Zackurfrith, the miners, myself, and even the two Zachary guardsman were dancing. For the first time morale of the mine was high. I had a valuable asset and friends. No easy feat for a hero like myself.