DISCLAMER: This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, businesses, places, events and incidents are either the products of my imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental.


Debbie couldn't sleep.

She was afraid.

Afraid of having the dreams, and what might happen to her.

She had been at the academy for over two weeks, because of her 'dreams'. Her mother and the church elders insisted that she attend in the hopes of ending them.

Only tonight, she had the dream. As usual, she rushed through the woods. Strong and free. Once again, she felt the danger, ever closer. Again she heard music, like that one time. She saw her again, that girl from before, in a field. She spoke to her. "Do not fear! We are coming! I will save…!" And the evil came. She was awaken by her roommates and one of the proctors, who reported her to one of the teachers. She was forced to explain them in great detail to them, but she left out the girl.

She didn't want them to know about the girl.

She couldn't.

She begged forgiveness. Despite this, they made her take penance. They blasted her with cold water, to cleanse her. To prevent her from sleeping.

From having the dreams.

It seemed to work. When they let her go, she tried to sleep, but couldn't.

She was afraid.

From having the dreams.

But what about the girl?

She said she was coming. But she was just a dream.

Was she?


"I'm sorry Bea. I'm gonna be busy that weekend."

"I understand, Jordan. Do you know anyone else who could help?"

"Have you tried the Grimm Brothers?"

"I did. They wanted to help, but their mom was against it. Turns out she's not too happy of my new activities."

"A lot of people aren't. You know how the elders are. Magic users like us could get away with it, but the Lupins and the Vamps, are different. You know how they value their secrecy. It's a miracle the council allowed you to do this!' He paused. "I'd be careful."

"You know me!" she smiled.

"Seriously. I would be careful." He stood. "Good luck with your endeavor. And watch your back." He bowed and left.

What will I do? She couldn't get help from her friends in her faction. They all gave convenient excuses, but the underlying truth was the same. No one could help her after she went public.

Oh, it was true her action was (surprisingly) accepted by the council, and she was still in standing with her friends and her circle, but there was that silent rejection amongst her peers.

It wasn't that she intended to expose anyone, indeed she had learned of various historic instances where peers in her faction, Notably Master A, publicly assisted outsiders with little retribution from anyone!

She took out her locket, and Debbie's photo. There were other reasons, of course. She learned that Debbie had been sent to the True Light Academy. A conversion therapy school with a terrible reputation. Worse yet, a full moon was coming, and there was so little time.

She finished her tea.

What could she do?

Half an hour later, she returned to In Crowd headquarters. Jade, Neuro and Howler were in the common area.

"Hey Bea, we were just thinking about you. Doing anything this weekend?"

"Well, I was hoping to ask Striker for some time off. I need to help a friend…"

"Need any help?"

"Um… well…"

"Yeah, the Clean Team's pulling weekend duty. They felt they had to make it up to us after that Pet Palace fiasco."

She smiled. "Actually yes…!


Sylene crossed her arms, and gave a brief incantation. Moments later, Moonsox appeared. He approached her and bowed. Before she could respond, she noticed his 'costume'.

"Why… are you dressed like that?"

"Please mistress…" said Moonsox humbly. "I'd rather not talk about this. It was her idea… or rather her friends. I didn't want to…"

"Never mind. What have you learned?"

"She's still trying to get help from others. So far, no one accepted. She's at Legba's now."

"I see." She smiled. It seemed that the consequences of her niece's rash action was starting to catch up with her. Better still, with little action on her part. She had final say within her circle of course, but outside, very little. Thankfully, there were others who were upset with Bianca's choice, and the council's decision.

It was a pity. If it weren't for this nonsense, she would have helped her without hesitation.

"You are dismissed." She said to Moonsox. He bowed, and winked away.

He teleported back to Bianca's apartment at the In Crowd headquarters. After pondering his actions, he decided to take a well-earned nap. It was then, His mistress arrived.

"Oh. Um hey! How did everything go?" he said innocently.

She slumped on a nearby chair while he climbed up on her lap. "Well, Jordan said he was busy, and the others… well…"

"Not good, huh?"

"No." she said, stroking him.

After a few silent minutes, he spoke up. "I'm sure you did your best. The council will understand…"

"I just talked to some of my teammates though. They'll help me instead."

"Maybe if… WHAAAAAT?!" he stood up, with claws extracted.

"OW! Calm down!" she said, pushing him off onto the floor.

"I have it all covered. Don't worry!"

"But! But…!"

"Shhhhhh. Be quiet. Everything will be fine!"

"Fine? FINE!?"

"Yes. Fine!"