7:55 PM

No time to lose, thought Moonsox. He quickly lowered his head and concentrated. Immediately, his body started to bulge. In a few moments, the small black cat morphed into an imposing muscular panther.

Meanwhile, Sally returned with a proctor. "Wait here." He said. Down the hall, they heard light growling. "Who's there?" he called out. Slowly, a large, dark, lithe, feline shadow approached them. His eyes widened in mute terror as it came closer. It was then that they all heard a bestial howl come from the bathroom.

8:00 PM

The full moon emerged over the horizon.

Inside the girl's bathroom, Debbie's shakes got worse. Her whole body seemed on fire. As she writhed, she noticed hair follicles growing on her arms, and her limbs were contorting as if going through a sudden metamorphosis! Moments later, she gave out a painful yell, which sounded more like a howl.

Outside, the dark beast bared its fangs as it slowly approached the pair. As they backed towards a corner, the proctor whispered to Sally. "Go to your room and stay there. I will sound the alarm.

"But Sister Debbie's still in there!"

"Do as I say! Now Run!"

Immediately Sally ran around the corner and back to her room. Just then, another howl came from the bathroom, followed by a hard shove on the door, ripping it off its hinges, distracting the huge cat. The proctor took advantage of this by rushing around the corner to sound the alarm.

The beast was loose. The dream was reality.

Slowly, the young lupin emerged from the bathroom. She had awoken. She knew not where she was, but she needed to be free.

The evil surrounded her, but could not penetrate her. She would not let it.

It was then that she heard a soft growl. At the bathroom entrance, a large dark furred feline stood there, as if challenging her. With primal instinct, she poised to attack. Immediately, the panther moved back, causing her to pounce toward it.

Quickly, Moonsox dashed down the hallway. That's right, he thought. Chase the nice large juicy cat. The plan was to lead her outside without getting anyone killed. Not an easy feat.

Elsewhere, the proctor alerted some guards. Grab the weapons and come with me!"

From all around, klaxon's sounded, momentarily disrupting the two creatures in their chase through the hallways. As they moved, an intercom sounded. "All students. Remain in your rooms. Repeat. All students, remain in your rooms." Despite this, a few students stepped out into the hallway. After seeing the creatures move down the hallway however, they immediately returned to their rooms.

From a security console, the proctors were monitoring the situation.

"How did they get in here?" asked one.

"We'll check the footage after we take care of them."

"It looks like they're heading toward the loading dock"

They immediately switched to view the loading dock. It was open.

"Why is it still open? It should have closed ten minutes ago! Who's on duty?"

Meanwhile, Moonsox was leading Debbie to the dock. So far, so good. As they approached the exit, he picked up some new scents. Probably security.

He had to make this quick.

The creature moved through the hallways chasing her prey. She found him at a doorway, taunting her. Immediately he leaped toward it, as it reflexively ducked through the doorway, and towards a wide exit, which led to the cool darkness outside. From behind, she sensed the evil approaching. Immediately, it rushed to the beaconing darkness. As soon as she exited, she felt the cool air surround her. In front of her, the woods and freedom. Instinctively, she dashed into the forest. She ran, wild and free! High above, was the moon, in all its glory. As if by instinct, she leaped up onto a huge boulder and howled at it.

She was truly free.

Inside, some of the proctors found the unconscious guard in a supply closet. Another shut the supply dock door after they noticed the creatures left. After all reported in, an announcement sounded over the PA.

"All students. Report to your respective gathering areas. All security, report in."

Within fifteen minutes, all security, except for the team out on the road, reported in. All students likewise, were accounted for.

Except for Debbie.


So here they were, out in the woods, freezing their butts off, thought Maria. Howler and Neuro were nearby, clearly having second thoughts about this, and frankly, so was she. It was then that they heard a loud wolf howl in the distance. At this, the three young heroes huddled closer. Bianca remained within the circle she created, unmoved by the howling. Suddenly, there was a light rustling in the brush nearby, startling everyone. Immediately, Moonsox dashed out, gave a loud yammer, and rushed toward Bianca's side.

It was time.

She took out her ocarina, and started to play.


She was free, but lost.

She was outside, free, but without direction. She knew not what to do.

She had spent a few minutes pulling off the cloth that barely covered her with her teeth. She wanted to run, but was impeded, by a sharp pain in her upper arm. She could only hope to walk quickly.

She was alone.

It was then that she heard it. A familiar tune in the distance.

A gentle tune.

She followed it to an open area, it was then that she saw a familiar sight.

It was her.

Bianca noticed the wolf creature emerge from the forest. She put away her ocarina, and beaconed her closer. Her teammates started to react, but she waved them back, and continued to coax her forward. When she was in her circle, she put her arms around her head, and hugged her gently.

"It's all right."

Her teammates watched her, uncertain what to do. This was not what they expected at all, yet no one seemed to be in danger.

A half hour passed when the moon started to set. Gradually, they noticed the wolf took on a more human form, and its light brown fur seemed to recede into itself. Eventually, she appeared fully human. After a few more minutes of tense silence, she awoke. She looked around and saw Bianca's smiling face.

"You… you've come! You're real. You're real!"

"Yes." She said softly.