This is what happens when I stay up for thirty two hours talking with my psychotic friends.

Get ready for some fucked up shit.

"So, what should we do today, Azra?" Tribi asked from her oversized plush armchair.

"I dunno..." He said back, scratching his chin and stretching on his massive beanbag chair. "There's so many choices..."

Her face lit up. "I know! We could ask Bent!" She got up, stretching. "I'll just go get her, and then-" Her eyes glazed slightly "-we can create soo much chaos!"

Azrael grabbed Tribi by the wrist gently but firmly. "You can't let her out yet, Tribs. She's still in one of her moods."

Tribi looked down at the floor. "Oh. I thought she was just sleeping in. I'll sit back down now." She went back to her chair, sitting with her arms clasped over her knees.

"Moods, huh? Oh!" She suddenly stood up again. "I've got an idea!" she shouted.

Then she ran around the space, gathering things strewn about.

"Mass murder!" She said, her construction finished.

"Chess or checkers?" Azrael responded.

"You know I prefer chess." Tribi absentmindedly answered, peering at the floating screen in front of her.

"You choosing the universe?" Azrael asked gently.

"Shh..." Said a red haired boy, walking in.

"Oh, Sparxx! You're here!" Azrael exclaimed.

"Yep." he nodded to Tribi. "When she gets like this, you just gotta let her be."

"I know. I just kinda forgot for a second. How's your day bee-"

He was cut off by an explosion.

"I got it!" yelled Tribi, dancing underneath fireworks exploding from her newly-acquired backpack.

"What?" Azrael responded.

"Who, what, when, where, why, and how!" Exclaimed Tribi, the fireworks diminishing.

Sparxx looked up from his position reading on the ground.

"Oh. The explosions are gone." He said monotonously.

"Yep." Azrael went to help him up.

"So, how we gonna set this up?"Azrael said, settling down in his chair, now a swivel office chair.

"Classic or skewed?" asked Sparxx, settling into an office chair of his own.

"Let me show you." Said Tribi, settling back into her oversize armchair.

She made a series of complicated hand movements, and the following appeared in response:

-1 large floating tabletop.

-3 chess boards

Chess board one: The pieces were place as if in a checker game, with all the pieces on the black squares. The pawns made up the four middle rows, and the back four rows had the bigger pieces, same layout, but half were moved up (see cover)

Chess board two: Normal layout, but the two center rows had BLACKOUT printed on them (see cover)

Chess board three: Normal chess, normal board, glass pieces

-3 folding chairs, placed on the left side of the tabletop

-3 ornate wooden chairs, placed on the right side of the tabletop

"Wow" breathed Sparxx.

"You've been working with her for three years, and you're still amazed by this?" Asked Bent.

"Yep!" said Sparxx. "Wait... BENT! You're not in your room?!" Yelled Sparxx, freaking out.

"Yep!" said Bent, with just as much enthusiasm as Sparxx before.

"But I thought you were in one of your moods... Are you out of it now, B?" Asked Tribi innocently.

"Yep, I'm all better now, Tribs!" she said, patting Tribi's head. "So... where's Flame?" Bent asked carefully.

"I dunno." Azrael responded. "But I have an idea on how to get him here!"

He took a big breath, and let out, "Discord, I'm howling at the moon!"

A series of bangs were heard.

"And sleeping in the middl-" Azrael was knocked over by a section of wall breaking.